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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 2.2: Chapter 2 – [Part 2] Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 2 – [Part 2]

No way, how could a father be so handsome…

No, more than that, how could he be so ruthless?

The shivers that went down my spine made my body unable to move.

However, what bothered me right now, so much so that I almost screamed, is that I’m barely managing to move my legs towards the bed.

That is because the maid, who was lying on her stomach and was in a desperate posture, continuously begged for forgiveness.

“I’m so sorry! I made a mistake! Please forgive me just once!”

Suddenly, the maid began to bang her head on the floor until it bled.

It was painful for her to realize that she had possessed a body of a villainess inside an unpopular novel.

“….Oh, well, get out.”

Her voice was strained.

The maid, who repeatedly shouted “Thank you”, quickly removed the bowl of porridge on the floor and ran away. As soon as she disappeared from my sight, I slowly sat down on the floor.

“Wow. I’m going crazy.”

I’ve been working hard throughout my whole life, but I passed away at the age of 24, and I even possessed the body of such a character.

‘Why, God?’

There are many other characters in the novel, why did it have to be her?

I swallowed my despair and buried my trembling face into my hands. Then, I lied down on the bed and closed my eyes, hoping that when I wake up, everything was just a dream.


When I opened my eyes in the morning, I was still the villainess, Deborah.

‘….But, isn’t it going better than I thought?’

It’s already been ten days since I’ve reincarnated as Deborah, and unexpectedly, I have been adapting well.

I thought that it would be difficult to live as a character whose reputation was the worst in the society, but that didn’t seem to be the case at all.

‘There’s nothing I need to adapt to. Everything is perfectly set up.’

As I slept on a soft, spacious bed, I woke up late and was hungry.

As soon as the bell in my room rang, the employees immediately served me with breakfast.

“It’s delicious…..”

I muttered casually as I ate the delicious pastry that melted away in my mouth. As the employees heard me, they immediately left the room and brought baskets of various kinds of bread in a flash.

‘Amazing. Look at how disciplined they are.’

Even if I talk to myself in a low voice, everything I want will be heard and given immediately.

The way they moved was like that of a well-trained army as they didn’t want to provoke Deborah’s landmine-like temperament.

‘Well, compared to them not listening, this is a hundred times much better.’

I shook my head, picked up a bread, scooped a lot of raspberry jam and spread it onto the bread.

The food served here was quite palatable.

“Princess, would you like more?”

“No, get out.”

I felt uneasy being watched by the servants as I ate, so I imitated Deborah’s way of speaking following the fragments of memories floating in my head.

The figs on the plate were fresh and the mushroom soup was very savory.

After I finished eating the delicious meal, the servants brought tea with a good aroma and poured it into the cup.

I’ve never been to a five-star hotel, however, if I did go to such a place, the room service would probably be quite similar to this.

I lifted up the elegant, antique teacup and shifted my gaze towards the direction where the birds were chirping.

It was such a relaxing, laid-back morning…..

Throughout my whole life, this was the first time I have enjoyed such luxurious peace.

It was like a battlefield every morning in my house.

Every morning was a busy one because we had a narrow house for three siblings.

My younger brother had his own room, whereas I shared one room with my older sister, who would always turn on all the lights in the room once she woke up. Besides that, she’d even dry her hair using a blowdryer while I’m still asleep.

Every morning, I’d go crazy because of that loud, fierce sound. It was even more unbearable for me, who was always wide awake at night.

“Yoon Dohee, can I wear this?”

The clothes I would recently buy online with money I’ve worked hard on were often worn by my sister.

“You wear my clothes often, too.”

My sister always throws her clothes that have become small for her or if the area around the neck was already stretched. She would always say that it’s not a big deal for her to do such things and boast to other people whenever she wears new clothes. However, since I was such a pushover, I couldn’t even be angry at her, so I would always allow her to borrow my clothes.

“Noona, I’ll use the bathroom first since I’m in a hurry.”

After getting out of the bed forcibly because of her older sister, when she was about to enter the only bathroom available in the house, her younger brother suddenly appeared out of nowhere like a ghost and went in the bathroom first.

I had to clean it early in the morning after he used it because whenever that bastard uses the toilet, the whole bathroom would become a dirty mess.

After getting used to such hectic mornings, I felt like I went on a vacation at a five-star hotel.

“Don’t get in trouble for the time being and stay here to reflect on your actions until you realize your mistakes so you can prevent such things from happening instead!”

I laughed at the thought of the Duke’s words.

If this is how it feels like to be grounded, then I’d rather be grounded for life.

‘I feel relaxed because my body feels so comfortable.’

I put aside my worries about the future for a moment and watched the snow falling by the window.

By the time the meal I had was almost digested, servants, who brought water with them, began to groom themselves. After wearing petticoats and dresses, people wearing fancy dresses entered the room in a line.

‘Oh, come to think of it, Deborah ordered a collection of dresses a month ago.’

Based on the fragments of memories floating in my head, Deborah loved shopping so much that she often went out to buy expensive clothes and jewelry. It was one of her hobbies to wear fancy jewelry and dresses to show off her wealth and beauty.

But, I couldn’t go outside because I am currently grounded. However, the servants naturally turned the room into a department store’s VIP room.

Deborah’s class itself was on a different level.


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