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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 96: Mysteries Bahasa Indonesia

After class, Edward walked to his room in the castle to prepare to leave. Midway through, he encountered Harry Potter, who seemed to be waiting for him.

“How can I help you, Mr. Potter?”

“Professor. Well, my God-father Sirius wanted me to invite you to dinner to thank you for clearing his name and giving Wormtail, I mean Peter Pettigrew the punishment that he deserved.”

Edward frowned, then he said: “I’m sorry, but I have to disappoint you. I’m currently very busy and have no time. It has reached the point that I will not even be teaching for the remainder of the semester.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. But tell Sirius that when I have time, I will be glad to visit him.”

After padding Harry’s shoulder, he entered his room. However, soon afterward, he received a communication from Snape through a cell phone.”

Edward first activated the enchantments in the room that prevented other people from snooping, then he answered the call. A holographic image of Severus Snape appeared in front of him.

“What is it?” asked Edward.

“Sir, some of the Death Eaters brought to my attention a little problem. Many of them do not have the talent or patient for research, so they are asking if there were other ways that they can be useful?”

“That is indeed a problem. Well, place them in the training program with the werewolves and vampires. Speaking of, how is their training going?”

“I have been following the training regiment design by the muggle military officer, so they now a truly elite magical force. However…”

“Say it if there is a problem?”

“No, they do not have any problem. It’s just that my research, and the things going on with Lily, I feel like I do not have enough time. So, I would like for someone else to take my position.”

“Hmm, do you have any suggestions?”

“The Malfoys!”

“The Malfoys? I remember that they were researching grafting magical organs on wizards and muggles?”

“The research is mainly done by Narcissa. So, Lucius can take charge of training the army.”

“Well, so be it. Is there anything else?”

“No, Sir.”

“Okay, then.”

–Scene Break–

Edward walking on the lowest level of the Ministry of Magic. Amelia was next to him, while a person with a hood on was behind them.

“How are things going?” asked Edward.

“Quite great actually. The initiative to introduce muggle technology to British wizards is going rather well. All we have to do is buy them, then magically enchant them.”

“Has there been any backlash internationally?”

“Not as much as we expected. Your reputation is far greater than you expected.”

“How about your magical capabilities?”

“They are also going well. Recently, using the [Practice Method] and the [Potion Method] you gave me, I broke the First and Second Limiter. It was easier than expected.”

Edward nodded as he was not too surprised by his aunt’s talent. According to the original timeline, Amelia was one of the most powerful witches of this time. Before her death, she fought countless Death Eaters alone without being defeated.

In the end, Voldemort himself had to take action to kill her, and it was implied that put on a good fight.

“What about your mana level?”

“What’s mana?”

“Well, I recently learned that magic power used to be called mana in the past. So, I’m calling that now.”

“Weird, but okay. I used the potion you gave me, but after reaching the level of 60x, I discover that it was hard to control my mana. So, I stopped and began to practice control. Once I’m used to that level, I will continue to use the potion.”

(A/N: From now on. I will use x to indicate the mana of an adult wizard. So, 60x is 60 times the mana of an adult wizard.)

Edward nodded with his aunt’s action. He did not have this problem because of how strong his soul is, but that did not apply to everyone.

Soon, they reached their destination: the Department of Mysteries.

The group met with a bunch of people waiting for them; to be precise, the Unspeakables. Amelia looked at them and said: “As I mentioned before, Edward and the person behind us will lead your research from now on.”

All the Unspeakables had an excited look on their face. Ever since the new Minister took office, she has financially supported their research with all her effort. And now, their department will be led by a world-famous wizard.

Edward too was excited. Although he would sneak into this department to study–especially when he first created his Gate. But now, he had open access to all the mysteries. Plus now, he had help and more understanding of magic. He could foresee that it won’t be long before his Gate is completed.

With a smile on his face, he took out a bunch of crowns and diadems from his bag. He placed one on his head, gave one to the person behind him, then handed the rest to these Unspeakables.

The completion of these diadems almost broke him because of how much they costed him. Luckily, he had many Philosopher’s Stone. He first explained the diadem’s ability to increase intelligence, then he said: “A group of you will go with me to study time and space, while the other will go with the person behind me to study love and death. Any questions?”

Seeing that no one had questions, he motioned for them to head to the meeting room, then he had a separate conversation with the hooded person.

“So, have you adopted to being resurrected?”

“Yes. But I cannot believe that the world changed so much,” replied Lily.

“That’s good. Did you see your son?”

“Harry? He has grown very well. I’m very satisfied.”

“Well, given his situation, he indeed grew well.”

Lily sighed. She did not expect her sister to behave this way. However, given the situation, she was just glad that she was willing to take Harry in.

“When can I properly see him?” Asked Lily.


“I can wait, but please do not forget your promise.”

“I’m a man of my words. As long as you discover some secrets regarding love magic and death magic, I will grant you Reward Points. And as long as you have enough points, I can resurrect your husband for you.”

“I will trust you for now.”

After that, Edward started his research on the different divisions of this department–specifically, time and space. He first read all the research that the Unspeakables made in the past. Although he already stole some of them, he soon discovered that the real research was hidden so thoroughly that he did not even know of their existence.

Just like that, it was the end of the Second Year.

Title: First Interdimensional Travel Test


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