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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 60: Obscurus (II) Bahasa Indonesia

Credence Barebone had just finished a secret meeting with someone whom he trusted very much. However, when he returned home, he saw his mother waiting on the stairs for him.

At first, he tried to explain or justify tardiness for returning home, but upon realizing that his mother did not care, he just handed her his belt and received a severe whooping.

However, Credence did not cry or pleaded for leniency; he just bore it silently. At this point in his life, he was used to being beaten; it was nothing new.

After returning to his room, he wanted to use a little cream that he prepared for this occasion when he suddenly noticed that someone else was in his room.

Startled, he instantly screamed; “Who are you?” hoping to alert everybody else in the house. However, the young handsome man with blue eyes that trespassed in his room just looked at him with a smile on his face.

“You know, it is because of jealousy,” said the young intruder–who was Edward himself.

“What are you talking about? More importantly, who are you?” replied Credence while looking at the door for someone to come in. However, he was disappointed.

“Your mother’s hatred for anything magical. I once knew a person like her; her name was Petunia, and she had a sister that was a very talented witch. Unfortunately, Petunia did not have any talent for magic, so she became envious of her sister and often called her a freak of nature.

“Later, she took all her frustration on her sister’s only son after her death. Well, I guess some credit could be given to her for even raising him for so many years. And no one will be coming as I have placed a charm in this room to prevent our conversation from being heard.”

Despite how he was acting, Credence was not afraid as he had something very powerful to rely on. So, after the initial panic, he calmed himself down, then asked: “You still have not answered my question. Who are you and what do you want with me?”

“Who I am is not that important. As for the reason that I am here, it is to make a deal with you?”

“Deal? What deal? I have nothing to offer to someone like you.”

“Oh, we both know that is not true. As for the deal, I will teach you magic, in exchange, I want you to sign a magical contract for me.”

Credence frowned after hearing this, then he thought about it for a moment before answering: “I am sorry, but I have someone else as my teacher. So. I will not sign any binding contract without even knowing what it is for.”

Edward was not that surprised as he could read Credence’s mind like it was a well-written novel. So. he said: “Are you referring to the promise that Percival Graves gave you? Unfortunately, you are gravely mistaken if you think that he will keep his words.”

“What do you mean by that?” as Credence, a little agitated.

“Percival is the kind of person that despises muggles or the No-Maj. And without knowing how incredible your talents are, he will easily get rid of you after he believes that you have found what he is looking for.

“Of course once he realized that you were what he was looking for, he would be more than happy to change his tune.”

After frowning for a moment, Credence then asked: “How do I know you are not like him? After getting what you want from me, you will also break your promise.”

“Well, I can say that I am the kind of man that always keeps his words, but that would not be nearly enough. However, the magical contract that we will sign will have a clause that states that I have to teach you a certain amount of magic for a certain period of time.”

Credence frowned as he pondered whether to accept this deal. Upon noticing his struggle, Edward smiled before saying: “You do not need to answer me right away. I can give you some time before making a decision. However, I still need to make some preparations so that you do not reveal our discussion tonight.”

After that, he took out his wand, and Credence took a step back.

“You do not need to be alert. I just want to prevent you from accidentally or intentionally revealing my information to Percival Graves. Additionally, I can honestly tell you that even if you use your powers, you are still not a threat to me.”

Edward was not lying. Although the power of an Obscurus is tremendous, he still has many ways to deal with it. A Lot of dark magic like Fiendfyre and Elemental Spells are more than enough to deal with him. Not to mention that he can still run away with Apparition if needed.

With a wave of his wand, he placed a lock-in Credence’s memory–just like he did to the Gryffindor Trio and Hagrid when they were talking in the shack a few months ago. So, if he tries to reveal any information about him, he will instantly forget Edward.

Edward placed a similar lock-in his memory regarding the code he used to gain control of his Gate of World in case something goes wrong. Only when certain conditions are met that he will remember this code.

The reason he did that was in case he ever encountered a person strong enough to be able to read his memory. In that way, his Gate will be protected, and almost impossible to fall in the wrong hand.

Even if a person used Polyjuice potions or a similar disguise to try to gain control of his Gate, all the Security measures will prevent that from happening. So, unless the person has the code, it is impossible to control the Gate.

If they try to use force, the Gate is programmed to attack any intruder. And if that also fails, it will initiate the Self-destruction sequence in an attempt to try to kill the invader.

.. .

After preventing Credence from revealing his identity Edward left to wait for the right time to appear again, And he knew that it was not long before Percival would reveal his true nature to Credence.

Then, Edward will show up and offer his help again. By then, with the knowledge, he acquired from Newt, and after studying Credence, he will have a deep understanding of the magical entity known as Obscurus.

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