I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much – Chapter 131

What, what, what kind of gloomy day is going on — ooh?!” (Ally)

Can this…be a real!? Such a gigantic person?” (Felipe)

Ally and Felipe also ran to the source after hearing the voice. The giant slowly glared back at our surprising party.

And there are four people in all. I thought it was unusually noisy inside the tower, but I now understand.

Ah, excuse me, do you live here?” (Eiji)

When I asked, the giant nodded slowly.

Correct, little one. I’m Cyucul. I’m one of the oldest people in the world.

The giant is Cyucul.  Based on its appearance and the attitude of not flinching even one eyebrow, unlike us, it has the majestic dignity similar to the aged whale.

For the time being, did it appear to hold no hostility toward us? There was nothing to fear if that’s the case, but, it was quite sudden.

Since I felt this place was like a dungeon, I wasn’t ready to face things like this. Well, what else could you do when you meet such a giant before you.

Eeh, eeh.

There are so many things I want to ask, but then, about that.

Did you make this tower?” (Eiji)

It was best to say what you came up with at first for the time being.

It was made by our giants. It is said that the body of the world snake formed the pillars towards heaven over the passage of time. They used the pillars to build a tower and a town within it. The giants had spent countless years and perished here, and now only I remain.” (Cuycul)

Perrished? So then, it wasn’t the emigration that caused the town to be empty. But, then how so.” (Eiji)

It’s not important. There was a big battle, and powerful weapons were used near the very end. Nearly all the giants had disappeared. That’s all.” (Cuycul)

The giant retold the story without any sense of emotion.

No-no, that should be an important point.

And I was thinking, I couldn’t read the emotions from the giant’s face as if it’s like a doll made of mud.

On the other hand, we were all naturally surprised. Ally was asking her question, while her eyes were fluttering in anticipation.

So from the conflict, a powerful weapon was used. Could it be, it had something to do with the recent incident?” (Ally)

So you noticed about the incident. Let’s talk about the rest inside.” (Cuycul)

The giant Cuycul invited us to a large mansion. It appeared to be one of the places being used as the main house.

The mansion was also enormous in size of course, and everything was large in scale. The shelves were huge, and the door handles extended out so they could easily be reached for.

Everything is massive overall, Ally. This definitely may be a little difficult for us to live in.” (Eiji)

Yes, it’s big, is it not.

Ally lost herself in the cloud, wandering in her own thought. She felt as if everything she saw was unique. I was the same way. 

We gathered together in the guest room of the mansion. All the furniture ranging, from the chairs to the table, were so big that we couldn’t use it normally so we decided to sit on the floor and conversed.

So then, that’s all to it. You said that was the reason for the incident.” (Eiji)

Ah, about that. I was asked to find out the cause of the sound that caused the earthquake which occurred in Neman.

Yes. That is. Cuycul-sama, the event actually was close to this tower — no, not so close to here, but in the town called Neman that is relatively close to here where the humans live, and the residents are worried about the frequent earthquakes recently which normally has never happened before. Using old documents as clues, I came to investigate this tower for the possibility it might be the cause, so could you please tell me if you do know anything.” (Ally)

Ally was hopeful with her serious expression. She was enthralled with glittering eyes since a while back, but she was a Neman’s noble afterwall. Her job was to protect the town, as she once serious proclaimed.

Pondering for a bit, Cuycul’s mouth opened.

… It’s probably due to this giant tower.” (Cuycul)

So it’s here, is it?” (Ally)

This tower absorbs its power from the earth, charging its power, and maintains its internal functioning. However, depending on what occurs inside, it can sometimes become unstable either by absorbing or discharging any excessive energy. Neman is probably influenced by it, since it is connected to this place.” (Cuycul)

Is there any other connection with Neman other than it being close to here?” (Ally)

That area was used as minerals’ storage. Various things were collected, then sent down along the path. The world snake also had used it.” (Cuycul)

Aah, that’s why! Back in that cave. This tower is also part of the body belonging to the world snake. So that was the connection.” (Ally)

It was revered as a snake god back in Neman, where it was used by the giants with more advanced power than humans in ancient times. It could have been twisted among the folklores which then turned into a myth.

So, then it is a storehouse? …Maybe because of that, the mine is diversified…” (Ally)

That’s our storehouse.” (Cuycul)

I see…It was strange that the mines around Neman could produce various kinds of materials, but it was actually a mineral warehouse for the giants.

Therefore, when you thought about it as a natural mine, where you could get a lot of various materials in a certain narrow range, it became unnatural. It was quite exciting, for the entire mountain range to be a warehouse.

That was why I got excited in obtaining something that was exactly different for each mountain as though someone had modified the result.

I’m surprised that the giants used the area around Neman as a storehouse of minerals. Excuse me…we are all digging and using it without permission, but is be alright?” (Ally)

You can use as much as you like. I can’t use it anymore now.” (Cuycul)

It would be helpful for you to say that. Neman has always been attached with those mountains and well known for what we can obtain from them. There are frequent earthquakes in Neman now. What will happen if it’s left as is? Is there a way to stop it?” (Ally)

It could accumulate into a greater energy if it’s left alone.” (Cuycul)

That sounds dangerous.” (Ally)

It is possible to stop it. There is a tool for that.” (Cuycul)

There is such a magic tool?” (Felipe)

Felipe chimed in faster than Ally could. There was a tingling sensation within his body since he started listening to the story so far, but now he finally acted.

That’s correct. If the [Trident Keystone] is availale, the problem will be solved.” (Cuycul)

A Trident Keystone? So a magic tool that has a spear-like appearance.” (Felipe)

That’s correct. It has the power to calm the earth.” (Cuycul)

So there’s such a thing. I definitely love to aqcuire it. Please, if it is here somewhere, is there a way for you to give it to me. I will give you what I can as an offer to compensate. I don’t know if there is something that people with advanced technology and wisdom will satisfy me, so I  beg of you.” (Felipe)

Cuycul pondered about it once again. Slowly glancing around. As if there was something to be found.

It’s not here.” (Cuycul)

Can’t be. What to do now.” (Felipe)

However, you can make it. I don’t know if this body remembers how to since it hasn’t touched the tools for such a long time.” (Cuycul)

Cuycul slowly stood up. I wondered if any action would be taken.

Then I’ll help you. I still have some memory left in these arms of mine.” (Felipe)

Felipe chimed in at the same time. Cuycul glanced at Felipe and went to the back of the building. Felipe followed.

Is it okay if we do it together? In a way, I’m glad that Neman’s problem appeared to have a solution.” (Eiji)

Yes. It’s all thanks to Cuycul-sama.” (Ally)

Even so, it’s amazing that there’s a magical tool to stop an earthquake. If you think about it, it’s beyond our imagination for such a massive tower to be maintained. Let’s go check it out.” (Eiji)

To show our meddling, we went to see where they were working at. I couldn’t go into the technical stuff, but it was a sight to behold.

There was something like Felipe’s workshop in Laurel at the back of the building, where the two had already started their work. There were various materials in different containers and tools lined up on the shelves with large tools meant for Cuycul, while Felipe used the tools he brought along, as they were cutting something, applying heat, imbuing magical power, and performed various tasks.

As expected, it could be said I made a treasure from a dungeon. Then maybe I can make a treasure in this workshop.” (Felipe)

Ah, maybe so. I’m excited when I’m thinking about it.” (Ruu)

Ruu said it but didn’t appear to be moved by it.

Fumu. You think about it as well. It’s not so emotionally moving.” (Cuycul)

Cuycul mentioned it while working on the tasks.

You guys want learn more than just to solve Neman’s problem.” (Eiji)

Ahaha…being adventurous and curious.” (Cuycul)

Cuycul made me relaxed a bit. However, that vocal tone remained the same.

Even though it is a treasure, it is not so special. It is almost the same as any normal magic tool, except that it uses a specialized energy source. The ones I made here are very few in between, whether they are magic tools or treasures. That’s why this workshop is especially meaningful to work with your own hands.” (Cuycul)

Where do you normally make it if you don’t make it here in this workshop?” (Felipe)

Felipe inquired.

In the location where the little one called the dungeon.” (Cuycul)

What about the dungeon? Eh? Making magic tools?” (Eiji)

For those of us who were confused, Cuycul explained what the giants did.

Back in the days in this world, there were races that thrived in this world before the birth of humans and monsters. Among that was the giant tribe.

They were extremely prosperous with their excellent magical skills, but there was a big war between the giants at one point. The war was fierce and many fell.

Many magic tools were manufactured and used during the period of war, but the dungeon was used as a facility for making a large number of these magic tools.

A dungeon was like a factory for making the magic tools, and although I didn’t know how it worked, it was said that it automatically obtained necessary magical elements and materials from the earth and automatically produced magic tools according to the specifications for each dungeon.

In the past, giants lived elsewhere in addition to the giant tower, and they made dungeons all over the world as they fought fiercely with the power gained from them.

So that’s the reason.” (Eiji)

The dungeon is rich in magical elements because of that, and so magical tools could be generated naturally within it. In retrospect to the dislocation crystal, it was probably used by the giants for movement. The heritage from that time still remained in operation.

Not only me, but Ally, Ruu, and Felipe were all surprised. It all appeared that the information was not known even by people in this world.

It’s quite a surprise. The dungeon we often venture to had a purpose like that.” (Ally)

This is especially so for Ally. She had gone to them many times, but I never thought much of it. Cuycul-san, I’ve heard that monsters were born from dungeons, so is there any relationship to it?” (Eiji)

It happened after we abandoned the dungeon. There is a case where dense magical elements exceeded the accumulative limit after a prolonged period of time within a dungeon that had lost control,  then the core mutated and became a monster. It could be a core of a lost creature, an item, or even a dead person. Then monster mutation occurred in various dungeons.” (Cuycul)

I understand…so that’s how it is. If the number increased to a certain extent, then it would naturally breed, then the dungeon continued to operate continuously and steadily increases.” (Eiji)

That I didn’t know. It’s amazing that you’re one of the creators of monsters and dungeons. There are times when their bodies were just massive.” (Ruu)

Ruu was convinced, but was there a relationship to their body sizes?

I made only a small portion. It was said that the body of the world snake is foundation of the world, transformed into a tower, and became a place where the blessings of the earth where such as rare minerals and soil rich in magical elements have accumulated. Therefore, our compatriots among the giants lived here and refined their skills to make various things, which then led to the creation of dungeons and the like. But only the husk of the former glory remained now.” (Cuycul)

Cuycul spoke slowly.

However, there was no sign of sentimentality for the nostalgic rememory of the old days, and I did not sense any emotion similar to the artificial voice that narrated records. Could it be the result of having lived for such a long time, where the heart became callused as the hardened soil?

The giant simply scraped off the minerals with ease like brushing off a flea.


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