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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 59: Obscurus (I) Bahasa Indonesia

Tina Goldstein looked at the well-dressed young man in front of her; although the suit looked very expensive, the style was weird and she had never seen it before.

More importantly, she did not recognize the strange wizard that suddenly showed himself in front of her house.

Meanwhile, Edward smiled, then snapped his finger; his clothes then turned into a style more appropriate for the 1920s.

“Sorry about that, I just came from a faraway place. My name is Edward Bones, and I am here to see Mr. Newt Scamander.”

After frowning for a while, she let Edward inside the house. Normally, as a former Auror, she would never allow a suspicious wizard like Edward inside her house. However, for some reason, she trusted the young wizard that showed up unannounced in front of her house.

Of course, this was a Charming Charm that Edward used to solicit trust in people he first met. Adding on to his handsome face, it was twice the result.

After entering the house, he saw Newt Scamander, Queenie Goldstein, Jacob Kowalski, and Newt sitting and preparing to eat dinner.

He looked at Jacob before nodding his head, looked at Queenie who had a frown on her face after seeing Edward.

“A very talented Legilimens, however, Miss. Queenie, it is very rude to peep into others’ minds,” said Edward calmly.

“Since your Occlumency is so powerful, does it matter if I try to take a peek?” replied Queenie with a smile on her beautiful face.

“Since you are a very beautiful woman, I will let this go,” said Edward with the same smile as her. Then, he looked at Newt Scamander.

“Mr. Scamander, my name is Edward Bones, it is a pleasure to meet you,” said Edward with great enthusiasm as he shook hands with him. Meanwhile, Newt had a puzzled look on his face.

“Do we know each other? Wait, Bones, are you from the Bones family back in the UK?”

“I am a very distant relative,” replied Edward calmly.

“Is that so? So what can I do for you?”

“I heard rumors that you were writing a book about Magical Animals, so I came to talk to you personally.”

“Are you interested in magical animals as well?” asked Newt excitedly.

Then, the two of them spent the next half hour discussing the issue of magical animals. At first, the conversation was quite cordial, but soon the two of them started arguing.

The reason behind that these knowledgeable magizoologists have different philosophies when it comes to certain issues.

Edward believed that some magical animals were too dangerous and needed to use forceful means to tame them, while Newt believed that all animals–no matter their nature–can be taken care of using the proper method. However, force is never the answer.

‘It’s nice to see that after so many years, Newt is still the same Newt,’ thought Edward to himself. He and Newt had the same argument countless times when he was at Hogwarts.

Edward paused for a moment, turned his head to the other people who were looking at them in shock, smiled before saying: “I am sorry about our behaviors. Sometimes, we just get lost in things that interest us.”

Meanwhile, Newt–who did not have Edward’s social skill–lowered his head in embarrassment as he looked at his cold food. Nevertheless, Queenie could feel that he was very happy today; most likely, happy to find a person with the same interest as him, and the knowledge to back it up–despite the difference in philosophy.

“It’s alright, Mr. Bones,” replied Tina as she looked at the already cold food. Edward-noticing the situation–snapped his finger, then the food of everybody in the room was heated up.

As everybody ate their food, he focused his attention on the beautiful witch–Queenie Goldstein–as he started to flirt with her. He did not care about the ugly looks that Jacob was given him.

“So, Mrs. Queenie, what do you do for a living?”

“Just call me Queenie. I work in the Work Permit Office spending most of my days making coffee or unjinxing the johns.”

“It’s a shame to let such a talented witch such as yourselves do such a menial job.”

Queenie gave a deep look at Edward before saying: “Most people see my beauty before they see my talent. You are a different kind of wizard, aren’t you, Mr. Bones.”

“You can call me Edward. And a lot of people have said these words to me,” replied Edward with a charming smile on his face.

“Mr, Bones, how do you feel about the rise of Grindelwald?” suddenly asked Tina. She finally noticed that something was wrong. First, she let Edward inside her house too easily.

Second, Edward knew all of their names without any of them introducing themselves. Adding to that the way that he can so easily use wandless casting, this proves that this young wizard that she let inside her house is possibly very powerful.

Meanwhile, Edward stopped talking to Queenie, looked at her big sister before saying: “It does not matter what I think. What matters is the fact that since so many wizards are willing to show their support to him, it showed that many people share his views and beliefs.

“This should be enough for different leaders in different countries to come together and discuss whether to change the status quo of wizards in this world. Unfortunately, we all know that such a thing will not happen.

“As a result, for the next few years, the entire wizarding world will be embroiled in war under the leadership of a powerful wizard like Grindelwald.”

“Grindelwald will be stopped,” replied Tina, full of certainty.

“You are wrong, Miss Tina. The only person that can stop him is Albus Dumbledore, but it seems that he has no intention of doing so.”

“Maybe he has his reason,” suddenly said Newt.

“Maybe he has. But this will change anything, will it?” replied Edward back.

After that, all of them had a slightly joyous meal with Edward spending the majority of time flirting with Queenie, and she, flirting back.

Afterward, Edward said to her: “Queenie, this was the best meal I had in a very long time.” Then he said goodbye to everyone and returned to his hotel room.

There, he started to review all the benefits he got tonight.

The main reason that he approached Newt was that he wanted to get his knowledge about Obscurus–especially how he separated them from a person’s body–just like he did to the child in Sudan.

During his brief argument with Newt, he briefly mentioned Obscurus. Then, once the memories of that night appeared in his mind, Edward was able to get all the information from him.

He had always wanted to do such a thing to old man Newt, unfortunately, he was also very adept at Occlumency. Edward guessed that after his experience with Queenie, old Newt decided to learn Occlumency.

Of course, Edward could have still read his memory, but he could not do it so sneakily without him knowing like he did today at dinner. After all, Edward still had to behave a certain way in society giving his status and reputation. And forcibly reading a person’s memory was not acceptable behavior.

A few words: First, I never plan to create an arc where Edward started to act arrogant and stupid because of his bloodline. The only reason that particular paragraph existed was to show that his sudden increase in strength made him more bold, more willing to ignore the original plot–which he previously thought was a safe way to get benefit while hiding behind the scene.

Second, this the second time that you guys have doubted this author’s ability and showed no faith in me. (the first being the time that Death showed up). So, shame on all of you.

Third, as I have already written ten chapters ahead, there will be no person from this timeline as a member of Edward’s harem or group.

Pickup Line: Forget about Newt Scamander — I’ve got a really fantastic beast to show you.


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