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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up – Chapter 90 Bahasa Indonesia

Indeed, She Doesn’t Know

… Was that all?

Chu Tian thought he’d be in deep trouble when Bai Xiaochun picked up a strand of Li Sisi’s hair on his clothes just now.

Who would have known Bai Xiaochun would let it go so easily.

“So…” Chu Tian asked, “That was all?”

“That’s all.” Bai Xiaochun rolled her eyes, “Guess it’s my fault for not being able to watch my boyfriend properly, what else can I do? I’ll forgive you just this one since you bought me the big roasted sausages. Remember, no more next time or I’ll beat you to death.”

TL/N: *facepalm* This girl isn’t this smart either.

PR/N *spits out blood* I have the torch, someone bring the pitchfork

Seeing Bai Xiaochun acting as if she was taking it very seriously, Chu Tian chuckled and gave her a smooch on her cheek.

Bai Xiaochun’s lips curl into a smile and said, “Just look at you, you stinky hoodlum. Ah right, is she pretty? Does she have a good body? Does she love you as much as I love you?”

“No.” Chu Tian shook his head, “My darling is the best in the universe, she loves me the most.”

“Hmph, glad that you know it. Don’t go messing around from now on, or I’ll really beat you up.”

At half-past nine at night, at the school’s sports field, Bai Xiaochun was hugging Chu Tian’s arm joyfully as she recounted her experience playing cards with her classmates in the dormitory.

“Ah, right, darling.”

As if she had just recalled something, Bai Xiaochun suddenly looked towards the black paper bag Chu Tian was carrying and asked, “What are you carrying in there?”

Chu Tian grinned mysteriously and answered, “Take a guess.”


Seeing Chu Tian’s secretive behaviour, as if she recalled something, Bai Xiaochun chuckled and asked, “Why are you being so mysterious? Don’t tell me it’s a surprise for me?”

TL/N: Why is she always “as if she recalled something?” Author, please.

PR/N: coming from someone who writes a novel, it works 🙂

Only then did Chu Tian smile and took out a small plastic bag with the Star of Purity in it from the black paper bag.

TL/N:PLASTIC BAG? For a 19million necklace?????


Oh god, that’s so pretty!

As she watched Chu Tian take out the Star of Purity, Bai Xiaochun quickly bit her lips followed by placing both her hands on her chest.

Chu Tian took out the Star of Purity with a smile and said, “Darling, I’ve not given you any presents since I’ve gone out with you. How is this, do you like it?

“Yeah, I like it.”

Bai Xiaochun bit her lips, her eyes turning red as she said, “It’s so pretty.”

Bai Xiaochun walked towards it and accepted it as she spoke. She looked at the small diamonds surrounding the rhombus-shaped diamonds on the necklace. She then reached out with her slender finger and caressed it, her lips curled into a smile as droplets of tears flowed down from her eyes.

She lifted her head to look at Chu Tian and suddenly hugged his waist, her head buried in his embrace.

Chu Tian pat Bai Xiaochun’s head as he smiled, “Silly, why are you crying?”

Bai Xiaochun’s head was still in his embrace, she didn’t say anything and merely shook her head.

Chu Tian continued to hug Bai Xiaochun with a smile on his face, he did not say anything either.

After a long while, Bai Xiaochun finally lifted her head and laughed as she wiped away her tears, “Hubby, I love you.”

“Hm?” Chu Tian grinned, “What did you call me? I didn’t hear it.”

Bai Xiaochun’s face flushed red. She tiptoed, moved close to his ears and whispered, “Hubby, I love you.”

Chu Tian laughed again and said in a similarly quiet voice, “Wifey, I love you too.”

Xiao Baichun chuckled as she looked into Chu Tian’s eyes with admiration, “I want a kiss.”

“Sure, I’ll give you want.”

Chu Tian smiled and lowered his head, kissing Bai Xiaochun on her lips directly.

As if wholly satisfied, Bai Xiaochun finally released Chu Tian and said, “Quick, help me put it on.”

Just as she was saying that, she turned around such that her back was facing Chu Tian as she grabbed and moved her ponytail aside.

As he looked at the fair and slender neck Bai Xiaochun exposed, Chu Tian smiled as he moved his hand around her neck and placed the Star of Purity on her before he fastened the necklace properly.

Bai Xiaochun turned around happily, she could not help but fondle the diamond pendant resting on her chest as she asked, “How much is this?”

“1900.” Chu Tian answered.

“Huh? That expensive?” Bai Xiaochun glared at him and continued, “You probably got cheated, I’m sure you can buy this with a few hundred dollars.”

As expected!

Li Sisi was right, Bai Xiaochun really did not realise that this was made of diamond.

But it was to be expected, even Chu Tian couldn’t tell. Even now, Chut Tian still couldn’t recognize it. Since neither of them had many opportunities to learn about these things.

He had heard of diamonds a long time ago but today was the first time in his life when he actually came into contact with actual diamonds.

At the very least, he needed to be like Li Sisi. He needed to have a certain level of financial capabilities and experience in the night scene which could provide him with an opportunity to come across people from all walks of life. Only then, would he be able to tell diamonds apart at first glance.

“This is a good one.” Chu Tian said, “This is the first time I’m giving my darling a present, how can a present that only cost a few hundred dollars suffice, right?”

Bai Xiaochun chuckled again, followed by a pout right after, “But it’s 1900… It’s so expensive, just how much do you need to work to earn this kind of money? It’s too expensive.”

“It’s not expensive at all.” Chu Tian shook his head, “As long as my darling likes it, it’s not expensive regardless of the price. Now that I’ve caught you, you’ll forever belong to me, got it?”

Bai Xiaochun smiled as she bit her lips, “I know, I’m yours this whole life.”

“Also.” Chu Tian continued, “You’re not allowed to take this off randomly.”

“I won’t.” Bai Xiaochun answered obediently, “This is given by my hubby, I’ll always keep it on.”

Bai Xiaochun carefully put the pendant inside her clothes as she said that and then hugged Chu Tian’s arm joyfully, “Let’s go, time to go home and sleep.”


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