I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much – Chapter 133

So then, it may be.

Kuykul-san —” (Eiji)

Ah, there you are! Oiii! Eiji!” (some one)

A loud voice echoed within the forest.

Looking back, a figure of Ruu was running while her tied up twin-tail hair waved along with her skirt.

I was surprised to be in such a place. What are you doing here?” (Ruu)

Making magic tools. I made something pretty good. Why are you here Ruu?” (Eiji)

I happened to find two people when I ascended to a high place while floating about since I was free. Which of these is the magic tool?” (Ruu)

Ruu stared into the divine eye device and was impressed and hooted like an owl.

Hoo. I made something like this. It’s even hard to describe even though I just made it.” (Kuykul)

I have an unlimited amount of time. It’s not a hassle.” (Ruu)

Somehow, it’s similar to you Ruu, that is concept of it. Ruu merely floats around to kill time.” (Eiji)

So excuse me. I’m trying to be busy by looking like this. Think of it as an occasional vacation.” (Ruu)

Ruu squinted and stared at me.

Looking back into the divine eye machine again, Ruu shook her head.

It looks like my house.” (Ruu)

Correct. Well, it really is. After all, it’s assumed that this is your place Ruu?

Did Ruu think so too?

This is definitely related.

As I looked at Kuykul, he stopped moving and stared at Ruu’s face.

Something is happening. He saw something about Ruu.

What? What’s wrong?” (Ruu)

Maybe you’re the daughter from that time.” (Kuykul)


Ruu’s eyebrows knit together.

I thought Ruu was different, but the giant appears to know you.” (Eiji)

Not really…I don’t know. For me anyway. Don’t the giants have look-alikes?” (Ruu)

No, that wouldn’t be the case. The giants and humans have different appearances.” (Kuykul)

Even if you tell me that.” (Ruu)

Ruu further knits her eyebrows together and stares back at Kuykul’s face. However, she couldn’t recall what had happened, and she arrived at a state where she tossed up both of her hands.

Apparently she doesn’t really know. Ruu couldn’t recognize the face of the giant…

You probably don’t remember. The reason is because she was dead.” (Kuykul)

…Yes?” (Ruu)

It was uncertain whether it fell from a cliff, or from a tree, I found your corpse one day — it was on the verge of dying to be exact. The heart stopped shortly after. For the resuscitation procedure, I placed my treasure ‘the essence of the goddess’ in you as your heart.” (Kuykul)


Didn’t you just say something ludicrous?

Did this person put a heart in the dead Ruu?

As he turned to Ruu, he closed his eyes, groaned, and his eyebrows knitted together as if he was thinking about something.

Haah!” (Kuykul)

Suddenly he opens his eyes.

If that’s what you’re saying, it must be right. I had some magical power, but I suddenly felt that the power became stronger at one point, and I became more proficient at magical power and magical tools. And…uun!? By the way, I may have seen Kuykul’s face from somewhere.” (Ruu)

Try to remember, daughter. The name of the treasure given to you was the essence of the goddess. It was the treasure among the treasures. It was a treasure created to manage difficult treasures, and was also a source of life and magical power. The treasure was originally created by our giants, and it was difficult to handle even for us. A small person can’t handle very much of it, but it would have been treated like her own extensions if it was the essence of the goddess.” (Kuykul)

By the way, Ruu said that she could use any magic tool or treasure, because that treasure was embedded into her body.” (Eiji)

That is, something like that. Uun, I remembered it. Awawa, how I’ve forgotten after living for 500 years ~.  I’m sure of it. Surely…at that time, I felt like I got a lot more of the other tools back then. Right, it is true isn’t it Kuykul.” (Ruu)

Ruu rapidly spoke, maybe because she remembered and became excited.

Kuykul nodded slowly.

Heeh, so that was really true. It’s too amazing to discovered it now. Ruu was living a pretty harsh life.” (Eiji)

Humans were tiny and easily scared of beasts and monsters at that time as they didn’t know when they would die. It was amazing because you led them with the power of a goddess. They worshiped you.” (Kuykul)

Certainly, I feel that it was quite amazing when I ponder about it again.

Even if the goddess is rotten…The goddess is not a failure.

Do you still have the power of the goddess Kuykul-san?” (Ruu)

The giant was destroyed at the end of the conflict, and the treasure was no longer a useful as an eternal life item. When I was wandering around the world fill with emptiness, I found a daughter and handed it over to her during the midst of my travels. She inherited the hidden treasure. I could only remember the loneliness with the desire to let go of the treasure when I obtained it, and I only had the desire to make friends at the end ― Afterward, I heard rumors that humans have developed under the guidance of the goddess, but it seems to be your handy work. In a sense, I can see them (the giants/friends) again in this fashion. It’s a mysterious connection.” (Kuykul)

For Kuykul, he met Ruu long ago, so Ruu became a well known goddess among the towns of Neman, Laurel, Prowkai, and various other developed town.

…It’s been a grand story, and I don’t really get a sense of it, but, that’s fine.

The reason why I came here was for the ceremony that Ruu needed to performed, all because Kuykul once saved Ruu’s life in justification.

At that moment, Ruu stood up and bowed her head.

Thank you, Kuykul. You saved my life and allowed me to do various things. I haven’t had a chance to say it before, but I was glad to be alive.” (Ruu)

With a vibrant face, Ruu stretches out her arms and pulls my neck toward her tightly.

And I was able to meet Eiji and wander around the world together, all because Kuykul saved me and provided me the power of the goddess.” (Ruu)

I would like to thank you too. It’s kind of fun to do things with her. Well, thanks to Ruu, and toward Kuykul-san by extension.” (Eiji)

You are — So that it, you came with the power of the treasure which was given to daughter. Unusual things are overlapping.” (Kuykul)

That’s right. When Ruu pierced into my world, she involved me.” (Eiji)

Among the treasures I gave to daughter, there was something among them. It was a world ax.” (Kuykul)

Kuykul has a nostalgic tone. I thought all he has was a sentiment which developed over time at first, but it’s now not the case.

Yes, that’s the name it has.” (Ruu)

I see, it was my friend’s prototype. I understand, and you used it. I made something similar once, but a more completed product.” (Kuykul)

…Eh?” (Eiji)

I was good at making space interference magic tools. I was not good at other technologies involving video, audio, and advanced magic. What I made was an extension of a treasure called the World Sword Olto.” (Kuykul)

―― W, wait, wasn’t something amazing just mentioned just now?

A finished product of a hidden treasure that opens a hole into a different world?

Maybe that was something I wanted to reserve, just in case something happened –.

So then, maybe, it’s a sword that can make a hole and allow movement to the world that I came from.” (Eiji)

That’s correct.” (Kuykul)

But if you uses it too much, the additional things that go in and come out may not be good sometimes, so minimize its usages.” Ruu stated.

Un. You’re right. Extra things do come and go. That’s why the extra was Eiji that came in.” (Kuykul)

Don’t call people as the extra.” (Eiji)

I don’t care and I’m not concern. But, maybe, because it was incomplete?” (Ruu)

That’s correct. The completed world sword can pierce the world, without affecting the other world other than moving the object. You don’t have to worry about the fallout.” (Kuykul)

What the.

I used to be convinced back in the days that there were big restrictions on moving things around the world.

Isn’t the performance a bit of an inflation? Is that all right?

I’m not sure what’s fine anymore, but within the giant’s tower, it seems to be a place filled with more treasure than you can imagine.

Kuykul-san, is it here as well?” (Eiji)

That’s correct. It is located in a non-interfering space area called the Sanctuary, which is connected at the top of this tower. With that sword, it would be easy to return to the world in which you were born to from the world you arrived at.” (Kuykul)

Kuykul mentioned it with ease.

I feel as if Ruu is putting a hole through me as she stares at me.

Since there was no issue, a way to return to my original world was presented.

It’s right in front of me moreover, and I can get it by exploring the tower normally.

― I didn’t come here with the intention of returning. However, I can’t help but be conscious of it when it comes to returning to my world.

Kuykul’s and Ruu’s eyes seem to be asking me of my intention.

I –.

What’s the matter,Eiji-sama. You seem to be intensely thinking about something.” (Ally)

Ally called out while coming down from the giant tower.

I shake my head trying to answer her.

Nothing really, I was daydreaming. I’m glad there was a transportation crystal here as well.” (Eiji)

So that’s it. That’s fine, but do be careful where you stand. The transportation crystal really helps. I didn’t realize that the wall around the entrance to the snake’s shell was a transportation crystal. It’s true that the giants used the surround areas of Neman as storage for the minerals.” (Ally)

It was strange that various things could be harvested from the mines around Neman, but now I am convinced that it was merely a mineral warehouse for giants. Since that’s the case, you can get a hold of plenty of various things in a specific range.

With that being said, what I was thinking of, was a sword that cuts through dimensions of course.

Whatever it may be, I decided to stop the earthquake and report to Ally’s brother, but I will probably return to the giant’s tower again afterward.

The town is still at the top of the tower, and I’m curious about what’s still ahead. Ally is ready to go.

There is a high possibility that I will inevitably get the sword if I continue on.

Nn…alrighty then.

Let’s decide after moving on!

It’s a good decision.

I think it’s for my own self, but there are more options without any issue for the time being, I’ll obtain as many treasure as possible, and if I want to go back to my original world, I can, and if I want to stay here a little longer, it’s merely a choice to remain.

It is best to postpone the decision for now.

My name means that I don’t have to things now for what I can do later.

Oh, there it is. The transportation crystal.” (Eiji)

Outside of the giant towner, there was a polished quartz-like transportation crystal that was embedded in the wall a little distance away from the door.

When I touched it, I was able to return to the entrance of the snake’s shell immediately.

Let’s go. Let’s return early and reassure the Neman’s citizen and my brother.” (Ally)

In Ally’s hand is the completed “Trident’s Keystone”.

Felipe remained to complete the reproduction of divine eye device with Kuykul.

It seems to be a super magic tool (from Felipe’s discussion) that generously used rare materials and incorporated abundant methods handed down by the giants.

The shining pale yellow trident has a divine feeling.

If we use this, we can contain the Neman’s earthquake.

Whatever may be, it’s first to solve one thing at a time After resolving the Neman’s incident, we’ll proceed with the next issue.

We returned to Neman, leading us is Ally with strides in her steps.

I see, so that was the situation. That’s truly amazing, to know that there is a race of giants and they have a close relationship with Neman.” (Suaman)

When we arrived at Ally’s home and reported to Ally’s brother Suaman, he was surprised to hear from us the results of various facts.

And Ally takes out the Trident’s Keystone.

It seems that you should stick this halberd into this location.” (Ally)

At the same moment, it points to the mark on the map laid out on the table.

Based on what Kuykul said, here was the key location of the land.

“I see. If the great man who made the treasure said it, it’s likely to be credible. All you said you’re able to trust his existence. — Allow me to ask this of you to complete this job as well. “

Definitely. Now that I’ve received the commision, I’ll do it until it’s completed.” (Eiji)

Suaman thanked me with a pleasant smile, with gratitude — while nodding his head.

So then, you must have a way to do this. This place…is in the middle of the lake.” (Suaman)

It’s true, as the location shown on the map is in the center of the lake near Neman. Of course, since the trident pointed to the ground at that location, it means we have to dive to the bottom of the lake.

Leave it to me.” (Eiji)

There is a reason why I said so confidently of course.

This is because there is a calculated skill for going underwater.

Eiji-san, so you do have the means to do it.” (Suaman)

Eeh. I can move freely in the water, so I’ll head a little into it then position it.” (Eiji)

Then let me leave it to leave it to you. Thank you for everything. You are as Ally said… No, you’re more than what was said.” (Suaman)

N, no, it’s not that big of a deal. I don’t know what Ally told you, but I’m just really lucky and I just have the right skills.” (Eiji)

I hurriedly rolled up the map and collected it.

It’s nice that Suaman believes in me, but it’s overboasting. Really.

May be because of Ally’s sister.

Surely, all three of the siblings are beautiful including Coco. I truly envy you unlike my average-looking brothers.

While I was thinking about it, I saw Coco listening to our discussion.

Coco’s mouth’s corner lifts up with a meaningful smile.

…Are you planning something?

I’m not sure what she’s planning at the moment, but I was thanked for our hard work for today, while preparing for the work in positioning the trident the day after, and we were treated to a lavish meal at the Deuo’s family thanks to Suaman.


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