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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up – Chapter 87 Bahasa Indonesia

The Advocate Behind-The-Scenes: Yang Rong

What the hell!

What a reason.

Chu Tian laughed the moment he heard what Li Sisi said.

She liked cats and dogs but because she was too lazy to take care of them, she decided to have a fake pet instead. Such a reason could not be surpassed.

“Take a rest on the couch.” Li Sisi said, “This apartment is perfect other than the fact that it’s hot during summer. It’s too exposed to the sun from morning till night, not missing a single ray of sunshine. The apartment becomes really hot after a whole day under the sun.”

Chu Tian nodded.

He felt it the moment he stepped indoors that the temperature inside was obviously higher than the temperature outside.

“It’s better to keep the windows opened.” Chu Tian followed Li Sisi back into the living room as he said, “If you keep the windows opened when you go out, you can maintain the air ventilation in the apartment so that it won’t be this hot when you return.”

“No can do, there will be a lot of dust.” Li Sisi said as she was opening the windows, “The apartment will be filled with dust by the time I come back.”

“There’s dust even on the 17th floor?”

“Yeah.” Li Sisi sat herself down right beside Chu Tian, lifted her hair and said, “I guarantee you that I’ll have a fingertip covered in dust if I’m to touch the window ledge after a day of keeping the windows opened. I’d rather endure the heat. Besides, I’ll be turning on the air conditioner anyway so it’ll cool down quickly.”

“Oh right, when’s your big darling coming to look for you?”

“At about six o’clock.” Chu Tian took out his phone and said, “Her activity with the yoga club…”

Chu Tian stopped before he finished his sentence.

Li Sisi looked over and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m not eating dinner with her anymore.” Chu Tian let out a laugh as he looked at his phone, “I just got a message from her saying that she’ll be eating out with her friends for dinner and going to the dormitory to play cards afterwards.”

“Hn, good timing then.” Li Sisi said, “Let her play, I’ll make dinner for you. I happen to have lamb steak at home, we can eat it together tonight. I’ll make lamb with vinegar and mutton soup noodles.”

“That’s good then.” Chu Tian smiled, “I definitely need to stay and try Sister Sisi’s cooking.”

Just as he was saying that Chu Tian replied to Bai Xiaochun’s message and left the phone on the side afterwards.

“Oh, right, Young Master.” Li Sisi took a sip of water and said, “What stage have you and your darling progressed?”

Chu Tian chuckled and replied, “We slept in the same room last night.”

“Oh my!” Li Sisi smiled in response, “How blessed! You guys are progressing so quickly, much quicker than I’ve expected. It didn’t take you long before you got her.”

“Not yet.” Chu Tian shook his head, “We only slept on the same bed together.”

“Huh?” Li Sisi said innocently, “Y-you guys didn’t do it even when y’all slept on the same bed?”

“She was scared.” Chu Tian said.

“Scared?” Li Sisi was surprised.

She then laughed out loud and continued, “This big darling, she’s making me want to cherish her more. She’s so pure that it’s cute. She actually became scared! Then, nothing happened between both of you after that?”

“Of course not.” Chu Tian grinned mischievously followed by a dry cough. He picked up his bottle and drank two gulps of water.

Seeing that, Li Sisi understood and began to laugh, “Our big darling is too cute, you’re being such a devil too.”

“Oh, right.” Li Sisi recalled something and continued, “How about your tablemate?”

“Oh, my tablemate went to find his boyfriend. She took the overnight train last night.”

Li Sisi nodded and said, “Your tablemate is definitely a good tablemate. Judging from the situation, she’s probably moving back to the dormitory soon.”

“Huh?” Chu Tian was stunned for a second before he continued, “Move back to the dormitory?”

“Yeah.” Li Sisi took a mouthful of water and said, “Haven’t you noticed? Your tablemate has been acting as the cupid between you and your darling, she really is a good tablemate. She sincerely wants to get you and your darling together so she probably doesn’t really want to live at yours. The only reason why she’s doing that is to lure your darling there. If she doesn’t take the initiative at first, your darling would definitely not go and live with you that easily.”

“Now that your relationship with your darling is already intimate and you’re only left with the last step, so her mission is basically accomplished. Which is why she’s going to leave soon, or she’ll end up disturbing your time with your darling.”

“Er…” Chu Tian thought for a moment and said, “Sister Sisi, so you’re trying to tell me that my tablemate wasn’t trying to freeload and enjoy my air conditioner?”

“Of course not.” Li Sisi laughed, “I’m sure she was just there to bring your darling to your so that the both of you can spend more time together and get closer with each other quicker.”

“My guess is, your tablemate probably thinks that you’re not too bad of a person and that you’re quite suitable for your darling, that’s why she was so eager to play cupid for the both of you. She’s afraid that your darling will be taken by others the long it was dragged out. From my perspective, she’s actually playing the role of an advocate behind the scenes.”

“An advocate behind the scenes?” Chu Tian nodded his head gradually and smiled, “If that’s the case, my tablemate sure is nice to me.”

“She’s indeed a good tablemate.” Li Sisi said, “I already felt that when you told me about all the things that have happened. Besides, think about it for a second, if she didn’t do all those things, do you think you’d get together with your darling so quickly? So you better remember your tablemate whenever you have something good to share. Your tablemate is definitely someone worth being friends with.”

“That’s for sure.” Chu Tian replied, “I’ve always thought my tablemate is a pretty good person, so I’ll definitely take her into consideration whenever I have something good to share.”


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