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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 97: First Interdimensional Travel Test Bahasa Indonesia

Edward was with his cousin Susan, walking her to the train.

“So, how did it feel to win this year’s House Cup?” he asked.

“Excellent. Didn’t you see how joyous Madam Sprout was? She was bragging to all her colleagues.”

“I bet it was not as easy as you expected.”

Susan’s mouth twitched after hearing this. Of course, it was not easy. With Hermione having access to the same knowledge as her, it was not so easy to get points. Luckily, she still had years of knowledge ahead of her, but she could foresee that in the future, things will be even more difficult.

Soo, the two arrived at the train station. “Are you sure you do not want me to just Apparate you home?”

“No, I want to spend some time with my friends.”

“Alright, have fun.”

After watching the train leave, Edward apparated to his laboratory on the moon. The first thing he did was to visit his World Gate

He entered the core and looked at all the enchantment.

“I cannot believe that I thought I reached the peak of Alchemy in this world. Now, I can see so many things wrong with these enchantments that it’s embarrassing.”

So, for the next two weeks, he removed all his previous ones and replaced them. With his understanding of Dragon Chant Magic, his discoveries in the past few months after studying time and space in the Department of Mysteries, he innovated the entire Gate.

He removed some redundant or unnecessary enchantments, optimized the necessary aspects, and he added new ones to it.

Looking at the completed improvements. Edward said: “Perfect. Well, at least in my eyes. I’m sure that a more powerful Alchemist would see many flaws in it, however, this is currently the limit of my knowledge.”

After everything was done, Edward first decided to take a visit into the future to steal knowledge. After studying the Aging Process in the Time Room in the Department of Mysteries, he managed to crack this ability.

He activated the Gate, powering through the Stone. “In theory, I should be able to go to more than 300 years into the future.”

A tunnel appeared and the World Gate entered it. As for Edward, he felt like many years passed, but at the same time, he felt like an instant.

After arriving at his destination, Edward left the Gate. The first thing he noticed was that he was in a desert with nothing in sight. Then, a tablet was floating not far from him, with a note attached to it.

The note read: To Edward Bones.

With vigilance, Edward launched a reconnaissance spell. Through the vibration, he could see everything a few hundred meters around him, but he did not find anything, not even an ant.

He waved his hand and the tablet flew to him. He opened it, and a video started to play. And in the video, he saw himself.

“Hello, past me. Welcome to the year 2093.”

‘Only a hundred years?’ thought Edward.

“I know that you are wondering why only a hundred years passed. Well, I can tell you that because of certain restrictions of the Laws of this Universe, you cannot travel more than 100 years into the future. And even that has certain restrictions.”

Edward frowned after hearing this, but he continued listening.

“Well, let’s get back to business. In this tablet, I have left for you all the technological advances of this world for the past 100 years and the knowledge on how to integrate magic and technology using the mana crystals. Although only the very basic knowledge, it should save you a lot of time, and allowing you rapid development in the early years.

“Now, as for magic knowledge, I will not leave any. As they said, the journey is as important as the process.”

Edward’s mouth twitched after hearing this. He wondered since when did he get so philosophical.

“Now, I have a few warnings for you. First, when you start your travel to other worlds and dimensions, do not mess around with time. Even if you have the ability, do not travel through time. The same idea applies to our universe. Death was not lying when he said that there would be dire consequences for doing so.

“Additionally, do not revive a lot of people before you find a way to deal with Death. You can still do it but in moderation.

“Now. I’m sure you would like to receive more information from your future self, but this is not possible. Good luck.”

After the video ended, Edward sighed at how strange his life is that he just exchange information with his future self. However, he was not planning to completely listen to him.

After arriving in the future, of course, he has to acquire magical knowledge. Otherwise, his trip would be in vain.

Unfortunately for Edward, as soon as that idea came to his mind, the World Gate appeared on his own, swallowed him, and returned him to the present.

With a flabbergasted looked on his face, he smiled wryly as he muttered; “It seems that my future self knows me the best.”

He did not try again to go to the future as he could guess that his future self might be way more powerful than him, and would prevent him from succeeding. There was no point in doing something pointless.

Taking out the tablet, he started reviewing the information on the tablet.

“Well, my future self is very thorough; he gave me knowledge on all fields, even things like psychology and archaeology. More importantly, he seemed to know what I wanted and gave me a lot of technology on aerospace.

“With this knowledge, it won’t only take a few decades for Earth to turn into an interstellar civilization and spread to all the corners of our Solar System.

“With the addition of magitech–the combination of magic and technology–the process would be faster and easier. This will be a great help to building the Wizard Civilization.”

After reviewing the information and making a copy of it, Edward gave it to the scientists under his commands to analyze it in detail. Then, he returned to the Gate.

“Morganna, let’s begin our first-dimensional travel test.”

“Sir, are you positive? The chances of failures are more than 95%.”

“That’s why we have to test it, see the problem and fixed it.”

“As you command.

“Beginning Test. Fusing Spatial Force with Temperoal Force… Accomplish…Supplying Energy…No problem with Energy Storage…Checking all Enchantments…No Problem Detected…Breaking Dimensional Wall…Recording all Energy Readings.”

Edward felt like everything was shaking around him, making it difficult to hold his ground. The process lasted for more than an hour, making him a little dizzy.

After everything stopped, he said: “Did it work?”

“Not enough information to answer this question.”

“That’s fair. Morganna, remind me to deal with the issue of turbulence.”

“As you order.”

Edward checked the surroundings first from inside the Gate. After seeing that there was no danger, he left.

However, as soon as he did so, he paused as he noticed something around him.

(A/N: As an author, it is very difficult for me to write anything related to time traveling. After all, how do you write a character that can go back in time to change his mistakes? Or go to the future to get the answer to any problems he faced. So, I’m nerfing Edward’s ability to time travel from now on. Unless necessary, I will not use it.”

Title: Mana Tree


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