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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 61: The Power of Numbers Bahasa Indonesia

After making contact with Credence, Edward returned to his hotel room, then took out a crystal ball. After activating it, he began to watch what was going on through it; he watched the entire plot of Fantastic Beast inside his luxurious and very expensive hotel room.

This crystal ball is a form of Divination Magic. One of Edward’s greatest failures ever since coming to the wizarding world is Divination.

When he was young, he tried using divination, but it was to no avail. So, he spent a lot of time researching this type of magic, but he seemed to be incapable of using it. So, Edward thought that he did not have a talent for this kind of magic. However, things seemed more complex than he imagined.

During his first year at Hogwarts, he studied Professor Trelawney’s bloodline and found the source of her ability–despite how diluted her bloodline power was. Then, he tried to add that power to his Life Code Modification, but even then, he could not use Divination Magic.

As a last attempt, Edward tried bloodline magic, Bloodline magic is a new form of magic that he created while studying the Life Code. It is a very simple form of magic: it allows Edward the ability to use the magic of magical creatures–without modifying his Life Code.

There are many magical creatures with amazing bloodlines, but Edward cannot just use all of them. He knew that his bloodline modification had limits, not to mention the many other powerful bloodlines that exist in the Multiverse or Omni-verse.

So, he just used the best of the Harry Potter World, while leaving enough room for himself for future modifications. Nevertheless, he still wanted a way to use the ability of some of these magical animals.

So, he invented a way for him to use their ability: bloodline magic. Unfortunately, the downside of this form of magic is that it requires material to cast. To be precise, Edward needs to use specially made gems that contain the bloodline of the animals he wants to use.

Back to the problem of Divination, even after using bloodline magic, he still could not use Divination. After discovering the [Correcting Force of Fate] that made the story of Harry Potter go back to its original trajectory, he knew that peeking in the secret of fate was not a simple thing and that there might a reason that he could not use Divination magic beside the simple answer that he did not have the talent.

The only reason that he could use any divination spell at all was because of his exchange with Nicolas Flamel. And that was only the most basic of spells, like peeping at people from a distance.

So, Edward spent the past few days spying on the main characters of this story. First, he watched how Newt was arrested by MACUSA, how he and his group escape, and how the groups manage to track down and capture Newt’s Occamy in a Macy’s.

While looking at the entire situation, Edward sighed as he watched the interactions between Queenie and Jacob.

“So, everything went back to the original track after I left,” he muttered to himself.

He was briefly interested in Queenie after seeing her, but he did not pursue it any further as his fear of attachment got the best of him. He realized that Queenie was probably the kind of girl that he liked the most: free-spirited and kind-hearted.

Unlike most other women that he has relationships with, he could foresee himself truly falling in love with her. However, given his grand aspirations to travel across multiple dimensions and the universe, love is not part of his plan.

Of course, for a brief moment, he pondered whether to take her with him on his journey, but he decided against the idea. Forget the fact that he is from the year, 1992–meaning that she would have to abandon everything (including her sister) to leave with him.

On top of that, Edward does not believe that he has the capacity of having only one woman his entire life. He is essentially immortal and has a long life ahead of him, so he will meet and experience all kinds of beautiful women and wonder. So, he can’t settle on only one woman.

And to Edward, Queenie deserved a person that can heartily devote themselves to her. And Jacob is that person.

So, after their little flirting banner during dinner in their first meeting, he never approached her and her sister again.

Edward only left his hotel when Credence realized that he was right and that Percival Graves was using him all along. Then, he turned into his Obscurus form and started wreaking havoc in New York.

–Scene Break–

Edward was floating in the sky of New York, invisible to both muggles and wizards alike. With a calm look on his face, he watched how terrifying Credence’s power as an Obscurial was.

His first thought is how would he deal with such power if he was ever forced to fight with it. Then, he started to create many counter-measures on how to either contain, escape and kill Credence if they ever were enemies.

Then, he started to think whether he could create a spell that allows him to instantly create an Obscurus, then control it to do his bidding. If he succeeded, then his spell would be even more powerful than Grindelwald’s [Protego Diabolica].

So, with a calm mind, he watched until the moment that the American wizards thought that they had killed Credence. After that, he watched how all the wizards banded together to fix the entire city of New York that was previously destroyed.

It was an amazing sight to see; it looked like time was going backward.

After seeing this, Edward was moved as he muttered to himself: “Maybe I underestimate the power of wizards of this world. With the proper guidance, they can do many wonderful things.

“Not to mention that they are a large group of supernatural people that can do a lot of destruction–even without any proper training. So, if they were properly trained as an army, then they can achieve many things.”

After thinking about this, many of Edward’s preconceived notions about wizards were changed, and an idea was slowly brewing inside his mind: an idea that could forever change the wizarding world.

Afterward, he apparated somewhere; to be precise, he apparated to Credence’s location.

“I warned you, didn’t I?” said Edward after appearing in a desolate and abandoned factory.

“Who?” screamed Credence, then he saw Edward’s handsome face slowly approaching him. He frowned as he did not like this strange wizard that seemed to appear everywhere around him. His demeanor reminded him of Percival Graves–a person Credence once thought to be his friend.

“There is no need to be so hostile. I am probably the only person in your life that has ever told you the truth so directly. Ever since our first meeting, I have made my intentions very clear–without any deception,” replied Edward calmly.

Credence frowned as he realized that Edward was right. So, after a few seconds of silence, he asked: “What exactly is that contract of yours?”


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