I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much – Chapter 132

So then, I’ve been watching them for a while, but it’s getting to be boring after observing all this time, I then decided to leave the workshop and explore the portion of the giant tower that I haven’t searched yet.

While looking around the rest of the town, I headed further up.

The floor that had a park was another town. There was nothing new at the moment.

So I further ascended. Then, it was no longer a town.

A forest of some kind?

The floor is lined with trees, as if it was like a natural forest full of flowers that blanketed your feet.

It was raining a while ago, as though this tower would really be able to reproduce everything within itself.

Ah, but it’s a garbage dump site.

While I was walking in the woods, there was a place that appeared to be like trash was thrown away.

In addition to metal wires and leftover pieces of wood, various things such as boxes, staves without jewels, and thorny bracelets were piling up in a heap.

Was it a collection of parts? It appeared to be interesting.

I was rummaging for junk while believing there was something of good value.

I felt like an archaeologist digging a mound of depository.

Ooh? This appears to be something good.

There is something even smaller over here.

A sudden crackling voice resounded. Glancing back, Kuykul had returned.

Are you taking a short break?

The remaining can only be completed by that man. He told me what he needed. He could excel even beyond me.

For this giant to say such a statement, Felipe must be a genius.

Heh, that may be so. So then it’s alright. This place, must be a garbage dump. Its location is in the middle of the forest.

That’s correct. It had been so for a long time since when I could remember, so I came by to see it.

First time in a while?

Without answering me, Kuykul observed something similar to a lantern-like box I just pulled out by its handle.

When I handed it over, he picked it up, and looked at it at various angles.

He bent down on the spot after a while, then took out his tool to turn the screw to remove the side, and started messing around with something.

Are you going to repair it?

I don’t know if I can.

By the way, you mentioned you didn’t make it recently.

That’s correct. When I was working with that man after a period of time, I suddenly remembered this place.

Although he hadn’t work on it recently, he easily disassembled the contents quite easily as if he was used to it, even though the internal mechanism was complex.

Originally, you must be the person that oftenly assembled magic tools.

That was the reality of our giant race. We knead the soil and make the tools. We prospered.

And then, Kuykul’s hands stopped.

By the look of it, it seemed something was a bit worrisome.

What’s the matter?

I believe there was a part that applied here to extract specific power for the lightning magic, but I can’t remember how to do it. It should be familiar to me, but it appears that a mind will also weathers away after hundreds of years.

Remembering…nothing you can do to recall it then.” 

I do remember. There are different types of magic tools, and each has its own specialty. There is magic that you are good at, and there is magic that you are not good at. This magic tool however is outside my specialty. There used to be something familiar within this specialty field, but that person was the last one to make it…I threw it away at this place after it was started, but I wanted to complete it for some reason. If you don’t have the capacity to convert your magical power to lightning base, you can gain some wisdom — but since it wasn’t my specialty, maybe it’s impossible.

Like a stone statue, Kuykul Cuclay stared at the magical tool that was made.

So that was how it was, even though he had superior skills, it did not mean all individuals were all-purpose type. You rather became more specialized as you progressed further along.

However, it was lightning magic type…As it was used as a source of generated power…

Although I didn’t know much about magic, I felt that the important point was the nature of electricity in considering it was limited to “lightning magic”.

And was it…magnetic force?

What little that came out of my head was about the special force generated from electricity. Something about Fleming’s Left-hand Rule for the electromagnetic induction law and so on.

If you want to increase the magnetic force, probably…

When I looked at Kuykul’s face, he was still staring at the magic tool.

I didn’t recognize his circumstances, but I could feel that he had some special feelings toward it. So then, he would try anything.

Thinking about it, I came up with a little idea, so why not try using a wire coil?

What is a wire coil?

This, in a way, acts as a connection that guides the lightning magic energy through a coil in a direction. So then, the energy called magnetic force should probably converge into a powerful force.

Kuykul stared at me, but eventually moved his hands by turning some of the wires that were stretched like a spider web within the tool into coils.

He used a testing tool, perhaps to measure magical power or something similar, as he stared at the same location and did not move as though he was an immobile rock.

He soon resumed his clattering work.

Little one, your advice was correct. If you have any further observation, please inform me.

I’m glad…Yes, I’ll do so.

Kuykul’s hand movement was faster than it was at the beginning.

Kuykul and I were together for a period of time, working on the magic tool in the middle of the woods.

It was not a proper workplace, but it didn’t bother us. We had enough tools with us, and a simple stand was sufficient.

And then —

Is this complete?

It should be.

We continued working on it and it was finally completed. All that was left was to check if it was done properly.

Cuclay raised up something like a crystal box with a handbag, and he quickly patted its surface.

At that moment, the color of the transparent surface changed.

There was a picture of a corner somewhere within the giant tower — no that was not it, this was an actual image (live viewing). The image moved eventually, as it displayed the sky and the earth through the panes.

There’s a tool called Divine Eye, a magic tool that allows you to see far away. This is a magic tool of the same type.

So then, does this mean that you are displaying a location somewhere right now?

It is not. With this, it’s a further advancement of the magical tool of the Divine’s Eye. It is also possible to look at a distant place and record the image of visited location. You can see the current status as well as through the Divine’s Eye, but what you are seeing now is probably the creator’s recorded image of the past.

Heh, that’s so. From a long time ago.

Kuykul closed his eyes as he stared back at the panes.

Little one — you may be disappointed in coming here.

It’s exaggeration to say so. But, I’m very glad I got to see it.

This…was made by my friend, but it was unfinished and failed after a few uses. This recorded image was also shown to me by that friend…it was what I saw. I was able to see it again.

Kuykul opened his eyes. I sensed that the vibrant color had returned to his small eyes and body.

It must be a memento. If so, I’m glad you’re able to fix it.

That’s correct. I feel that the weight upon me has shifted off me slightly. But that’s not all. You have taught me something I did not know. I thought I would only slowly lose everything within this aging tower, along with the disappearing giant race. But you have brought me something new. It seems that I wasn’t destined to just disappear.

I was uncertain, but it could have been a smile.

With this. It can greatly help us. Excuse me, but can it be use any further? If it can survey other places, I would like to see it.

It is possible of course.

When Kuykul touched the magic tool again, a whitish background space appeared this time, then the images of an ax and robe followed.

…This is!?

This is it, the correct place.

The Sanctuary.

This uniformly expansive white space, there was no doubt about it.

This was the placed where I met Ruu, the first location when I came to this world.

What does it meant for such a recording to remain?

Little one.

And, Kuykul opened his mouth.

Thou, have came from from a different world.


Now, what was this about?

I couldn’t utter a word.

“That’s true then. I do have knowledge that I don’t think you little one has. It appears you know about the Sanctuary. Besides, we are the closest race to Earth. I sensed a different scent emanating from you of Earth. After all, you are a child of Earth.”

Why do you know about another world –?

There is a secret passage to immigrate through that world. It is because I made it.

Eh…? Kuykul-san, you made that?

It must really  be.

Kuykul stated that the giants did create secret methods.

Even then, Ruu said that the power of the goddess was due to the secret methods.

So that meant that the giant must have created the power to make a passage through the world, then it was safe to assume that this was a different world, and to recognize my true identity.

I stared at the figure of the person who discovered my identity in amazement.


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