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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 46 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 46

On the day of the Spring Flower Festival.

The Horun District Plaza, where the festival was being held, was livelier and more vibrant than ever.

Every time the wind blew, the pink cherry blossoms flew down like soft snow and fell on people’s heads and shoulders.

The boutique in the center of the Horun District was crowded with young ladies who ordered clothes, and the flower shop and gift shop were crowded with the servants who came out on errands for their masters.

‘Look over there.’


A large ebony carriage, with the seal of the 4 Spirits, came in through the crowded square and stopped in front of the boutique.

It was the seal of the Montez family.

Soon afterward, as the carriage door opened and a handsome man with masculine features came out, people were whispering that he was Philap Montez.

He reached out and helped a beautiful young lady with pink hair get down from the carriage.

‘Who is that lucky girl that is being escorted by Sir Philap?’

‘I guess she is Mia Vinoche, whom I had only heard of. I can’t believe the Prince of the Montez family brought her to the boutique himself.’

She was no different from Cinderella, so everyone looked at her with envy.

‘But where is the Vinoche family? It’s the first time I’ve heard of them.’

‘I heard that the family is poor, but they have great divine power. Even the priests praised it.’

The academy’s Department of Theology called the High Priests during the spring festival to check the students’ sanctity, and Mia’s test results were unrivaled.

‘The purity of her divine power is ranked among the top three in the academy’s history.’

Not only was her high divine power revealed, but she was also recognized for her good deeds and even joined Omicron, which values bloodlines.

Mia’s unique and impressive behavior has been frequently talked about by nobles recently.

Receiving people’s attention, Philap and Mia entered the boutique.

“Welcome. Mr. Philap Montez.”

The owner of the boutique came out and guided the two of them to the VIP room, rubbing his hands like a fly.

In the private room, there was a pink dress for Mia.

It was a lovely design, with an impressive ribbon decoration and a white corsage.

Mia went into the dressing room with a smile to attend the upcoming ball, and then came out a long time later.

“You didn’t have to worry about it so much, I’m really grateful. Mr. Philap.”

Philap smiled softly as he looked at Mia, who was struggling with her skirt as if it were the first time she was seeing such a gorgeous dress.

“I knew that dress would look good on you. They say that Saint Nyla has pink hair just like you.”

“H-How dare I be mentioned along with the Saint.”

Mia hurriedly waved her hands.

“You do more good deeds than the priests usually do, yet you are too humble. You always play by the book.”

“It’s not like that.”

“Oh, come to think of it, the Saint’s birth flower is also a cherry blossom, and the most popular corsage among the young ladies at the festival is also made of cherry blossoms. I don’t think there is any lady more suitable for a spring flower festival where pink is the main thing.”

Philap crossed his long legs and leaned his upper body against the chair, with a satisfied face.

Clothes are wings, and she lived up to her face by wearing a gorgeous dress.

Since the clothes she usually wore are rather modest, just a little dressing-up gave her an even more dramatic feeling.

After getting her hair and makeup done, Mia was sure to get a lot of attention if she went to the ball with him.

‘On the other hand, Deborah, who is usually dressed well, will surely have less impact at the ball.’

Philap looked at Mia up and down, constantly conscious of Deborah.

‘But it’s strange.’

He would get a letter from Deborah asking him to escort her to the ball around this time, but she was as quiet as a mouse this year.

Just in case, he asked the chamberlain if there was any letter that he had left out, and he exclaimed how he would dare do such a thing.

‘… Who cares.’

He already has a partner, and Deborah should know that unless she’s an idiot.

‘It’s good that I was saved the trouble of throwing away the letter.’

He tried to justify himself by thinking it was convenient; but as his uneasy feelings did not go away, Philap scratched his chin.

‘I wonder if there is a gentleman who will be Deborah’s partner.’

Not long ago, he heard the news that a guy from the countryside, who did not know the reality of the world, had come to confess to Deborah with a bouquet of flowers, but had then run away.

‘Anyway, she’s short fused.’

A behavior that makes you frown automatically.

But on the other hand, he also wondered how much she liked him that she was harsh towards other young men.

‘But why am I worrying so much over this?’

It hasn’t been a day or two since Deborah was rejected by him.

It’s been 6 years.

It was really tiresome.

‘Well, I’m sure she will take an easy guy like before.’

Recently, it is said that she is doing well among the book-selling sorcerers because of her formula or whatever, so someone might fall for her tricks.

He snorted as he thought of her dragging around a wizard that was smaller and weaker than him.

“Let’s go.”

“Yes. Mr. Philap.”

Mia, who was carefully dressed up by the Montez’s servants, was exceptionally beautiful today.

‘Who knows, maybe Mia will be the flower of the year.’

She had enough potential.

Even the high priests admired her divine power.

It was nice to see the young men who were envious of him.

Philap confidently headed to the ballroom.

In fact, when the two appeared in the imperial ball hall, there were murmurs going around and people paid attention to them.

Because Philap, who has a strong masculinity, and Mia, who looks weak but has a pure charm, had a great contrast between them.

No matter how you look at it, they were a couple that suited each other.

However, not even five minutes later, the two were horribly buried.

In the distance, a man and woman with an overwhelming presence made the hall silent, like a dead mouse.

Whether their timing was good or not, even the musicians stopped playing for a while, and there seemed to be a cold atmosphere lingering inside.

‘Wh-what is that? Those two.’

Philap was astonished.

Why are those two together?

An intense, inexplicable sensation suddenly tightened his chest, and Philap bit the tender inside of his mouth.

Philap wasn’t the only one who was bewildered.

Everyone was panicking.

‘Why is Sir Isidor coming with Lady Deborah?’

‘Please tell me it’s a dream.’

‘I can’t believe it even though I’m seeing it with my own eyes.’

It was an unrealistic sight, as if a devil and an angel were standing side by side.

Of course, Deborah was the devil.

With ruddy eye makeup and bright red lips, she had an even more dangerous atmosphere today.

‘By the way, that necklace that Princess Deborah is wearing, isn’t the pink diamond we have only heard of?!’

‘She has been hiding it all this time to show it here.’

‘She has no other accessory other than the necklace.’

Her shiny purple satin dress had no corsages or frills whatsoever.

Since there were no other ornaments, only the pink jewel she wore on her long neck stood out, like a deer.

But even without any decorations, she was overpowering the crowd with just the pink diamond.

‘She has a lot of confidence.’

‘She has to.’

A symbol of Duke Seymour’s affection for his daughter.

The jewel that is unique in the Empire and is said to exceed the price of a single townhouse in the capital.

Even wearing a full set including earrings, necklace, and bracelets, it was not comparable to the value of that one pink diamond necklace.

‘… Suits her very well.’

Someone muttered with a stunned face.

‘Yes, Sir Isidor suits her well…’


As expected. Pink is the best for men!

I glanced sideways at Isidor and felt overwhelmed with pride.

Isidor, who was wearing an indie pink suit, was matching perfectly with the lovely heart-shaped necklace that didn’t suit me.

That wasn’t all.

As we had a contrasting atmosphere, the pink diamond served as a bridge between me and Isidor so that we could mix well, so it naturally stood out.

‘As I intended, the jewel is getting a lot of attention.’

This means that I can increase its value and resell it at a higher price.

‘Anyway, I didn’t know that Isidor would look this good in pink.’

No wonder. There is nothing that doesn’t suit his good looks.

Under the blonde hair that was neatly pulled back with a pomade, his clean, white skin seemed to accept any color.

A beautiful face that easily defeats a personal color.

‘Today, I will give him a perfect score of 10 out of 10.’

If I had to compare Isidore’s appearance today, he was like the Cupid in mythology.

Beautiful and lovely like an angel, but with a strange charm as if he were mischievous.

As if not only me but everyone else thought so, both men and women were looking at Isidor with a blank expression.

‘It’s unprecedented.’

It shattered the stereotype of men’s formal outfits, which consisted of white and black, and at best a dull color with low brightness, and showed the sense of wearing clothes that felt similar to a partner’s point accessories for the first time.

He will look like a fashion icon in this world.

‘But I didn’t know Isidor would actually comply with my request.’

Feeling sorry and grateful, I wiggled my hand on his arm a little.

A few days ago, I made an unreasonable offer to Isidor that I would give him the honor of escorting me to the ball if he matched the dress code I wanted.

Because I thought that his beautiful features would look good in a pink suit.


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