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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 52: Successful Life Code Modification Bahasa Indonesia

After school ended, Edward entered deep research mode; he first sent letters to all his acquaintances and lady companions that they should not contact him as he would be busy. Of course, to appease his aunt, he took her and little Susan to the moon and enjoyed the beautiful sight of Earth from space.

During his magic research retreat, he had three major things to do: his life code modification, followed by the creation of his own Philosopher’s Stone, and use that stone as an energy source to power his Gate of World.

However, he still decided to focus more on his strength first, so he proceeded to deal with the body modification first.

The first step of that process was to try whether the modification was problem-free by testing it out on a few dark wizards he captured himself. This time he did not go through a third-party middle-man like Roberti.

Although there were a few problems that he did not take into account when he first designed the modification, he easily fixed them after they were discovered. Of course, these dark wizards who survived the process were instantly killed afterward.

He would not let such powerful wizards walk around in the world. Although Edward pondered for a brief moment whether to try to control these wizards instead, he changed his mind soon afterward.

Only him, his family, and possible future loved ones can be privy to such power modification–and even then, he will not use the best modification that he made for himself. Edward was never a saint, and he admitted that he was also selfish.

After everything was prepared, he started his modification.

–Scene Break–

Edward was inside his laboratory on the moon. He was sitting on a bed in a very white room.

Although this room looked empty, it was not the case. This room was full of enchantments designed to keep him alive at all costs. There were enchantments for every possible scenario of death that Edward could think of/

Whether it was any failures of his organs or any part of his body, or maybe his magic core was destroyed during the process, or maybe his soul had problems.

In the worst-case scenario, the enchantments will prioritize preserving Edward’s soul, then a clone body of his was also stored in another room. If something were to go wrong, he could transfer his soul into another body.

He even activated the power of the Invisibility Cloak to hide from the gaze of Death; In summary, Edward did not want any complications.

The first thing that Edward did was to drink a small vial of Felix Felicis or Lucky Potion. It has been almost a year since he drank the last vial, so it was alright now.

Then, he took a syringe and looked at it before injecting it inside his body. This syringe is the werewolf magical virus that can affect the Bloodline Section of the Life Code.

After more than a year of studying the Life Code through observing how children of different magical animals are created and born, Edward had a deep understanding of the Life Code.

So, he modified the Werewolf virus to modify his own Life Code not to turn him into a werewolf, but to add many other advantages to his own already existing bloodline by copying other magical animals.

Thirty seconds after he was injected, Edward passed out on the bed, then his transformation started.

The process looked very terrifying from the outside. First, his skin fell off his body, followed by all the other parts of his body. His entire body turned into some sort of liquid that smelled horrible.

Then, a flame appeared where the gooey liquid was Edward’s body. Afterward, a new body started to regrow itself. The process lasted for 7 days, and during the whole process, Edward did not feel anything, luckily for him; it was as if he was in a coma.

When Edward woke up, he instantly felt the difference between his current self and the old one. The first obvious difference was that he grew taller; he was now more than 2 meters tall.

{AN: Many people have commented that 1.80 meters were not tall, so now I have to change it.)

Then, he checked his magic core. His cube-shaped core seemed to have another bigger cube surrounding the small one. After a quick calculation, the bigger cube seemed to be able to hold the same amount as the small one: 25 times that of an adult wizard.

Edward was ecstatic as he finally solved his problem of magic powers, however, he soon calmed down as he knew that he just broke through the First Limiter and there were two more behind to breakthrough.

However, he was surprised that he only broke one of them as his modification should be more than enough to break two at the same time; maybe there is a secret behind this. He made mental notes to study this subject later on.

After checking his magic power, Edward continued to test his new ability. A sudden flame appeared on his body and he disappeared and appeared a few meters away. This was the phoenix’s apparition ability.

After nodding in satisfaction, Edward suddenly said out loud: “Siri, use different levels of attacks on me.”

“As you command, Sir,” responded a sweet and melodious voice seem to come out of the entire room.

This was a magical version of artificial intelligence that Edward recently created to help him with his research. It was based on his study of the Sorting Hat, actually AI, and the Accelerated Thought Processing Enchantment he learned from Ravenclaw’s Diadem.

He was going to name it Jarvis, but change it to Siri due to the female voice and to commemorate his past life. Unfortunately, this artificial intelligence still has a lot of room for improvement when it comes to capability.

After Edward made the order, countless different spells came out of nowhere and hit him all over his body. However, he was completely fine; in fact, not a scratch could be found on him.

After a few minutes of constant bombardment, Edward asked; “Siri, what are the findings?”

“Sir, according to calculation, your magic resistance surpassed that of both dragons and trolls; It would take at least 20 ordinary wizards to attack you constantly for 30 seconds before you could be injured.”

Edward nodded before continuing asking: “What about wizards on the level of Dumbledore?”

“Calculating…Wizards of that level can hurt you, sir, but their attacks will decrease between 20-25% depending on the spell used.”

“Adding parameters, wizards that have broken the Second Limiter and have a magic power between 51-75 times of an adult wizard,” added Edward.

“Calculating…Unable to process,” replied Siri.

Edward sighed despite not being so surprised as he knew that his AI still had a lot of room for improvement.

However, he placed that in the back of his mind as he continued the test of his new body.

Title (53); “Testing”

Pick Up Line: I’m not wearing an invisibility cloak, but do you think I could still visit your restricted section tonight?


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