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Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage – Chapter 176: God Amongst Men Bahasa Indonesia

A beautiful golden door appeared not too far from the city entrance, which seemed to be made from the purest gold.

There were no carvings on the door, except one… A black mark could be seen in the middle of the door, creating a shape that seemed awfully similar to an hourglass.

The door slowly started opening. Even though there was nothing on either side of the door, after it opened, an entirely different scene could be seen through the door.

A young man could be seen on the other end of the door. It looked as if the man was standing in a dark room which was connected to this place. The dark room made it hard to properly see the face of the young man.

Even the light of this world couldn’t brighten the room in which the young man was standing.

The man stepped through the door, landing on the ground outside the city. It was only when the man stepped through the door and into this place that his face was clearly visible.

Pale face… That was the first noticeable thing about the man. His skin was so pale, as if he didn’t have a single drop of blood in his entire body. In fact, his skin complimented his long silver hair that came down to his waist all too well.

Another peculiar thing about him was his blood-red eyes that were like the blood moon itself. The man was slightly over six feet tall and looked to be in his mid-twenties.

The young man was dressed in all black, wearing black pants and a black medieval coat that wrapped around his chest tightly. The coat also had a shoulder plate on each side which didn’t look odd for some reason.

Around the neck of the man, there was a pendant that had a blood-red gem attached to it. The man hadn’t spoken anything even after coming out of the door. However, his silence only made him look even more severe.

The man didn’t start moving. It was as if he was waiting for someone. He glanced back at the door.

Only a few seconds had passed before another person stepped out of the door as well.

It was a woman who came out this time. She also had similarly pale skin and long silver hair, but her eyes were different from the man’s. Her eyes were also a lighter shade of silver like her hair. The color of her eyes made it look like the woman couldn’t see anything, but her vision was perfect.

Her attire was quite similar to the man, but not entirely. Hers looked like it had been properly made for a woman, with some changes. Despite the chances, if one thing was the same, it was the red pendant around her neck.

After the two stepped through the door, the mysterious door closed on its own, but it didn’t disappear. It stayed in its place as if waiting for their return.

“Is this the right place?” The woman asked, glancing at the city.

The man nodded.

“The place which is rumored to hold it.”

The man’s voice was very heavy, having something strangely alluring about it.

“After so long, we will finally get it back…” the woman commented as the group of two started advancing toward the city.

“As long as he lived, we couldn’t get it back. Even after his death, it became impossible for us to find it…” The silver-haired man let out, glancing at the bright sky that made him look even paler.

He reached the entrance of the city. However, before the guards could even approach him, the man snapped his fingers, not intending to deal with the guards. The pendant around his neck shone for a brief moment before returning to its usual state.

All the guards that were at the entrance of the city froze in their place, unable to move. It was as if they had become living statues.

The young man known as Vienn and the woman known as Jia walked inside the city with ease, having no one to stop them.

“Not anymore!” Vienn said as he walked past the frozen guards. “We have waited for so long for a single clue about this. We won’t let anyone interfere!”

Vienn and Jia entered the city and went straight to the center of the city. The Temple of Time had been waiting for a long time for a single clue about the Orbs of Time, and now that they had a clue, they weren’t going to let it go.

Vienn reached the entrance of the Auction Hall, noticing more guards there. This time, the guards were two Advanced Grade Mages, both having the Element of Light.

The two Mages also sensed something wrong. They didn’t know why, but they felt threatened just by the sheer aura of Vienn and Jia. But before they could even do anything, Jia appeared behind the two Guards, disappearing from her original place.

Her hands stabbed inside the back of the two Advanced Grade Mages, getting a hold of their hearts. She ruthlessly crushed their hearts before bringing out her blood-covered hands.

She placed those same bloody hands on the Auction Hall doors and pushed the door open.

Amidst the shocked gasps of the people in the Hall, a man and a woman walked toward the stage, one of them having her hands covered in blood which was dripping on the wooden floor.

The Auction had just started, and the first item wasn’t even sold when such an interruption appeared.

Even though there were two Advanced Stage Mages at the entrance of the Hall, that wasn’t the extent of the security of this place. There were more Mages even inside the Hall since the most precious items were kept inside.

All the Mages rushed out to stop the intruders. Unfortunately, they were like meat on the chopping board for Vienn, who didn’t even take them seriously.

The faster these mages came to stop Vienn and Jia, the faster they died.

It was Cylix’s first time seeing these people. He was horrified at the same time as amazed at the strength of these two people! These two were like the Gods walking amongst men!


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