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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 1: Chapter 1 – Let Me Reveal My Dark History Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 1 – Let Me Reveal My Dark History

When have I been viewed as a pushover?

“Dohee, I need 100,000 won right now. My aunt suddenly died. She’s been taking care of me since I was young. I’m really sad.”

“What should I do?”

Before I died, I always felt sorry for Han-joon, whose family relatives were always dead every week.

She had difficulty in ignoring him, as if she was about to fall for that blatant lie again.

“I’m so sorry. Do-hee. I’ll pay you back as soon as I have earned enough money.”

I even told Kim Han-joon that he didn’t need to pay me back so soon to cheer him up.

Whenever he said he likes me, my bank account would become empty. I’ll spare some money for food and coffee, and work as a part-timer in many places afterwards.

After thinking endlessly, she pulled up a bag with a heavy laptop in it and went into the library next to the engineering center.

“Oh, I’m sleepy.”

I was tired even before I was about to start doing my piled-up assignments.

All of a sudden, I’m in need of a sweet latte to keep myself up, but I’m out of money.

Calculating mentally with a headache, it seems like the money borrowed by Han-joon almost amounted to 500,000 won.

Can I ask him to pay me back a little earlier?

However, I felt sorry to urge Han-joon, who had been in despair due to the recent tragedies happening to him, to pay back the money earlier.

As I bit my nails, I turned on my laptop.

[Everyone, please send me the organized data by today.]

I left a message in the group chat because I had an interim announcement on my major course group project this week. The number of people who have seen the message kept increasing, but there was no reply.

[I’m sorry, Dohee. I have a cold.]

[I have training today. Can I send it by tomorrow?]

Though some of my group mates, who saw the message, ignored it, I at least got two replies. If I didn’t, I would’ve lost it.

Maybe it was because I’ve been through a lot lately, but I couldn’t think of anything to make them cooperate.

I once again sent a message saying, “The tuition is expensive, so you should focus on your studies more.”

After finishing all my assignments until late at night at the library, I felt really hungry and tired. As I dragged my body to the convenience store, I stopped walking when I heard a familiar voice and the smell of a cigarette nearby.

“Oh, shit, it’s new, don’t step on it.”

Kim Han-joon, who is supposed to be at the funeral by now, was swearing and smoking.

The one he was speaking to was the man who said he had training today in the group chat.

“Is this the limited edition shoes of the N brand? How did you get it? It was sold out in a second.”

“I managed to still get one after it was sold out, so don’t step on it.”

“It wouldn’t have been cheap if you were still able to get it after it was sold out, but where did you get the money?”

“I have my ways.”

Kim Han-joon’s triumphant answer made my head ring.

Pushover, pushover, pushover. Two syllables echoed ceaselessly in her head.

“Who would be so stupid to give you that much money?”

“Yoon Do-hee.”

“Ah, Yoon Do-hee.”

The student, who was in the same group as I am, nodded in agreement.

Wow, you actually believed him right after hearing my name?

“I am in the same group as she is. If I ask for money, do you think she’d give me?”

“I asked for it with an excuse of going to a funeral, but I didn’t know she’d be fooled every time.”

“Wow, Kim Han-joon. You’re a total asshole.”

“I’m not an asshole. It’s just that Yoon Do-hee, who becomes a fool after someone shows kindness to her, is stupid.”

It was difficult for me to continue listening to him. Foolishly, I ran towards the bastard, but I let him escape without showing him a piece of my mind. I should’ve stepped on his brand new sneakers.

“Do-hee. I like you because you’re nice.”

Kim Han-joon’s words kept ringing in her head.

Strangely, instead of crying, I felt anger instead.

“Do-hee. You’re just in time, do the dishes.”

As soon as I arrived at home with trembling legs, my mom pointed her finger at the sink full of plates.

The person who ate dinner was my younger brother, but why was washing the dishes naturally on me?

‘I’m hungry, too…..’

While searching through the empty refrigerator without any strength left, I heard a conversation between my brother and mother.

“Mom, give me a tutor. All of my friends are preparing for early admission these days, so they have a group or private tutors to help them prepare for it. Do you know that I’m the only one who doesn’t attend a private academy?”

“I see. I’ll try to find you one.”

My mother’s unhesitant reply made me violently shake the milk in my hand.

I feel nauseous.

Weren’t my parents the ones who were strictly against taking online lectures because they are expensive, let alone a private academy?

Because of it, I’ve been thinking that the financial situation within my family was very bad.

My father is a rather skillful craftsman who has been a manager for years. He has three children, but among us, I wasn’t given any money because he didn’t have any intention to invest in me.

“Yoon Do-hee! Where are you going? Did you wash the dishes?”

It somehow made me more miserable knowing that leaving the house without any explanation was the best way I could feign ignorance.

I should’ve come back screaming.

Why do you disfavor me? Do I look so useless in your eyes?

Endless sorrow came rushing through me, so I stood on the side of the road with a runny nose.

“Miss I have to go back home, but I lost my transportation card. Please lend me 3,000 won. Please.”

I rubbed my wet eyes and let out a hollow sigh.

I can’t believe she’s trying to fool me again.

I think I was tricked by this old lady every time and paid for her transportation fee for about three times now.

‘I was kind enough to take you to the bus station yet…’

Kim Han-joon takes money under the guise of a funeral from me every week whereas this old lady takes transportation money from me every week.

Damn it. You must think I’m a pushover.

‘Well, it’s amazing how many times I fell for their tricks.’

I can’t help but only notice now that this homeless woman is deceitful.

Just as Kim Han-joo said, “I am stupidly nice.”

“Our Do-hee is so nice.”

“I like Do-hee because she’s nice.”

I should have interpreted it as, ‘I like Do-hee because she’s a pushover.’ I don’t know why this important realization of mine comes at this time.

“Girl. You must give me 3,000 won!”

The old lady grabbed my arm furiously.

She didn’t think it was right if she continuously got money from her, but when she saw money in her pocket, her anger soared.

“I don’t have a penny. Let go of me!”

“Then, only two thousand won. Even 1,000 won is enough!”

As we were fighting, we gradually moved closer to the open road, which in turn, killed me because I was run over by a motorcycle that was running at a terrifying speed.

I died in vain, but I reincarnated.

In the body of a villain in a reverse harem novel that was set in the 19th century.

TL/N: Yup, it’s that short. Also, the male lead is hot.


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