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Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage – Chapter 177: Carnage Bahasa Indonesia


“That was my first time seeing them. The day I saw gods…”

Cylix explained, coming out of his reminiscence. It was a scene that he didn’t believe he could ever forget since that was also the first time he had seen a person being killed.

He was from an affluent family and was kept away from all the conflicts. He lived in a world where he never saw a person being killed, so the first time he did, it had a huge impact on him. Especially since the ones who were killed weren’t ordinary humans. High Ranking Mages were killed like ants.

“They had come to take the Orb of Time that was being auctioned in the place,” he told Gabriel.

Gabriel was slightly intrigued about this. The time that Cylix was talking about was definitely centuries after the era of gods. It was most probably the era in which centuries had passed since Karyk and other gods had died.

That meant the Temple of Gods still existed in this aura. But what didn’t make sense was how these Orbs ended up at the Academy of Elements. If the Orbs were being auctioned and were taken by the Temple, they should’ve had this. Unless someone stole these Orbs again? But that would’ve been too much of a coincidence.

“So they got the Orbs of Time in the auction?” Gabriel inquired to understand the situation better.

Cylix shook his head. “They couldn’t.”

“They were stopped? By whom?” This was interesting for Gabriel. So someone managed to stop the Temple of Gods from getting the Orbs again?

The Temple of Gods was able to kill the Advanced Mages easily. Even Head Priests of Churches would’ve had a hard time before them. That narrowed down the choices too much for him to guess.

“A Holy Priest was there?” he asked.

“No. There were no Holy Priests there. Moreover, the Temple couldn’t get the Orb of Time, not because they were stopped by a stronger force,” Cylix responded.

“Then why?” Gabriel frowned. “Why didn’t they get it?”

“Because they couldn’t get what wasn’t there in the first place,” Cylix answered before explaining further. “The Merchant Union was holding an auction. They had spread news about this auction everywhere, especially mentioning an item in the list of items that were going to be auctioned.”

“The Item was the Orbs of Time that was mentioned in a few myths and books. No one had seen what these Orbs actually did or other such things. Even the description of the orbs wasn’t complete. The auction house tried to take advantage of this situation and created a fake item…”

“Since no one knew what these things were, no one could guess that the Orbs of Time that were being sold were fake. They were something created by the Auction House to create some hype and to fool the people. Unfortunately, even they didn’t expect that this false news would reach the Temple of Time.”

“The news about the discovery of the Orbs of Time reached even the Temple. After hundreds of years of silence, the Temple finally made a return for this Auction. Unfortunately for the Auction House, if there was someone who could know the difference between true and fake, it was the Temple of Time.”

“The auction house couldn’t fool them. As soon as the people from the Temple saw the orbs being auctioned, they were infuriated at being fooled. They killed the people that were holding the auction and more.”

These memories were still refresh in Cylix’s head. He could still hear the painful screams of people who were killed that day.

His gaze lowered, resting on his left wrist. He could still feel how firmly his father held his wrist as he tried to bring him to safety. His fists clenched at the memories of weakness and helplessness.

Even though he and his father managed to escape that place safely, the feeling of weakness was something he still couldn’t forget.

That was the day a desire to become stronger awakened in his heart.

“That was the day that restarted a vicious cycle. Many people died during those times, weak and strong. Royal Families were wiped out, Kingdoms destroyed, all in search for these Orbs,” Novius chimed in.

“The Churches didn’t stop them?” Gabriel grimaced. Was the Temple so strong that even the Holy Priests couldn’t stop them?

“If only it were that easy…” Cylix and Novius knew just what a nightmare the Temple of Time was for them.

It was something that the world hadn’t seen before… At least, according to them. Before their time, there was no information about the Temple of Time in their history books, similar to how there was no mention of Karyk.

It was only when the Temple of Time first made an appearance around that time that the information about them started spreading. However, the information didn’t spread amongst the common people.

The influential people made sure that the news didn’t spread amongst the common people as they didn’t want fear to spread among the commoners. The news about the Temple of Time was kept in the upper echelon.

“They tried to stop the Temple of Time. Unfortunately, it was quite hard. They didn’t have any information on the Temple of Time. They didn’t know where the Temple was established or where these people came from. Without that information, finding them was almost impossible,” Novius clarified.

“All we knew was that wherever those people appeared, only death and bloodshed followed. Royals were killed, Kingdoms were destroyed, all in the search for the Orbs of Time which were reignited thanks to the Auction!”

“For the next three years, the search continued, only intensifying,” Cylix stated. “However, after three years of bloodshed, death, and destruction, the Temple once again went into oblivion, never to be heard again.”

“But now… Now that the Orbs have appeared again, that can only mean one thing… They would come as well… They will come for the Orbs of Time… And if they come, you’ll be in danger….”


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