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Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage – Chapter 90: Rage Bahasa Indonesia

The battle between the Holy Grimoire and the Infernal Sorcerer raged on, but somehow the Infernal Sorcerer appeared to be at a disadvantage at this point. Despite that, it wasn’t as if the Grimoire was having an easier time either.

The Infernal King felt a terrifying pain all around his body. His body soon felt like it was paralyzed as he fell off the horse. The horse tried to fight back the chains as well, but some mysterious force kept it away. The horse wasn’t even able to get close to the chains.

The Infernal King was on his knees on the ground. Even moving a finger was proving to be hard for him as his entire body refused to listen to him. He didn’t understand just what this dark power in the chains was, but it was overpowering his soul.

It was as if the mysterious power was trying to leave an imprint on his soul, establishing a link that shouldn’t have been established.

The Infernal King resisted as best as he could. After a long struggle, he managed to raise his left hand, grabbing the burning chains. He started pulling the chain toward him. It was unclear just what this mysterious power was, but he decided to give it his all to fight back!

Throughout his long existence, he had never surrendered before anyone! He had carved his own path in the Realm of the Dead, even when things were heard! He wasn’t going to surrender now!


Gabriel finally felt some relief from a tormenting pain as a mysterious energy from the Grimoire filled him up. If it weren’t for that mysterious energy, he would’ve been dead by now, unable to breathe.

Even though the mysterious energy was supporting him, there was still some burden on his soul as he felt the resistance even now. The Resistance wasn’t as overwhelming as it was when he didn’t have the support of the Grimoire.

He was still on his knees while a dark energy protected his body.

Throughout the next ten minutes, he remained on his knees, feeling that resistance, wondering if he was going to fail Summoning a mere skeleton as that’s what he believed his first summon could be… unaware of what he was really Summoning…

Gabriel clenched his fist.

“I can’t fail! I can’t let a mere skeleton defeat me!”

Even though his body was covered in sweat, he was still filled with determination. He placed his fist on the ground before pushing his body up.

He stood firmly on his ground, facing a strange pressure head on. He wasn’t going to give up either! The mark on his left hand shone even brighter!

Fortunately, the pressure was going down with each passing second, and ultimately there was no pressure at all. The pressure suddenly disappeared.

Instead of feeling weak now, Gabriel felt as if he was suddenly filled with strength. It was as if his body was back to its original state as if nothing had happened in the last few minutes.

He suspiciously looked at the darkness on the other end of the door as if waiting for something. Right before the pressure disappeared, he felt a strange feeling. It was as if his heart had stopped beating once more, but it was only for a few seconds this time.

He wondered if that meant he had failed. Was that why the pressure disappeared? This one moment was going to decide if he succeeded or failed.

As he stared at the dark space, he saw a hand come out of the darkness.

The hand looked like the hand of a Skeleton. It finally made Gabriel convinced that he had established a contract with an Undead! He believed he had established a contract with a Skeleton Soldier!

His expressions soon transformed as a being stepped out of the darkness. From no angle did that being look like a skeleton! He has a proper face, even though it looked a bit pale. His burning eyes were so alluring as if there was something hidden behind that fire… Something much darker.

Whatever it was that came out of the darkness; it wasn’t a skeleton! Other than the left hand, the being had nothing that matched a skeleton.

“You are… my Summoned Undead?” Gabriel asked, frowning.

The person that was standing before him wasn’t a human. But he didn’t look like any undead species that he heard about either.

Instead of responding to Gabriel, the Infernal Sorcerer looked around, observing his new surroundings. He had a questioning gaze on his face as he observed the new place.

He looked down at his hands as if trying to feel the energy of this place. Even the air of this place was different. It didn’t have the stench of the dead. Instead, it was fresh air that made him somewhat uncomfortable. He felt really bizarre, being in a place like this.

As the summoning was completed, the door behind the Infernal Sorcerer closed. He turned around, hearing the sound of the door closing.

He reached out his hand to open the door again, but his hand managed to pass through the door as if the door was just an illusion and not real.

The door disappeared, and so did the formation that was illuminating the room. The Forbidden Book of Necromancy was once again around Gabriel’s fingers in the form of a ring. It stopped sending its energy to Gabriel’s body as its task was completed. The contract was completed against the wishes of the Infernal Sorcerer.

The Infernal Sorcerer felt suffocated in this place. He wanted to go back to where he came from, but there was no way!

He looked at a different door. Even though the door was different from the door he came here, he still went to the door, about to break it open.

“Stop!” Gabriel called out, seeing the Infernal Sorcerer reacting like that.

The Infernal Sorcerer was just about to break the door open, but as soon as Gabriel asked him to stop, he felt a strange Restriction around his body, which stopped him from breaking the door.

The Infernal King was infuriated! So it was the doing of the man behind him! It was that man who pulled him here against all his wishes.

The flame in his left eye intensified as he glared back at Gabriel.

He raised his left hand again, making a similar gesture that he did before he destroyed the Damphirs. It was as if he was going to destroy Gabriel the same way he destroyed them… By burning him to cinders.

He was overwhelmed by rage and anger, and only by destroying Gabriel could he feel free!


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