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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 2: Chapter 2 – [Part 1] Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 2 – [Part 1]

After that long, dark battle with the old lady and the accident that happened after, I regained consciousness and looked around blankly at the unfamiliar landscape that came into sight.

I was lying in a canopy bed with a white awning.

The size of the bed could fit seven adults in total.

Where the hell am I?

She stared at the curtains that were delicately embroidered with gold threads of snakes and roses. Then, after a while, she jumped up as she recalled the motorcycle accident that had happened.

It felt like my bones were crushed and my muscles were torn. However, as I closely observe it right now, it seemed fine. Besides that, I didn’t even feel any sort of muscle pain.

However, as soon as I caught a distinct view of my body, I was flustered by my suddenly large chest.

“W-What is this…..?”

Feeling confused, I looked alternately at my chest and away from it. Then, I got out of bed and went to look at myself in the mirror.


I was suddenly breathless.

The reason for that was because rather than the face she’d usually see everyday, the face reflected on the mirror was that of a beautiful woman with a naturally sharp expression.

She was an impressive woman with shiny purple hair and ruby-like red eyes.


After a while, I slapped myself twice so that I’d be able to wake up.

Slap! Slap!

The pale cheeks of the beautiful woman reflected in the mirror became so swollen.

However, I couldn’t help it as I had to wake up from my silly dream.

“Oh….It hurts.”

But how come I was still not awake?

I was in a dream that was too vivid for it not to be reality.

Then, suddenly, a sharp sound pierced my eardrum.

As I inadvertently turned my eyes to the direction of where the sound came from, a bowl of porridge was rolling on the floor and a woman, who was dressed in a western-style maid outfit, sat down with a terrified face.

As soon as our eyes met, the woman lowered and bowed her head saying,

“I’m so sorry! I must’ve been blind! I am guilty of committing a sin that cannot be forgiven with merely my life! Please have mercy on me, Princess Deborah.”

Deborah? That name sounds quite familiar.

Suddenly, the answer penetrated my mind.

Soon, I remembered where I came across the name, Deborah. It was the name of the villainess in a 19+ unpopular novel entitled, “Swallow The Black Thorn”. I would always buy its new chapters until the series was abruptly halted.

Deborah was a hardcore villainess created by the author to use petty tricks against the heroine. Besides that, her inappropriate language has always been the topic of the best comments in “Swallow The Black Thorn”.

Her current situation doesn’t make any sense unless she possessed the villainess of the novel. It can’t be perceived as a dream either as she felt the stinging pain when she slapped her cheeks twice. Other than that, she had clear vision and eyes and hair of the same color as Deborah’s as depicted in the novel.

As I was slowly trying to understand what had happened to me, a middle-aged man with fierce eyes entered the room.

“What’s this commotion about?”

As soon as she met his icy silver-grey colored eyes, fragments of Deborah’s memories began to appear inside her mind.

The man in front of me was George Seymour, Deborah’s father. He is a high-ranking mage and is considered as one of the top five geniuses in the long history of the Seymour family.

The Duke of Seymour, who had a slender body that wasn’t like that of a middle-aged man, was as cold-hearted as he seemed to be on the outside.

The only person he opened his heart to was his wife, Marien Seymour. After she died from giving birth to their youngest child, Enrique Seymour, he went back to his cold nature.


The Duke of Seymour looked down at me with a scornful glare as if he was looking at trash.

He valued the honor of his family and hated Deborah for her constant evil deeds.

“Hah, is going on a hunger strike not enough that you even decided to do self-harm?”

He squeezed my reddened cheeks tightly.

“Your face is only worth looking at because it resembles your mother’s.”


“I can’t believe you’re doing this for jewelry. You are a disgrace to the Seymour Family.”

According to the fragments of memories floating through her mind, Deborah went on a hunger strike a few days ago as she wanted to acquire the Empire’s one and only pink diamond necklace.

The Duke of Seymour seemed to have misunderstood that after going on a hunger strike, I even decided to harm myself.

“There is a limit to the things you are allowed to do as my daughter. This is my last warning. Don’t get in trouble for the time being and stay here to reflect on your actions until you realize your mistakes so you can prevent such things from happening instead!”

The Duke scolded me with gritted teeth and eyes as cold as ice.

Thereafter, he stopped squeezing my cheeks tightly and strode out of the room. I gazed blankly at the back of the Duke of Seymour until I could barely see it anymore and took a deep breath.



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