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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up – Chapter 88 Bahasa Indonesia

Especially For You

In the living room, Chu Tian and Li Sisi sat on the couch as they enjoyed the air conditioning and chatted idly.

After a long while, as if she recalled something, she grabbed her small satchel and took out a rectangular, red wooden box from her bag.

“Here.” Li Sisi said, “Let us admire this 19 million dollar necklace.”

And with that, she opened the small box and sure enough, it was that necklace called the Star of Purity.

Chu Tian chuckled and took a mouthful of water before he responded, “In all honesty, I couldn’t even recognise it. Although this necklace does look pretty, it also excruciates an aura of nobleness but honestly? I don’t know how to appreciate its true value. If someone was to tell me that this is merely glass, I would have believed it.”

“Glass?” Li Sisi shook her head with a laugh, “This is definitely not glass. I can tell by just a glance that this is made of diamond. But then again, that’s normal. It’s difficult for someone to tell them apart if they don’t come in contact with such things often. Seriously, if you tell your darling that this is glass instead, I suspect she’ll believe it.”

“Oh?” Chu Tian creased his brows slightly, “Sister Sisi, do you mean to say that Xiao-Bai may not recognise this?”

“Hard to say.” Li Sisi shook her head, “Not many people come into contact with diamonds on a normal basis. Take students from your university as an example, most of them are probably incapable of identifying it. They may come across such things after they’ve entered society as an adult but even then, they may still not have the necessary skills. Also, now that you mentioned glass, I remember something especially interesting.”

With that, Li Sisi shifted towards Chu Tian and smiled, “It happened during my work in the past. We had a group leader, she’s extremely pretty but also very superficial. She had always wanted to find herself a rich man.”

“In the end, someone gave her a dark green jade bracelet and it was exceptionally beautiful. She thought she had found a rich man and showed off to us every day about how much or how rare it was. We were indeed jealous of her at that time, but we wouldn’t be able to afford that bracelet even if we worked our whole lives, that was how big of a gap it was. As for that group leader, she was especially scheming. She would intentionally not use any birth control when she was with that guy. Have a think about it, if she intentionally did that, she’ll definitely get pregnant in no time. Turns out, she really did get pregnant not long after. Her plan was to make it such that it was too late for the guy to regret it. She thought that as long as she was pregnant with his child, he’ll definitely have to marry her.”

“After she became pregnant for about two to three months, our manager happened to run into her. That was our manager, so she definitely had more life experiences than all of us. She said a sentence after giving her a glance and I still remember that sentence clearly even until now. She said ‘Why are you wearing a beer bottle on your hand, does it not affect your work?’ The whole group of us were dying from laughter that whole afternoon. Only then did we know that the ring was made from green glass from those big beer bottles. They were the exact same material! She went around showing it off for a few months and even got pregnant with that guy’s child, how hilarious.”

Seeing how Li Sisi could not control her laughter as she recited her story, Chu Tian could not help but laugh together with her.

Chu Tian said, “That’s a bit tragic, what happened afterwards?”

“Of course she aborted that baby.” Li Sisi answered, “Given how materialistic she was, there is no way she would marry that guy after knowing the truth. She went to the hospital for the abortion right away the next day. I left that workplace afterwards so I don’t know what happened after that but apparently, she went to look for that man and bit him up. Though, I didn’t see it with my own eyes.”

Chu Tian nodded with a grin, “Then Xiao-Bai probably wouldn’t recognise this as a diamond necklace too.”

“The possibility isn’t high.” Li Sisi said, “From what I’ve observed, your darling doesn’t really put on many accessories in the first place so the chances of her recognising are probably not high.”

“I see!” As if he recalled something, Chu Tian laughed all of a sudden.

“Ah, right.” As if she recalled something, Li Sisi sighed faintly, “Sigh, I’ve nearly forgotten that I’m wearing something on my ears. It’s time I take it down.”

She reached out to her ears as she spoke, wanting to take off the pair of jade earrings when Chu Tian interrupted hurriedly, “Hey, Sister Sisi, don’t take it off, that’s for you.”

“What?” Li Sisi was surprised. She stuttered, “F-for me?”

“Yeah.” Chu Tian smiled, “I’m not blind, I could see how unwilling you were to part with that pair of earrings when you walked past them so you must like them a lot. That’s why I got them especially for you.”

Li Sisi stared at Chu Tian, only able to blurt out after a few seconds, “Young Master, d-don’t make such a joke. This pair of earrings cost 850 thousand, are you really giving them to me?”

“Of course.” Chu Tian said, “You don’t like it? If you don’t, I’ll just give them to Sister Nian.”

“Who said that I don’t like them?” Li Sisi laughed suddenly, “Why would you give them to that damned girl, this is a gift from my hubby, she does not deserve to put them on. Here, hubby, let me give you a kiss…”


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