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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 95: Magic Veins Bahasa Indonesia


A month passed since Edward had a reunion with his aunt and uncle. Now, he was inside his manor on Earth doing a little test.

In an instant, he disappeared and reappeared on the moon. After landing, he could breathe normally without a problem and was not affected by any form of radiation. However, Edward was not focused on that.

“After studying Dragon Chant Magic with Albion for the past month, my understanding of the magic of this world has reached an unimaginable level. I can now Apparate on my own from the Earth to the moon.”

Although Albion–which was the new name that he gave the dragon as he did not like the name Kogratil–was difficult to get along with at first, he convinced him to cooperate with him with the promise of creating another real dragon for him to mate. Albion was quite furious after meeting the “dragons’ of this age as he called them “low bloodline wyvern.”

Although he could control the dragon, having him cooperate on his own will made things easier.

Then, he started flying around on the moon without encountering any problem.

“With my new understanding of magic, I can optimize the World Gate to be able to travel more than 300 years back in the past and even go forward 300 years in the future. However, now is not a good time. I should do one final upgrade after studying those things. After that, there is a chance that I will be able to travel to another universe afterward.”

After doing a few tests, Edward returned to Earth.

–Scene Break–

Edward just finished the Third-Year Class, then he made an announcement to the students. He walked to a large cover in the corner of the class; the students have been dying to know what was under the cover since the beginning, but the professor told them to wait after class.

Edward removed the large cloth, then what was underneath was revealed; it was a giant robot with a glowing red light in the middle of its chest. The muggle-born students recognized it as such, but the others did not.

“This in front of you is a Golem, or as muggle called it, a robot,” said Edward. “I understand that some of you might not understand the concept of robot or eve golem, but let me explain in simple terms. I’m sure all of you have seen the walking armor in the school, or all the statues located through the castle.

“Well, all of them can move on their own and protect the school when necessary, so they are golem. The difference between them and the one in front of you is the fact that this one is made of metal and used something called mana crystal as an energy source, but the one in the castle used the magic from the castle itself to function.”

“Professor, what’s a mana crystal?”

“Good question, but I cannot explain this to you guys like this kind of knowledge is too advanced for you. But in simple terms, mana crystal is a battery that can power some Alchemy items, and more importantly, it can allow even muggles to use these items.”

The students were first surprised, then they nodded their heads to indicate that they understood. However, only a few of them understood the true implication of such an invention.

Edward then continues: “The purpose of this Golem is to teach the class for the remaining of the semester. Because I will be occupied with something important, I cannot teach you guys. So, I created this Golem to replace me.”

Immediately, Edward activated the Golem. The red light in the middle of its chest light up, then the Golem started to move. It looked at the students with its red eyes as he said: “Scanning. Identifying the Third Year Class. Reviewing Curriculum…Process Completed. Classifying Students based on their learning abilities…Process Completed. Hello, students, you can call me Professor Iron. You can ask me any question you have about class and I will answer you.”

All the students marveled for a while with their new professor, then one student asked: “What if you do not know the answer to a question?”

“I have all the memories and knowledge of Professor Bones, so it’s unlikely that would be the case. However, in the unlikely case that you asked me something that I do not know, I’m program to contact Professor Bones and asked him about it.”

Following this, the students spent the remaining of class talking with Professor Iron.

Meanwhile, after class ended, Edward was prepared to leave when Hermione stopped him.

“Professor, I have a quick question that I wanted to ask?”

“What is Miss Granger?”

“I recently met a house-elf named Dobby, and I wanted to ask why is it so easy for him to use wandless magic compare to wizards? Is it because of the bloodline you once mentioned?”

“No, the reason is because of Magic Veins.”

“Magic Veins?”

“Yes. Wizard’s anatomy is slightly different from muggles. We have another circulatory system in our body where magic power or mana flows throughout our body from the magic core. As a result of this flow, wizards have a longer lifespan, are more resistant to impact or magic attacks, healed quicker, etc.

“When a wizard cast a charm, the mana has to travel from the core to the hand. That process will take time and effort based on the magical veins of the wizard.”

“So, housel-elves have better magic veins than us?” asked Hermione.

“Well, not really. Compare to humans, house-elves magical veins are usually more simple. As a result of this, mana easily travels to their hands. However, as a result of this simplicity, they do not have other benefits like high magic resistance, long lifespan, etc.

“Additionally, the fact that human wizards cannot easily use wandless casting is more complex than suggested. For example, African Wizards’ magic veins are more developed than European Wizards. The reason for that is because of the wand.

“The wand forcefully opens the magic veins from the core to the hand, making spells instant, and even amplify the power. However, as a result of relying on the wand for countless generations, European wizards have stopped relying on their magic veins, making them enter a state of atrophy.”

“So, complex veins give wizard many benefits, but makes using wandless difficult?” said Hermione.

“Correct. However, with practice, wizards can use wandless cast and instant casting, just like house-elves. And according to my latest research, the more complex a magic vein is, the more powerful a wizard can be.”

Edward thought about the magic veins he had when in the Dragon-Transformation Form. He planned to modify his body to those veins.

“One last question, Professor,” said Hermione. “Hypothetically speaking, if a muggle could create a magic core and have their own magic veins, could they use magic–just like wizards?”

Edward paused for a moment after hearing this, he then looked at her and asked: “What brought on this idea?”

“I’ve had this idea for a while now. But after seeing the mana crystal you mentioned, and your explanation of the magic veins, I thought that it might be possible.”

Edward nodded, then he answered; “Hypothetically, it is possible, but there are other things to consider, like the soul and mind. Even if such a method was to be invented, not all muggles would have the qualification to use magic.”

“But it is possible?” asked Hermione with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Yes, it is,” replied Edward.

Then, Hermione left the classroom with a smile on her face. As for Edward, he looked in the corner where there was nothing, he then said: “See, this is the difference between you and her. She does not only use magic but tries to innovate. She questions its limits and possibilities.”

No one answered him, but he heard the sound of footsteps walking away.

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