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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up – Chapter 86 Bahasa Indonesia

Going to Li Sisi’s House

Manager Cheng and the sales representative only stopped following when Chu Tian and Li Sisi stepped out of the shop.

Manager Cheng smiled, “Mr Chu, Miss Li, there will be a new batch of diamond rings arriving at our store in a couple of days. If you don’t mind, we can notify you straight away so that you can come again and have a look. Who knows, you may find a design that you really like.”

“Oh, that’s not necessary.” Chu Tian said, “To be honest, we’ve already found a pair of diamond rings we like in another shop. We’re only trying our luck today to see if we can find another pair that we like more than the first pair. Since we couldn’t find one, we’ll be going to buy the first pair right now.”

“Oh! So you have already chosen another pair.” Manager Cheng nodded with a smile, “I see, I understand. You can come back to our stores anytime your necklace and earrings need maintenance. As long as you have the invoice with you, all of our stores will be able to provide you with free cleaning services.”

“Okay.” Chu Tian said, “Goodbye now.”

The sales representative stood on the side and waved her hand with a big smile on her face, “Goodbye, I hope you will have a happy marriage and give birth to a son soon!”

In response, Chu Tian and Li Sisi waved back with a smile too. They then returned to the BMW that was parked outside of the store.

Back in the car, Li Sisi put on her sunglass after fastening her seatbelt. She started the car engine with a loud rumble before she turned her head and looked at Chu Tian with a grin, “Husband.”

Chu Tian chuckled and looked towards Li Sisi, “What’s wrong, wife?”

“Hehe…” Li Sisi chuckled too as she licked her lips, “Wanna go to your wife’s place for a while?”

“Sure.” Chu Tian said, “We’re going to get married soon and yet, I’ve not been to my wife’s place yet.”

“Hehe…” Li Sisi chuckled again before she stepped on the gas pedal and drove away.

And at the store’s entrance, the sales representative waited until the car drove completely out of her sight before she looked at Manager Cheng with a happy expression on her face, “Manager, I never would have expected them to be this rich. 19 million just like that, they didn’t even blink their eyes.”

“I have finally realised what they meant by ‘a man swiping their card is the most charming’. As it turns it, swiping his credit card really does make a man look charming, I thought he looked extremely cool when he did that.”

“You’re right.” Manager Cheng said, “They really were keeping a low profile. You really can’t tell that they are this rich just by looking at their clothes or car.”

As she was talking, Manager Cheng turned and looked at the sales representative with a smile, “Ah, right. Isn’t time for you to treat me to dinner? You don’t have to take a loan for your house’s down payment anymore with this, right?”

The sales representative laughed happily, “Yeah, just this sale alone has earned me enough for the down payment. Finally, I don’t have to beg here and there for others to borrow me money. It’s too difficult. Ah, right. Manager, what do you want to eat tonight? Go ahead and choose whatever you want, my treat.”

“Don’t worry,” Manager Cheng laughed, “I’ll definitely not hold back given how much you’ve earned today. But let’s go back to work now, we’ll talk about it again after work.”


Ten to five in the afternoon!

Haicheng, in a car park of a small district with a pretty good environment, Li Sisi was parking her car at her car slot. She went straight to the elevator with Chu Tian to go up to her apartment right after she parked her car.

17th floor, the unit in the East!

After Li Sisi took out her key and opened the door, she smiled and invited Chu Tian in with a hand motion, “Welcome, my dearest husband, have a look at your wife’s little chamber.”

“Sure.” Chu Tian put both of his hands behind his back, inspecting the surroundings as if he was a leader, “I’ll inspect properly and see if you’re hiding any wild men…”

He strode in as he spoke.

It was an apartment with two rooms, about the same size as his current rental apartment. However, the interior decorations here far exceeded what was in his own rental apartment.

The floor was bright and clean and there was a big television screen hanging on the wall. There were even tables, chairs, sofa etcetera. He could tell with just a look that they were of good quality.

Chu Tian took off his shoes as he sized up the apartment. He put his shoes in the shoe cabinet behind the door as he said, “Sister Sisi, your apartment’s interior decoration is really good, it’s so much better than my rental apartment.”

He was speaking the truth.

Li Sisi took off her high heels and put them in the shoe cabinet just as Chu Tian did. She then walked into the apartment with her pair of fair bared feet, “Your place was renovated a few tens of years ago, how can that be considered renovated? Mine is a newly renovated apartment.”

As she was speaking, Li Sisi picked up the remote control from the coffee table and turned on the air conditioning conveniently.

Chu Tian looked around the apartment before he peeked into the bedroom. He said with a laugh, “Damn, that’s a big teddy bear. Sis, don’t you think it’s taking up too much space?”

On the big double bed, there was a fluffy teddy bear that was even bigger than Chu Tian. It was at least two metres tall and took up more than half of the bed.

“Huh? What did you say?”

Li Sisi came out of the kitchen barefooted with two bottles of cold sparkling water in her hands.

“I was talking about the bear.” Chu Tian said, “Don’t you think the bear is taking up too much space?”

“Not really.” Li Sisi passed a bottle to Chu Tian as she laughed, “It’s pretty comfortable to hug it while I sleep. I love cats and dogs but I’m too lazy to take care of them so I decided to get a teddy bear instead. It saves trouble and I don’t have to clean it, take it out for a walk, or dispose of its poop.”


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