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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 100: Death’s True Identity Bahasa Indonesia

“Bermuda Triangle?” Edward knew that this was a mysterious place in the North Atlantic Ocean where many muggles planes and aircraft have disappeared. He once visited that place and noticed a weird spatial ripple there, and studied it for a while. Although he gained a lot, he never truly uncovers the cause of it.

“What about the others? Where did you find them?”

“The Brain Room was discovered in Africa, the Hall of Prophecy in New Zealand, the Love Room in America, and the Death Room in Greece.”

“Wait, you said Greece? Did you encounter something strange in the process?” hurriedly asked Edward.

“How did you know?” replied Rowena. “The Death Chamber was in the possession of a Greek Wizard. The man was extremely powerful and also very mad. He rumbled about how he would soon become a God, truly becoming immortal and control the power of Death itself.”

“What happened afterward?”

“Calm down,” replied Rowena Ravenclaw. “I was easily defeated and captured by him. However, he did not immediately kill me. He seems to want someone to witness his ascension to Godhood.

“He was using some kind of very complicated ceremonial magic that needed the Death Chamber as a basis. So, I secretly modified some parts of the ceremony, and he failed. He died in front of me.”

“I should have guessed that it was him, the Ancient Greek Wizard, Herpo the Foul. The first dark wizard to create a basilisk and the inventor of the Horcrux,” muttered Edward. “If I guess right, he might succeed in becoming a God in my timeline. But how did he do it?”

“He once told me that there were other gods in this universe, but they were forced to return to the fundamental laws of this universe. Now, he could have lied to me, but assuming he was not.”

Edward then walked back and forth with his hand on his chin.

“Since Herpo needed the Chamber of Death, then this relic should be related to these previous Gods. Or maybe things they left after disappearing.

“So, based on the different rooms, there used to be the God of Death, Time, Space, and Fate.

“The Brain Room could relate to intelligence or wisdom, so the God of Wisdom? It could be thoughts, knowledge, mind, and spirit. Or a God related to all of those things.

“Then there is the room of Love. God of Love? No, in Ancient Runes and many other languages, love can be interpreted as guardian or protection. No, it can also be interpreted as life. Hence, the God of Life.

“This would explain why after sacrificing herself, Lily Potter was able to protect her son from a death-related spell like the Killing Curse. Her action falls under the categories of guardian and life protection.

“So, with time, space, life, Death, mind, and wisdom, we have all the necessary components for creating a universe and living beings to make it flourish. Not just that. If [The Cataclysm] occurred as Herpo stated, they might need these things to stabilize the universe from destroying or something else.

“As for Herpo, he must create a way for him to absorb or merge with the laws of Death of this universe and becoming a God. Unfortunately for him, even after succeeding, he was stuck in the afterlife, unable to enjoy all that power. And now, he wants to find a way to escape, and it’s necessary to activate the leyline nodes for him to succeed.

“And there might even be some traps in those Deathly Hallows. To be safe, in the future, I will place all of them very far apart.”

After finishing talking to himself out loud, Edward looked at Rowena who staring and listening to him intently, he asked: “Do you remember the magic that you saw Herpo using?”

“I did,” replied Rowena, then she took a grey string from her temple, waved it into the air, showing that particular memory.

Edward saw a snake-looking old man with a long white beard holding a long cane with a snake design on the top; he seemed to be using it as a wand.

In the center of the room was the Death Chamber, and around it was countless strange writings and symbols written on the floor and murals. In one part, there was a small hill of crystal. After focusing on that part, Edward realized that they were souls.

“Let me see these are Ancient Greek Enchantments, Ancient Runes, and even Dragon Language. I can’t believe that Herpo also knew about Dragon Chant Magic. Did he recreate a dragon as I did, or did he find the remains of the dragon race?”

Then, Edward continued to analyze the enchantments; he recognized other things like the Devil Language he used for his contract. However, many things he also did not recognize. He theorized that they were enchantments based on long-dead languages, or it might even be a language created personally by Herpo the Foul for this magic.

After more than an hour, he finally turned his head to see Rowena staring at him very intently. Thinking about something, he smiled wryly, “Alright, I promised you that I will show the knowledge that I learned during our exchange. Before that, I need your analysis of this magic.”

Rowena kept staring at him for a few more seconds, then she replied: “I will trust this time.” She waved her hand and a large book appeared, she then handed it to him.

Edward briefly look through it and he saw all of Rowena’s research on the ceremony magic. Although she could not recognize many of the enchantments there, after many experiments, she figured more than 50% of them.

Nodding his head, Edward took out a circular plate and handed it to her; this plate was the same that he gave the Death Eaters, given them access to his library

Knowledge of how to operate this metal plate appeared in her mind, then she asked: “Why is my authority Temporary Level 4?”

“Don’t be greedy. Only I have Level 5 Access, and only my family have real Level 4 Access.”

“So, what you are saying is that if I become your wife, I will have real Level 4 Access, and even possibly Level 5?”

“*Cough*, *Cough*, I’m a man who is impossible to be tied to one woman.”

“It’s fine if you have many women–as long as I get to be the main one.”

“Well, let’s change the subject. Where did your illness come from? Show me the source and I may be able to find a solution.”

Rowena gave him a profound look before saying: “The source of my illness came from the same place as the Time and Space Room.”

“You mean the Bermuda Triangle? What exactly is there?”

Title: The Way Forward


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