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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 98: Mana Tree Bahasa Indonesia

As soon as Edward left the gate, he felt something odd in the surroundings. However, after checking, he did not find anything. So, he closed his eyes and felt everything around him.

“There is mana in the environment. Although the amount is pitiful to the point of barely being able to be detected, it still exists.

“Could it be that I manage to travel to another world? It should not be that easy.”

“Incidio,” said Edward.

Then, he noticed that when the flame appeared from the tip of his wand, it grew 20% larger by absorbing the mana in the air. Then, Edward tried a few other spells, including dark magic, and it was the same. Having mana in the surroundings increases the power of all spells.

Finally, Edward said: “Difei.” A flame appeared in his wand, then it also increased in size.

“It seems that Dragon Chant Magic is more effective when used in a mana-filled environment. Moreover, it is more effective on using it than regular Incantations Magic.”

After doing his initial test, Edward used his Gate to teleport to the moon.

“Well, it seems that I’m still on Earth, at least one version of it.”

Edward then buried a deep tunnel underground and placed the Gate.

“Morgana, enter Stealth Mode.” The. The Gate became invisible.

‘I should probably find a better way to hide it in the future. I can’t always place it on the moon. I might encounter places that have no moon, or civilizations that have established colonies on the moon. Or powerful beings that can easily search an entire planet and discover the Gate.

‘Maybe I can place a Diminuendo Charm (Shrinking Spell) inside that allows me to turn it into a small keychain I can carry around. Or worse, just swallow and carry inside my stomach.

‘The ideal hiding place would be a small and separate dimension that exists outside of time and space and belongs only to me. That way I could also place a lot of precious items not fearing them being discovered or lost. Unfortunately, I currently cannot create something like this.

‘Wait, I do not need to create one. If I remember correctly, the Soul Space is also a separate dimension inside every human’s body. If I could find a way to place the Gate there, then it safer would be guaranteed.

‘Additionally, if I can link the Gate to my soul, it can protect me. In case of an emergency, it can take my soul away from danger, then all I need to do is built myself a new body.

‘Well, I will add this research to the list of long things I have to do.”

After sighing deeply, Edward apparated back to Earth, searching for information about where he was.

After reading the minds of all the people he encountered, Edward sighed:

“I did not succeed, as expected. However, it seems that I now can travel to Parallel Universes.

“From the information that I have gathered, this parallel universe is currently in the late 10 century–which is the time of the Hogwarts founders. However, in this reality, the four founders never met one another and became friends, they never established Hogwarts.

“Salazar Slytherin and Godric Gryffindor seemed to have an unreconcilable grudge with one another. Their battles are famous in the magical world.

“What an interesting universe. However, before I go to meet these powerful wizards, I need to research the mana in the surroundings. Maybe I can find a way to activate the leyline nodes in my timeline.”

Without hesitation, Edward traveled to the nearest leyline node to study them. He instantly noticed that the concentration of mana is higher around these nodes. But after careful investigation, he discovered that they were not activated and releasing mana to the environment.

On the contrary, they seemed to be slowly absorbing the little mana in the air, slowly turning the environment into the one similar to his time. So, he traveled to different nodes around the world, checking to see if they were the same and if there were any anomalies.

“Okay, now I know why there is no longer any mana in my time. However, my search proved to be futile.”

After sighing in disappointment, Edward looked around. He found himself in a luscious forest. The trees were tall and healthy. Because of being bathed in mana, they grew stronger and more resilient than the ones in his time.

As he watched this beautiful view, he felt peaceful.

“Wait a minute,” he muttered to himself. “What if I could create a tree that can absorb mana from the leyline nodes and released it in the environment through Photosynthesis.

“After conquering the world, as long as I plant these Mana Trees all over the world, mana should be able to exist freely in the surrounding.

“Herbology has many ways to artificially create magical plants. And if that does not work, I can also try using genetic engineering. After all, I have all the technology from my future self.”

With a smile on his face, he returned to his Gate, planning to meet the founders tomorrow. He was quite excited.

–Scene Break–

Back to a few hours ago, an hour after Edward landed on this timeline, someone apparated to the place he first appeared.

It was a beautiful woman with black hair and pale skin. As soon as he arrived, she checked the environment.

“This is the place that I felt the tremendous Spatiotemporal energy. But why isn’t there anything there? Could it be that some other wizard was playing with space and time? I do not know any wizard that has such profound knowledge.

“Maybe my fears have come true, and something from beyond finally came to this world.”

Suddenly, she coughed on her sleeve. Looking at the dark blood left there, she muttered: “My time is running out.”

She sighed, “Is this the price I have to pay for messing with things out of my control, things that mortals should not deal with?”

Title: Two Peas in a Pod


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