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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 99: Two Peas in a Pod Bahasa Indonesia

The next day, Edward stood in a front of a castle in Scotland. He could feel many powerful enchantments surrounding it. Most likely used to either detain or kill trespassers. So, he did not directly go inside but waited for the owner to come to see him.

A few minutes after his arrival, a woman wearing blue clothes and a diadem on her head; she had pale skin and luscious black hair.

Edward lost his bearing for a moment, not because of how beautiful she was, but because she resembled someone she knew. Knowing that he made a social faux pas, he hurriedly said:

“I’m sorry, Madam for coming to your home uninvited. My name is Edward Bones, and I’ve come a long way to meet you.”

The lady saluted back, “And I’m Rowena Ravenclaw. I have to say, I am curious. I have met all the powerful wizards of this land, but never met or heard about you before.”

Rowena was indeed surprised. As one of the few people in this world that broke the Second Limiter, she can consider herself the most powerful wizard currently alive. Yet, she discovered that the person in front of her had far more magical power than her.

“That’s because I’m not from this world. I’m from a parallel universe,” answered Edward.

‘Could he be the reason for the Spatiotemporal force that I detected yesterday?”

“Parallel Universe?” said Rowena. “Are you talking about the [Multiple Choice, Multiple World Theory] which states that every choice that an individual makes lead to the creation of an entire world based on that choice?”

Edward squinted his eyes after hearing this. ‘Worthy to be one of the most talented witches of all time. She could understand my word so easily.’

“I did not expect that the concept of Parallel Universe exist at this point in time.”

“This theory was created by a brilliant wizard, unfortunately, he was ridiculed by the magical society to the point that he died trying to prove them wrong,” said Rowena. “You said ‘at this point in time’, does that mean that your world is in a future state?”

“That’s correct.”

“Any evidence to prove so?”

“Of course,” replied Edward. Then, he took out Ravenclaw’s diadem and handed it to Ravenclaw of his timeline. She spent a few minutes analyzing it.

“Fascinating. The craftsmanship, design, and aesthetics are basically the same. The only difference from mine is the fact that enchantments are much weaker and have a few flaws.

Additionally, this diadem seemed to have been used for very dark magic, thus destroying it.”

“Well, the Ravenclaw in my timeline is quite different from you.”

“How so?”

“Well, she was married, had a daughter, and build a school with all the other powerful wizards in this era.”

Rowena paused after hearing this; she remembered a few years ago, her family wanted her to marry a nice gentleman. But she refused.

“One witch named Helga Hufflepuff once came to see me asking me to create a school with her to teach magic to young wizards. But I was so focused on my research that I refused her.

“So, powerful wizard from a parallel universe, what brought you here?”

“Exchange of knowledge, of course.”

Rowen Ravenclaw paused for a moment, then she finally invited Edward into her castle. They spent the next three days nonstop talking about magic.

Edward sighed after drinking a potion that prevented him from being hungry. “This is the first time I met someone that has the same drive and desire for knowledge as me, as well as being able to keep up with my thoughts in a discussion.”

“The feeling is mutual,” responded Rowena. In this timeline, her talent is truly unmatched, so a few people could keep up with her. Furthermore, because of the patriarchal nature of this era, most wizards do not like being outmatched by a witch in terms of knowledge and skill. So, her exchange with others often ended in disappointment.

“Now that we have established a certain level of trust, I can ask you to use a magic that links our mind together to exchange knowledge quicker and more efficiently,” said Edward.

Rowena paused for a moment, then she nodded.

Soon afterward, she found herself in her mindscape. In half, the room was a library of all her knowledge, while on the other was Edward’s.

“Well, this is the first time I met someone who has at least half of my knowledge.”

“This all the magical knowledge you have?” asked Rowena Ravenclaw in surprise.

“Well, not all of them are magical in nature. There is some history and technology there too.”


“You will soon know.”

Immediately afterward, the two exchange many of their knowledge, theories, memories, skills, and experiments. The process lasted at least a year in the Mindscape and 1 hour in real life.

After waking up, Rowena was completely fine. She reviewed all the information she just gathered.

“I cannot believe that muggles would develop so much in just a thousand years, meanwhile, us wizards have deteriorated to such a point.”

“Well, you cannot completely blame them. Mana is no longer in the environment in my time, so the likelihood of powerful wizards being born has dramatically decreased, ” replied Edward, however, he had a frown on his face.

“That is not reason enough to reach such a state,” replied Rowena. “Is there a problem?”

“It seems that you do not completely trust me.”

“What do you mean?”

“In my timeline, I study the diadem and concluded that my Ravenclaw probably had access to the Room of Brain in the Department of Mysteries. By studying that room, she was able to discover how to increase intelligence and made the diadem. However, I found no such information during our exchange.

“More importantly, I did not find the reason that you are slowly dying.”

Rowena paused for a moment before sighing. “I knew that I would not be able to hide it from you. Follow me.”

She then led Edward to a long passage in her castle, heading in a specific direction.

“There is no need to sulk. I’m sure that there are many things that you hid from me during our exchange.”

“That may be true,” replied Edward. “However, you have to admit that the level of trust I gave you is way more than you did me.”

With an awkward silence, the two soon reached a room. Inside, Edward saw the perfect replica of the Department of Mysteries. He saw the Room of time, space, love, brain, and the Death Chamber. He even saw the Hall of Prophecy.

‘It seems that my deduction was correct. Rowena Ravenclaw in my timeline might have found these Rooms while traveling throughout the world and brought them back to England.

“Later, the location she placed them before her death was probably discovered by other wizards who started studying them. From what I remember, the oldest record of the Department of Mysteries was traced back to 1672, while the Ministry of Magic was created in 1707.

‘The wizards who chose the location of the Ministry were probably aware of these magical wonders and wanted to hide or protect them.’

Regaining his thought, Edward asked: “Do these things have anything to the reason you are dying?”

“Yes. I discovered the Room of Space and Time in the same place. However, an accident occurred in the process of retrieving them,” replied Rowena.

“Where did you find them?”

“It was the place called [Bermuda’s Triangle] in your time.”

Title: Death’s True Identity


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