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Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage – Chapter 92: At any cost Bahasa Indonesia

Gabriel also walked closer to the Infernal King, wondering what he was looking at like that.

He looked in the direction where the Infernal King was looking, noticing a figure standing in the distance. Despite it being dark outside, there was enough light to see the figure, thanks to the moonlight.

Seeing the distant figure, Gabriel was slightly surprised. He recognized that figure as it wasn’t his first time seeing that figure. He saw the exact figure on at least two occasions.

It was the same Dark Spectre who was trying to destroy his Spirit before he was selected by the Grimoire. He saw the figure not long after he had died. In fact, that was also the first time he saw any spiritual being in his life. At that moment, he thought that it was the end for him, but the Grimoire saved him.

That wasn’t the only meeting that he initially assumed was going to be his last time seeing the Spectre, but it appeared again when it helped him. When Gabriel needed to travel through the river of spirits, the specter was the one who helped him.

He still didn’t understand why the Spectre helped him at that time, but he didn’t think too much about it. Every time the specter appeared before him, it was for something significant. But why this time?

“What is it doing here?”

Gabriel didn’t expect the Spectre to be here and at this time! What surprised him even more was that no one else could sense the reaper other than them. No Mages of Light were here to capture him, despite his frightening dark aura and the Church of Light being in the city!

He could sense the dark aura of the Spectre. Unlike him, the Spectre wasn’t hiding his aura. Then why wasn’t anyone else able to feel him?

The city was a bastion of Light. It was the Holy City which was heavily protected by the Church of Light. Even he himself could only enter the city, thanks to having the Element of Light and his attire that hid his aura of Death. But what about the Spectre?

It didn’t have the Element of Light. It was the embodiment of death itself. For it to even pass through the barrier of light undetected should’ve been impossible. Yet, not only did it pass through, but it also entered the Academy.

And even if the Spectre was here, it didn’t make sense. Why would he come here?

“Could it be because I called an Undead to the Realm of Living? Is it here to stop me? Or could it be for something else?”

“Do you know that guy?” he asked the Infernal King, wondering if the two knew each other, since both of them were related to the Realm of Death in their own way.

It had the highest possibility that the specter was here for the Infernal Sorcerer. The way Infernal Sorcerer looked at the Spectre, it was as if there was definitely some history between the two.

The Infernal King clenched his fist. The being that was usually very calm was showing quite a lot of reaction at the sight of the Spectre now. He didn’t answer Gabriel’s questions, as if he couldn’t even hear the questions.

His body turned into the purest form of flames. The flames passed through the small opening under the glass door, appearing on the other side of the door. It was as if the Infernal King remembered that he wasn’t allowed to break the door, which made him choose another way to leave to avoid the headache.

“Wait! Don’t!” Gabriel was stunned to find the Infernal Sorcerer leaving. If he attacked or made any commotion, it was going to be quite a headache.

Unfortunately, as the Infernal King appeared on the balcony and looked into the distance, the Spectre wasn’t there anymore. He had disappeared.

The Infernal King still blankly looked at the place where the specter was standing previously.

Gabriel sighed in relief, getting a feeling that the Infernal Sorcerer and the Spectre didn’t have a good relationship.

Gabriel was less surprised about the disappearance of the Spectre as he had become habitual of it, but what surprised him was the trick that the Infernal Sorcerer pulled.

“And here I was, thinking of a plan to get out.”

If the Infernal King could get out through the balcony, then that was better. He didn’t have to go through extra steps of his plan to get out of this room, which was just perfect!

“Undead Swap!” Gabriel cast the fourth spell.

As soon as he chanted the spell, his surroundings turned white. He felt a strange spatial pressure around him, and the next thing he knew, he was standing out on the balcony. Meanwhile, the Infernal King was now inside the room.

“It worked!” Gabriel could feel the cold winds of outside brushing against his skin as he basked in the moonlight.

He turned around to find the Infernal Sorcerer inside. “Thank you for the help. However, from here on, I’ll have to do everything on my own. Just stay inside the room and don’t leave the room even if you can. I’ll be right back after I’m done!”

“Oh, and don’t burn anything inside the room. Just stay there, and wait. There must be no damage to the property. And in case someone knocks on the door, just don’t make any noise or try to open the door! Just let them think that I’m asleep. You understand?”

Even though he was curious about the Spectre’s appearance, now that he left, he let it be. He didn’t think much about it as there was another important thing for him to do.

The Infernal Sorcerer still felt irritated that a kid was commanding him, but he could only agree since only this led him back home.


Gabriel looked down from the balcony, noticing a few guards outside the Dorms. Ever since the incident from last time, the security was slightly increased.

Fortunately, it was still less than what it was going to be tomorrow if the Academy didn’t find their killer until then, so he needed to take care of the matters tonight.

Moreover, tonight he also had an alibi! There were so many people outside his room, which was sealed, so no matter what happened tonight, he was going to be the last person that anyone was going to be suspicious about.

He used his Ring of Apophis to change his looks once more, but this time, he didn’t change himself to look like someone who wasn’t in the academy. This time, he used the disguise of someone who was very well known in the academy.

That was risky as well since there was a small chance that the person might come before him, which could create trouble for him, but it was a risk he was willing to take.

The Infernal Sorcerer watched Gabriel transform into another person. Through his right eye, he could see the transformed look of Gabriel, but through his left eye, which was covered by flames, he was able to see through all illusions. Through it, he was able to see Gabriel was still the same, and he was just using the illusion.

“Remember everything I said, and don’t leave the room at any cost!” Gabriel commanded the man before he moved closer to the edge of the balcony.

He climbed on the railings of the balcony and jumped off, landing right behind all the guards.

The heavy sound of his feet landing on the ground alerted the guards. They all turned around, alert.

“Lady Eliana!” The men respectfully greeted Gabriel, who was now in the disguise of the person who had the highest authority in the Academy! He was disguised as Eliana! The Head of House of Light! At least that’s what the illusion made everyone see him as.

“What are all of you doing at the same place, chattering? Is that how you protect the place? No wonder there is no security here! Spread out and less talking!” Gabriel scolded the people, using the same time that Eliana was known for.

He had seen Eliana enough to know how she behaved. Before these people could ask any questions about what she was doing here, Gabriel scolded them and made them feel like they were caught doing something wrong! The men acknowledged that they were wrong and spread out.

Right before their eyes, Gabriel walked away. Not a single person knew how they were fooled!


While Gabriel had fooled real guards by using the shock factor, there was another set of guards that were also shocked.

The guards that protected the main entrance of the Academy of Elements watched three carriages arrive toward the Academy. As for the beautiful carriages, they were so distinct that it wasn’t hard for the guards to know who they belonged to!

“The Church of Water?” One of the guards exclaimed. “At this time? Why here?’

As the guards were confused, the carriages stopped.

The door of the first carriage opened, and a beautiful woman stepped out of the Carriage, dressed in a beautiful blue gown.


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