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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up – Chapter 89 Bahasa Indonesia


Ten past six in the afternoon!

The bedroom door was opened and Li Sisi stepped out in her pyjamas.

After closing the door behind her lightly, Li Sisi combed through her hair briefly before she went to the kitchen to cook.

After taking out a big slice of lamb meat from the freezer, Li Sisi used warm water to defrost before she cut the slice of meat into small cubes proficiently. She put half of them on a pan and stir-fried the lamb with vinegar while the other half was slow-cooked in for the mutton soup noodles.

After 20 minutes, just as Li Sisi finished cooking, Chu Tian walked into the kitchen with a grin on his face.

Seeing Chu Tian, Li Sisi rolled her eyes with a smile and said, “You’re awake? I thought you’d still be sleeping. Here, I’ve just finished cooking, help me carry them to the living room while I serve the noodles.”

“Hm, it smells really good. As expected of my Sister Sisi, just the smell alone is enough to increase my appetite.”

“Alright, stop trying to flatter me.” Li Sisi laughed, “Carry these out, quickly.”

Chu Tian took the big plate of lamb doused in vinegar sauce with a smile and carried it to the living room. He was soon followed by Li Sisi who carried two bowls of noodles to the living room as well.

Seeing that Chu Tian was still sitting on the sofa in the living room, smiling at her, Li Sisi could not help but smile too, “Stop smiling, what’s there to smile at? Remember to take a shower before going back and don’t let your darling smell that perfume on you. I’m not taking up the responsibility if you guys end up breaking up.”

“I know.” Chu Tian accepted the bowl of noodles with a grin, “Ah right, Sister Sisi, are you going over tonight?”

“I am.” Li Sisi sat beside Chu Tian and swept her hair behind her ear as she continued, “Niannian has been living with me for the past few days since her apartment is too far away so it’s really inconvenient. It’s late at night too so I don’t want her to be travelling alone so I must go fetch her.”

“Besides, I still need to have a look at the bar again. They should be done with the renovation today so we hang up our shop name tomorrow. We can then gather up the employees and arrange their work, give out some leaflets in the afternoon and prepare for our official opening on Monday. Ah, right, are you bringing your darling over on Monday?”

“Yeah.” Chu Tian nodded and said, “Since it officially opens for business on Monday, I’ll bring her over.”

“That’s fine then.” Li Sisi answered, “I’ll prepare two bottles of good red wine in advance and ask Niannian to come too, we can all drink together.”

As they were speaking, Li Sisi put a slice of mutton in Chu Tian’s bowl.

“Oh, right, Sister Sisi.” Chu Tian said as he ate, “Can it be used straight away after renovation? Is there no need to air it out?”

“No need.” Li Sisi replied, “We only used environmentally friendly materials and we did not touch the frames at all except to add another layer of packaging on it. It’s not one of those conventional renovations so we can start operation straight away. Here, eat more.”

“Phew, how comfortable. As expected of Sister Sisi, the food you make tastes really good.”

Li Sisi chuckled, “Does the food made by your darling taste good?”

“Yeah, it tastes good too.” Chu Tuan answered, “Both of your dishes tasted good.”

Li Sisi nodded and stood up, “Alright, there’s no time to rest. Go take a shower quickly and I’ll get changed. It’s already seven, it’s time we go over.”

And with that, Li Sisi went straight back to her bedroom.

Upon seeing that, Chu Tian smiled and followed her into the bedroom as well.

One hour later.

PR/N: The MC didn’t sha bang bang, only bathroom is likely in her bedroom. THE AUTHOR DEFINETLY KNEW WHAT HE WAS WRITING *spits out blood*

Chu Tian only stepped out of the bedroom at about eight in the evening. After he was done with his shower, Li Sisi had already changed her clothes and was sitting on the sofa in the living room, waiting for him.

Without any delays, Chu Tian packed swiftly and followed Li Sisi out of the apartment.

Nine o’clock at night!

At the downstairs of Haicheng University of Medicine’s female dormitory, Chu Tian had already been waiting for two minutes with a black paper bag in his hand. Bai Xiaochun skipped out happily from the female dormitory towards Chu Tian and hugged his arm, “Have you missed me?”

Chu Tian scoffed, “I have nearly forgotten about you. Oh right, darling, do you want to eat a big roasted sausage?”

“Hm?” Bai Xiaochun was surprised. She quickly pinched Chu Tian’s arm as she smiled and said, “Lower your voice, let’s talk when we’re home.”

“Home?” Chu Tian asked, not quite understanding, “It’s gonna get cold if we wait till we get home. Don’t you wanna eat it before it gets cold?”

Chu Tian took out a big roasted sausage on a stick from inside of his black paper bag as he spoke.

It was sold near the university entrance, known as the big roasted sausage. It cost six Chinese yuan for one, ten Chinese yuan for two.

Not only do they have big roasted sausages, but they were also selling squid, smelly tofu, cold fried noodles etcetera.

“Oh, the real big roasted sausage. I’m eating.”

Bai Xiaochun hugged Chu Tian’s arm with a grin and took a bite from the stick, “Hm, yummy. Here, have a bite too.”

Chu Tian took a bit as well, “Oh right, darling, did you have a good time today?”

“Yeah, it was good.” Bai Xiaochun embraced Chu Tian’s arm and laughed, “I’ve not lost a single time tonight when playing cards, it was awesome.”

Just as she was speaking, Bai Xiaochun let go of Chu Tian’s arm all of a sudden as if she had discovered something. She then pinched a strand of long, dyed hair from the back of his clothes.

Their eyes met and Bai Xiaochun squinted her eyes at him as she said, “You playboy, did you go find another woman behind my back?”


“Hmph!” Bai Xiaochun tossed the hair on the floor and went back to hugging Chu Tian’s arm. She continued to eat as she spoke, “Just you wait, I’ll not give you another chance in the future. I’ll definitely watch you without removing my gaze from you!”

PR/N: HAH? ok…


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