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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 48 Bahasa Indonesia

Short blue hair, symbolizing the Hystch imperial family, that came down to her ears, and cool and neutral features.

The figure on the left, as anyone could see, was the 5th Princess, who attracted followers as if they were clouds gathering.

And that careless-looking man escorting her seemed to be Thierry Orgo, the third son of the Orgo family.

“Hm, hm.”

While I was quietly analyzing them, the 5th Princess fluttered her fan and slowly approached me.

She covered half of her face with the fan, looking at me with her amber eyes.

The eyes that I met shone sharply, like a cat looking at fish.

On the other hand, Thierry was looking at Isidor and smiling.

“Sir Isidor, you’re shining more dazzlingly today. If I dare say, I can also aim to be the flower of the year. I will push you with flowers.”

I can see why Isidor said he was annoying.

He was quite the insidious type.


Meanwhile, the 5th Princess kept glaring at Isidor and cleared her throat.

Isidor eventually stepped forward with a dissatisfied expression and introduced us.

“Nice to meet you. Princess Deborah.”

The 5th Princess said in a bright tone.

“It is an honor to meet you too. Princess.”

Because she promoted my formula, I was able to get a lot of early customers, so I personally liked her.

‘I bitterly realized the fact that having connections makes money.’

“Actually, I wanted to meet you here and have a conversation.”

The 5th Princess lightly folded and unfolded the fan.

“Why haven’t we recognized such a talented person as the Princess before? I also really like your outfit today. The strong confidence of a woman that dominates men stands out.”

“Thank you for having a good impression of me.”

“It’s not easy to give such a fresh and pleasant shock at a ball that is repeated the same way every time, Princess Deborah. It made me admire you once more. I have a desire to get to know you more and more.”

“You flatter me.”

“It’s the first time I’ve ever seen the Princess complimenting someone so generously.”

Thierry added, next to us.

“Speaking of which, ahem!”

The 5th Princess paused for a moment and then extended her hand towards me.

“Princess, come to Epsilon.”

Be my associate.

I was startled by such a nuanced declaration.

“Princess. I’m sorry, but I haven’t yet talked to the Princess about that…”

Pretending not to listen to Isidor’s remarks, the 5th Princess began to persuade me.

“You must come to Epsilon. Also, as you can see, our leader is the most handsome.”

“The biggest pride of Epsilon is Sir Isidor’s face.”

The 5th Princess and Thierry both seemed to be saying nonsensical remarks, but I found myself secretly agreeing with them.

‘You should feel proud. When the figurehead is so impressive, who wouldn’t be fascinated?’

“If you come to Epsilon, you will never regret it. As the Princess, I will guarantee it.”

The nobles standing around us glanced at us at the imperial family’s public scouting offer.

The 5th Princess was raising her voice on purpose as if to make everyone listen, so that she could weave me into joining Epsilon.

No matter if I am Seymour’s Princess, it’s not easy to openly refuse the Princess’ request.

It looks like they’re trying to bribe me in advance, just in case I’ll be going to Omicron where Philap is…

‘It’s me, thank you.’

A situation in which I got unexpectedly lucky.

I thought my head was going to explode because of the social club thing, but if it’s Epsilon, I will bow down and enter.

As it is a social club where ability is the criteria for joining, the competition rate was the highest, and it was also famous for having a lot of seniors.

For reference, Duke Seymour was also from Epsilon.

This is an opportunity to earn bonus points from my financier.

“Thank you for the great suggestion.”

I said, a little cunningly.

“Instead of thanking me, join us.”

The 5th Princess was an overly direct person.

‘So, I like her even more.’

It seemed much more comfortable than dealing with a young lady who elegantly wrapped thorny words.

“I will join.”


Thierry’s eyes opened wide at my easy going answer. Isidor’s firm forearms, in which my hand was placed, also flinched.

“Have you decided?”

Isidor looked at me and asked seriously.

I nodded my head lightly.


“Princess. If you go back on your word, I will be really angry.”

“How could I dare not keep my word in front of the Princess?”

“The Princess’ decisiveness is amazing.”

“It’s a joyous occasion. Now that even the Seymour family is in Epsilon, our prestige will grow even more.”

“Sir Thierry. Bring the sign-up form right now. I’m quite anxious.”

The Princess muttered in a low voice that Omicron was cowardly and urged Thierry.

“Princess. I’m sorry, but it’s a bit unreasonable to bring the sign-up form right now.”

“It’s unreasonable.”

“There are many witnesses here. Do not worry.”

As I spoke as if I were comforting her, the Princess nodded her head and sipped on the champagne.

“Ah, Princess Deborah. I heard that you are participating as a thesis presenter at the next magic theory conference.”

“That’s correct. Princess.”

“Before I see your presentation, there is one thing I am curious about.”

“Please ask me whatever you want.”

The princess started asking questions about how to use the formula, and I answered the inquiries of my foolish, I mean, VIP customer with all my heart.

In order to receive the attention of the 5th Princess who attracted a lot of followers.

With that only, even people who are not interested in formulas are more likely to subscribe to my paid service.

‘Because there seems to be something going on.’

An opportunity to fill intellectual vanity for just 7 silver and 99 copper!

While I was busy with sales activities, Isidor’s expression, standing next to him like a folding screen, seemed to harden… Maybe it’s just my impression.


After playing four songs in a row, the band took a 25-minute break.

Ball intermission time.

The group of Omicron executives was looking at Princess Deborah, who was still talking with the Princess, with dissatisfied expressions on their faces.

“Seeing that the atmosphere is good, it seems that Princess Deborah is leaning towards Epsilon.”

“No matter how much the Princess likes to do things her own way, how would she refuse an imperial offer? Seems like it’s decided.”

“Mr. Philap, didn’t you say Princess Deborah would definitely join Omicron?”

When someone complained, Philap, who was standing there silently with a stiff expression, could no longer control his facial expression and it got distorted.

“None of you wanted Deborah to join. Why did you change your stance now?”

“Frankly speaking, the situation has changed a lot from back then. She was also the one who stood out the most at today’s ball.”

“I had no idea Princess Deborah could dance so well.”

“If I didn’t know her hideous personality, I might have asked her for a dance…”

“Poisonous mushrooms are always colorful.”

The conversation about Deborah didn’t show any signs of ending.

‘It changed.’

The attitude of those around him who were talking about Deborah was somewhat different.

It didn’t contain disregard like before, but a strange sense of awe.

Deborah, who used to wander around him to the point that it was annoying, doesn’t even look at him now.

Everything was changing so suddenly that he was confused.

Philap, who pressed his forehead, quenched his thirsty throat with cocktails.

‘Deborah is pretending to ignore me in order to get my attention.’

He thought about it according to his own convenience, but seeing Deborah side by side with Isidor only made the unpleasant feeling in his throat get worse.

“What was Sir Isidor thinking, to appear as Princess Deborah’s partner?”

“If she intended to draw attention and raise her reputation, it’s a huge success.”

“The contrast in their appearances has a great effect. And that’s not all. Everyone thinks of Sir Isidor, who boldly matched the dress code with the pink accessories, as kind and thoughtful.”

“He humiliates all men. Ptew.”

Philap murmured annoyedly, spitting out the cherry seed in the cocktail.

“We’re annoyed and unlucky, but the problem is that the young ladies don’t think like that at all.”

“I guess you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. I feel like I’ve lost something as I see the leader of Epsilon stuck to the Princess.”

“What if our leader tried to appease Princess Deborah? Nothing is certain until she signs the entrance form and it is officially announced.”

“Actually, our leader is also the person whom the Princess has had a crush on for a long time.”

“Why should I beg Deborah? Don’t say offensive things.”

Philap spoke bluntly and escaped from the group of executives.

However, he couldn’t help but keep looking at Deborah, perhaps because of the mentality that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

It may be because Deborah, who has an unorthodox atmosphere, has a much more unique personality and intense attitude than Mia, who blends well and is beautiful but lacks presence.

As he kept feeling anxious, Philap stared at Deborah’s back with his teeth tightly clenched.


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