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Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage – Chapter 93: Elora Bahasa Indonesia

“Head Priestess of the Church of Water?” The men were able to understand what position the woman held through the insignia on her chest. But they didn’t understand why she was there.

The Head Priestess walked to the guards. “Lady Elora is here to meet the Dean. Please inform the Dean.”

“Lady Elora is here to meet the Dean. Please inform the Dean.”

Just that one statement was enough to make the guards even more amazed. If a Head Priestess being here was a big deal, then Lady Elora’s arrival was even more incredible! Elora was said to be the name of the new Head of Holy Church of Water, after all!

In other terms, she was amongst the six stronger Mages at the moment, all being Heads of various Holy Churches!

“I-is she really here?” The guard asked. To him, it was as if one of the gods had arrived here personally!

“She is waiting inside the carriage. We know the protocol of the Academy. Go and inform your Dean about our arrival. We will wait.”

The Head Priestess turned around and started walking back. Generally, she would’ve simply asked them to let them enter as it was, but the Academy and the Churches had a long relationship, and they knew how each worked. Even if they wanted to barge in uninvited, it wasn’t going to be allowed.

Moreover, this city had the Holy Church of Light here. They didn’t want to draw more unnecessary attention than they already did by coming to this city since that was detrimental to their cause.

“The Dean isn’t at the Academy!” Watching the Head Priestess go back, the Guard hastily informed her, stunning her.

The Head Priestess stopped. She turned around, revealing slight anger on her face. “What did you say?”

The guard took a step back, subconsciously. For some reason, he felt scared before her aura that momentarily became unstable. Fortunately, the Head Priestess soon controlled her aura.

The guards gulped heavily. “The Dean isn’t at the Academy. He left the academy on some important business, so it would be impossible for you to meet him here.”

The Head Priestess went to the second carriage, knocking on the door.

The door of the carriage opened. The Head Priestess entered the carriage.

After a few minutes, she came out again. She went back to the guard. “It’s fine. We will meet whoever is incharge at the moment.”

“That would be Lady Eliana. I will inform her about your arrival. Please wait.”

The guard hastily rushed inside the academy, going straight to the Castle. That was the place where Dean was supposed to live, but as the acting Dean, Eliana was staying there for the moment.

Even the guard wasn’t allowed to enter the Castle without permission. He was stopped by the other guards. After explaining the situation, he was allowed to enter the castle.

Eliana was standing near one of the windows, gazing at the beautiful moon outside that was preventing the darkness from taking over. She didn’t know why, but tonight she had a really bad feeling for some reason. She just couldn’t understand why that was the case.

Because of that strange feeling, she hadn’t been able to sleep at all. She was thinking about going out for a walk, but as she was about to, there was a knock on the door.

She walked to the door and opened it, finding a couple of guards there.

“Did something happen?” Seeing the grim expressions on the guards’ faces, she wondered if something had happened. “Don’t tell me someone died again?”

“The Head of Church of Water, Lady Elora, is here with her entourage. We were informed that she was here to meet the Dean, but in his absence, she now demands to meet you.”

The guard explained the entire situation. If the guards were surprised to find Elora here, Eliana was no different.

“Why would that woman come here?” She asked, frowning.

She hadn’t met Elora before, but she had heard some stories about her. She was very young, yet she became the Head of the Church of Water. Her arrival here was like the arrival of the Head of the Church of Light; only it should’ve been even rarer since the Church of Water wasn’t established in the Lumen Kingdom.

The guards remained silent. Even if Elora was here, they were going to be the last person to know why she was here. They were mere Guards, after all. There was no way anyone was going to tell them the real reason they were here.

“Alright, do one thing. Go and wake the others from the Head Council as well. Since it’s a Head from the Church, it’s only fair all of us are here to meet her,” she commanded one of the guards. “Tell them to be here in five minutes.”

“As for you.” She shifted her attention to the guard who was assigned at the main entrance.

“Allow their Carriage to enter the Academy, but keep an eye on them. I don’t want anyone from their group roaming around our academy without us knowing about it. If possible, their carriages should only stop before this castle!”

All the guards retreated after acknowledging the commands.


Gabriel walked through the night, advancing toward the Museum of Artifacts. Along the way, he had once again changed his disguise to look like a senior student as well since they roamed freely without much restriction.

He selected the face of one of the Third Year Students this time, the one that he had seen in the morning when everyone was gathered together.

Eliana’s disguise could only attract too much attention for now, which he decided to avoid until it was needed.

Despite it being midnight, there were still so many students who were just roaming freely, most of them being Seniors. Since Gabriel also looked like a Third Year student because of his attire, not many people showed any interest in him.

It was only after Gabriel started getting closer to the Museum that he once again changed his attire and returned to the Illusion of Eliana, not realizing just what mess it could cause in the current situation.

There were rarely any students in his vicinity, and he made sure that none saw him changing his illusion.

Unfortunately, as he stepped closer to the Museum, he saw three carriages coming from the distance, being escorted by multiple guards.

“The Church of Water?” Even though the carriages were in the distance, Gabriel recognized seeing one such carriage before! They were carriages that belonged to the Church of Water! And if they were being escorted under such Security, then could it be that someone special was coming…? Someone like Elora?!

If it was Elora in one of the carriages, then it was a disaster since Elora could see through the illusions of the Ring of Apophis! She could see his true face!


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