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Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage – Chapter 178: Exception Bahasa Indonesia

“They searched all places they were suspicious of in those three years but still found nothing,” Novius commented. “Eventually, they again stopped their blind search. Whoever hid the Orbs of Time from them did some thorough work to make sure they couldn’t sense it.”

“Unfortunately, the Orbs are out in the open now…” he frowned. “That means they can be sensed again. And if they can, that can only mean one thing… The return of the Temple of Time!”

“Even if they return, why do you say that I’ll be in danger?” Gabriel hadn’t told them that he had the Orb of Time. Instead, he told them that someone else had them. Then why did they say he was going to be in danger? What did he have to do with the Temple of Time?

The only link he could think of was through Karyk. Karyk took the Orbs of Time from the Temple, and those people probably hated him. Could it be why he was at risk? Then again, Novius and Cylix shouldn’t know that.

Novius and Cylix didn’t know much about his Element or who stole the Orbs of Time. Then what made them link him with danger? Did they know he was lying about the Orbs and that he had one?

“Because you’re the exception…” Cylix glanced at the right hand of Gabriel. “You-“

“I think that’s enough.” As Cylix was speaking, Novius intervened, stopping him from talking too much. “It’s time to get back to training.”

He clapped his hand, taking Gabriel with him to the training arena again to practice spells. Since the outside world was going to go through even more change, he needed to focus even more on his training.

“Wait! What exception?!” Gabriel asked, but he was too late. They were already in the training domain, and Cylix wasn’t here.

“What did he mean I am an exception? What dangers?” he directed his question to Novius instead.

“Will tell you before you leave. But first, focus on training!”


Cylix watched Gabriel’s training start again from the main hall. His face was slightly dark, thinking about the possible future.

He raised his head, glancing toward the roof. “If he reaches there…”


The Church of Water had joined up with the Church of Lightning in surrounding the city of Abandon, which was ruled by Lambard.

The Church of Light had also joined the group this time, even in the absence of their Holy Priest. At the moment, no one was allowed to enter or leave the city of Abandon.

One Church alone was enough to trouble Lambard, but when it came to three of them simultaneously working together, then it was a headache even for him. The only positive in all this that was still working for him was that even the Churches didn’t dare to enter the City of Abadon.

If it were any ordinary City, the city would’ve been razed to the ground by now. However, the city of Abandon was different. It wasn’t just an ordinary City. Instead, it was a living City! It was a Numen, also known as the most secure City in the world, which wasn’t just a city but also a Weapon!

Even the Churches didn’t want to fight inside the city without being fully prepared.

At the moment, Elora was standing with the Holy Priestess of the Church of Lightning, having a clear view of the city of Abadon.

“It’s as if he knew we were coming… He has increased defenses of his city,” the Head of the Church of Lightning Thalia spoke, standing tall.

Thalia was slightly taller than Elora, and her attire also made her look more like a Warrior than a Princess. She had beautiful blonde hair, looking closer to the flash of lightning. Her beautiful green eyes were in stark contrast with the deep blue eyes of Elora.

Elora also agreed with Thalia. Even though she took some time in telling Thalia about the return of the Church of Darkness and in convincing her, that much time shouldn’t have been enough for the city to be this prepared.

It looked less like the last-minute preparation and more like something they had prepared in advance.

“It’s as if they were expecting us,” Elora stated as her grasp around her Ancestral Staff tightened.

This made her convinced that Lambard had something to do with what happened in the Royal Academy of Elements! That also meant he knew about the Church of Darkness.

She initially wanted to have a good relationship with Lambard since she needed his ring, but that went out the door now, along with every other deal. Now she wanted nothing more than to kill Lambard and the Dark Mage now since they both had a hand in the death of Ruyi.

“In a few more days, more of my people will be here. With reinforcements, we will attack the city. It’s finally the time we remove all remnants of the existence of this cursed city from this world!” Thalia exclaimed.

She initially didn’t believe Elora when she informed her about the return of the Holy Priest of Darkness. In fact, she even refused to work with her since she didn’t believe it.

However, as luck would have it, it was around that time when Gabriel’s aura covered the entire world for a moment! The aura of his was tainted in death and darkness. No ordinary person could have that aura.

That aura was what gave Thalia the final push and convinced her of the merits of Elora’s suggestions, finally getting her to agree.

If the Holy Priest of Darkness could have an aura like this after receiving the Ancestral Staff of Darkness, then his strength definitely wasn’t weak. They certainly couldn’t allow him to become stronger than before.

They had to kill that person, and they had to do it before he could have time to attack them. Thalia was a warrior whose entire logic was that offense was the best defense. And she was ready for the biggest offense of her life! A battle with the Lord of Numens, Lambard, who had even managed to survive the assault of the Church of Light last time!


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