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A few days later, Edward checked his magic core that was filled with mana. After breaking the Third Limiter and reached the ceiling of mana in this world, he was thinking about the way forward; not for him, but other wizards.

His current plan was to follow examples from wuxia novels and try to compress his mana until it’s liquified. However, despite his superb control over his mana, he could not do so. Thus, he figured out that another method was needed to succeed.

Nevertheless, he was not in a hurry. He figured that if everything went to plan after a wizard managed to liquefy his mana, he would go through a magical and mysterious transformation with many benefits like an increase in soul power, and an even longer lifespan.

And if this method works, then wizards will have to one day further compress their mana into solid form–which is similar to the Philosopher’s stone. So, if he succeeds in replacing the stone with his magic core, he will skip the middle process directly to the end.

According to his calculation, Edward can now live for 1000 years with the amount of mana that he has in his body after opening the Third Limiter. And he was not surprised by that number. An ordinary wizard that has not broken through the First Limiter can live up to 200 years, and some talented one lives for longer

An example of this is the headmaster before Dumbledore, Armando Dippet, who is currently 355 years old. Edward checked on him and discovered that the old man broke his First Limiter in his old age, thus increasing his mana and lifespan.

Another example of longevity among wizards is Barry Winkle, who is currently 756 years old–even older than the Flamel. Edward once thought that this guy made his own Philosopher’s Stone so he visited him.

Only did he learned that this guy invented a kind of magic that allows him to make sacrifices to some unknown beings, and in return, he will be granted longer lifespans. The sacrifices can be anything from gold to books, to human lives. After learning this, Edward hurriedly erased this guy’s memory about this magic.

Edward learned the hard way not to mess with strange dimensional beings of unknown origin. During his days as a thief, he messed around with Dimensions after acquiring the book, [Key of Solomon] that allowed him to summon demons from another dimension.

In one of his experiments, he tried to reverse the summoning process and use his World Gate to enter another dimension, and in the process, he encountered a powerful being and almost died.

Back to the present, inside one room, after his man reached the full level of 100 times that of a normal wizard, Edward looked at all the potions battles on the floor and he was glad that he did not have to drink these nasties potions again.

While cleaning up, Edward started thinking about whether there was a better way to increase mana than the potion that just accelerate the rate that a person’s mana naturally grew. He tried to make a mana increase potion, but he failed–even when he used the liquid mana inside a leyline node.

That potion did increase the amount of mana in his core, but only temporarily; it acted more like a mana buff in games. After placing this potion on his list of things to research, Edward left.

He first contacted someone before taking a shower and Apparating somewhere. Soon, afterward, Edward was in the laboratory with a bunch of excited scientists, and Snape–who was trying very hard to control his emotions.

Edward first looked at the sleeping body of Lily Poter, or to be precise, her clones. He first removed the new soul that was just born. Then, he took out the Ressurection Stone to called out her real stone.

Soon afterward, a pale and translucent Lily appeared in the room, however, she seems to be sleeping. Edward then started to check if there was any problem with her soul.

Meanwhile, in the room next door, a bunch of scientists was analyzing a bunch of data.

“Hurry up people, this is our opportunity to discover the secrets of the soul. What the readings saying?” said one person that seemed in charge in his lab.

“Sir, we cannot see anything. Whether it’s thermal vision, night vision, radar, etc. We cannot see anything.”

“However, we have discovered a strange electromagnetic wave in the room.”

The Chief scientist nodded, then he said: “Put the goggles on!” All the researchers then placed a goggle on. Finally, they were able to see Lily’s soul in front of Edward and Snape. They were fascinated.

Meanwhile, after checking Lily’s soul, he placed it on her body. A few minutes later, her eyelash trembled and she opened her eyes.

“Where am I?” muttered Lily as she looked around. “Severus? Shouldn’t I be deaded?”

With trembling hands, Snape said: “You were, but now you’re back to the world of the living!”

“Resurrection? Did you use some dark magic to revive me?” asked Lily, a little agitated. With a frown on his face, Edward used a spell to calm her, then let Snape explained the entire situation to her.

“So, it has been 12 years? Harry is all grown up now.” She then looked at Edward and said; “Thank you, for resurrecting me.” Although Lily wanted to ask about her husband, she knew that this probably was not the best time.

As for Edward, he just nodded to her, then a looked of surprise appeared on his face.

“What’s wrong?” asked Snape.

“Her soul is slowly changing her body, recreating her original bloodline. Her magic core is also slowly reforming. This is truly fascinating,” replied Edward, as he record the entire process. This kind of data was extremely precious for [Project Magician].

Suddenly, he noticed something odd again.

“What’s wrong now?” asked Snape after seeing Edward’s change of expression.

“A strange magic is slowly being formed inside her soul. Where I have seen this thing before? Yes, the ancient magic of love,” replied Edward.

“I thought you said that wizards cannot use ancient magic like love?”

“That’s what I thought too. But it appeared that it’s possible, but the requirements may be extremely harsh.


“Most likely, after she resurrected, her soul transformed and she brought with her the magic of love from the afterlife.”

Immediately afterward, Edward gave Lily a wand and asked her to try to use it. Luckily for him, she did not suffer from amnesia. Lily closed her eyes, then waved her wand. A purple light came from it and entered Edward’s body.

Soon, he found that his strength, stamina, agility, and even mana slightly increase by 5%. He could also feel that this increase was temporary, more like a buff. And he could tell that the reason that the increase was so little was due to how strong he already was and because Lily was not adept at controlling this magic.

Edward nodded before asking: “Do you have any other abilities?”

After pondering for a brief moment, she answered: “I feel like I can do many more things, but I’m not sure. However, I know that I can use an ability called [Absolute Shield]. With it, I erect a shield around people to protect them against any attack.”

“Any Attack?”

“Yes, any attack of any strength.”

Edward frowned as he asked: “There should be some limits to this ability right?”

Lily hesitate a while before saying: “Yes. There is a duration limit, more importantly, Harry has to be next to me.”

Edward nodded, before conducting a few tests to make sure that she was perfectly fine. Then, he said: “There are two things: first, now that you have control of the magic of love, there is something you can help me. Second, for the time being, you cannot have contact with other people–even Harry. You can see him from afar, or disguise as someone else to see him, but do not reveal your identity.”


“Severus will explain the reason for you.”

After that, Edward left as he has two other people to revive.

–Scene Break–

Edward walked into his aunt’s house. She and Susan were having dinner. However, after seeing him, she ignored him.

With a wry smile, Edward said: “I know that I broke my promise to bring you in a vacation around the world, but I have a gift to make it to you.”

Soon, two people came from behind him. Susan squinted her eyes as she looked at them, then very precious memories of her came to her mind. As she could use Edward’s Mind-Palace Charm, she also had an eidetic memory.

One of the memory that she would constantly review in her spare time was that of two giants, holding a baby and playing with it; she knew that these giants were her parents.

So, once these two people walked into the room, she recognized their faces. Tears started to fall from Susan’s eyes, then, without any hesitation or fear, she ran into their embrace.

Title: Magic Veins


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