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Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage – Chapter 91: Spectre Bahasa Indonesia

The Infernal Sorcerer glared at Gabriel, believing him to be the one who had attacked him before! He was enraged. Throughout the time, he still hadn’t spoken anything. Let alone speak; he didn’t make a single noise either, despite being so angry.

Gabriel frowned, getting a strange feeling from this guy’s reaction, especially since he wasn’t answering either.

“Who… or rather, what are you?” he asked again, only to receive silence as his answer.

The Infernal Sorcerer pointed at Gabriel as his emotionless eyes glanced at the person one last time before he was going to be destroyed.


With a thudding noise, the Infernal Sorcerer abruptly dropped to his knees, holding his head which felt as if it was about to explode. Just as he was about to attack Gabriel, that strange pain filled his head, overwhelming him.

“Are you alright!” Gabriel rushed to the Infernal Sorcerer. “What happened to you?”

The Infernal Sorcerer was his summoned dead. Despite technically being the owner of the Infernal Sorcerer now, Gabriel didn’t know much. It was his first time dealing with the Summoned Undead, and they didn’t come with an instruction manual.

For a moment, he even wondered if there was something wrong with his spell that was hurting the Infernal Sorcerer.

The pain didn’t last long, fortunately. The terrifying pain went away just as fast as it came, giving some relief to the Infernal Sorcerer.

The Infernal Sorcerer raised his head, glaring at Gabriel, who was even closer to him now. He once again tried to attack Gabriel, only to experience that pain again. He once again grabbed his head, clenching his teeth in pain.

Gabriel just watched the Infernal Sorcerer struggle as if he was in pain. He didn’t understand why that was happening. The Infernal Sorcerer wasn’t answering either for him to know what was happening to him!

There was no way for him to understand why the Infernal Sorcerer was going through this pain. He didn’t have even the slightest clue that it was because the Infernal King was trying to kill him. Now that the contract between the two was established, the Infernal King not only couldn’t ignore Gabriel’s commands, but he also couldn’t harm him.

By now, the Infernal King also realized that much after suffering twice. As soon as the pain went away, he didn’t try the same thing a third time.

He just stood up, glancing at Gabriel, wondering if he had been enslaved. He couldn’t accept it! He wondered what his options were at the moment if he couldn’t destroy Gabriel or leave.

He pointed at Gabriel, but this time with no intention to go back. He made a small gesture as if asking who Gabriel was in his sign language.

Seeing the gestures, Gabriel finally understood a few things. It appeared as if his contracted Undead couldn’t speak, despite having a body that was so similar to a human. He was an intelligent being, but he just wasn’t able to speak despite that.

“I am Gabriel. I am a Mage of Necromancy. I’m also the one who called you here to help me.” Gabriel introduced himself. “Honestly, I expected a Skeleton Soldier to be summoned. I didn’t expect you to pass through the door. Not that I know what you are, but I’ll have to make do with what I got.”

Gabriel had no idea just what a massive feat he had accomplished with his Summon! He believed the Infernal Sorcerer to be a weak Undead, partially because he was so much like a human. He really underestimated the Infernal King!

“Anyway, now that you’re here, we are bound together through a contract. Whenever I need help, I can call you for help. That’s how these contacts work from what I understand,” he further explained, believing the Infernal Sorcerer was confused.

“I’m sure you must be missing your home and want to go back as the realm of the living can be quite uncomfortable for you. But I can promise you, as long as you help me, I’ll send you back where you came from! All I need is a little help!”

It wasn’t as if he could keep the Infernal King with him always since it took a heavy toll on him. Now that the contract was established, he could call the Infernal King whenever he wanted, so there was no need to keep him in the Realm of Living always and to agitate him further.

Gabriel promised the Infernal King to send him back after they were done with this one task. However, he intentionally didn’t mention that he would call the Infernal King again in case he needed more help. They were now connected through the eternal spell!

The Infernal King stood in silence as if trying to understand the situation. Since he couldn’t kill Gabriel, that meant he could only help if he wanted to go back.

The Infernal King pointed back before clapping his hands together.

“Are you asking if I’m sure I’ll send you back?” Gabriel couldn’t understand sign language, especially when it originated from the Undead. He could only take a guess as to what the Infernal King was trying to say.

The Infernal King nodded. Even though the Infernal King was supposed to have a terrifying aura that could spread for miles, no one could sense that aura, even outside the room. It was as if that dark aura didn’t exist at all.

It was all thanks to the fact that Gabriel was using Imitation of the Dead, which hid the real aura and used a fake aura so weak that no one even sensed it. Only Gabriel could sense the real aura of the Infernal King, which he believed to be expected for an undead as it was his first interaction with an Undead like that.

The aura felt like a fresh breeze to him. Even though it was the aura of a powerful Undead, he didn’t know why, but he felt quite relaxed under the aura, which was hated by everyone else.

“That’s right. I promise I’ll send you back after we are done. In fact, by morning, you should be back already. So, are you going to help me now?”

Even though Gabriel could just issue a command to the Infernal King instead of asking, he didn’t. Instead, he tried to win the trust of the Infernal King since the two of them were going to have each other’s back in the future. Because it was their first contract, he didn’t want to make the Infernal King hate him.

It was also a good decision from his side, even though he didn’t realize it at the moment. He could definitely issue a command to the Infernal King, which he had to follow, but the more the Infernal King resisted the commands, the weaker it could make their link.

It could, in turn, place even more burden on Gabriel’s Soul, which was already under a lot of pressure from using two spells simultaneously, both of which were constantly active. By not forcing the Infernal King, he avoided a perilous situation.

The Infernal King made another gesture, moving his hand slowly as if asking what help he needed. The Infernal King hated the fact that he had to deal with a kid, but now that he was here, he could go back faster by helping Gabriel. No matter how irritating it was for him, he agreed.

The Infernal King listened to Gabriel, but so far, it was only that. It was impossible to win the Infernal King’s respect by just forcing him through a spell. Gabriel hadn’t won his respect… at least not yet.

“I want to steal something…”

Gabriel explained the entire situation to the Infernal King, including the fact that they were at the enemy base. He also talked about his reason for coming here and why they were locked here, including the mission that he had.

“If I want to be able to leave this place, I need to rob the museum. But we can’t let anyone know about that either. The Church of Light is right in the city. If they sensed us, we would be surrounded from all sides, and I don’t want to face them at this time, especially since all the Academy firepower will also be after us.”

“So we need to do it, and we need to do it stealthily,” Gabriel explained to the Infernal King, who listened carefully. “To get out, I’ll be using the Undead Swap. So here’s the pla-“

“Hmm?” Gabriel was explaining his plan on how he wanted to get out, but before he could even finish, the Infernal King walked to the glass doors instead… seemingly distracted by something else.

The Infernal King glanced into the distance as if seeing something which made him frown.

A cloaked figure stood on top of a distant building, holding a scythe in its hand, staring in their direction. No face could be seen on the dark figure, as if there was only the floating cloak.


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