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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 53: Testing Bahasa Indonesia

After a brief moment of lamenting about the underperformance of Siri, Edward continued his testing. He took out his wand and directed it at his left hand.

“Sectumsempra!” he said calmly, then a powerful cutting force came out of his wand and severed his left limb. Blood started to pulsate out of it, but Edward remained calm throughout the entire process.

A few seconds later, a powerful flame appeared in his severed hand, then a few minutes later, a brand new one was regrown back. Meanwhile, Edward had a calm look on his face while analyzing what just happened to him.

He realized that many of the phoenix’s abilities came from a separate fire dimension that they have sole access to. By traveling through that dimension, they can then teleport to anywhere in the world from there.

That fire dimension is also full of life force, hence the reason that they can heal almost every injury. As for their ability to rebirth after death, it is very simple:

They leave a copy of themselves in that dimension; That copy contains all their information. From their knowledge, souls, ability, etc. Once they die or are about to die, they can just transfer their consciousness back to that copy and bring it to the material world.

They can repeat that process as many times as they want as that dimension is full of endless vitality; the only way that a phoenix can die is if they decide that they no longer want to live. Of course, that only applied in the Harry Potter World.

And Edward has now access to that Fire Dimension. Another advantage that his bloodline modification gave him was a very terrifying talent for the manipulation of flame.

After testing these abilities, Edward moved on to the others.

“Siri, let’s initiate the strength and agility test.”

Following this order, a long black cube appeared in the room. Edward walked over and picked it up over his head. Then, after activating the enchantments, the weight of the cube started to increase without changing its volume.

Edward held the cube over his head for more than 15 minutes. By the end of that time, he was sweating profusely to the point of drenching his clothes. After the 15 minutes mark, he threw the cube on the ground.


The ground in the white room shook after landing. A few cracks appeared in the place it landed, but soon afterward, they were magically fixed.

“Siri, what was the maximum weight that I lifted?”

“Sir, according to the calculation, you lifted 1263.89456 Kg,” replied Siri.

‘About 1.4 tons, not bad,’ thought Edward.

His strength did not come from giants or trolls, but from the phoenix’s ability to lift a great amount of weight with their tails. He modified his Life Code to treat his limbs as a phoenix’s tail.

The next test was his running speed and reaction speed: all of them have broken through the human body limits, so Edward was satisfied.

After finishing with this test, Edward then said: “Siri, the next test is the muggle firearm test.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Following this, a pistol appeared in front of Edward, then fired point-blank at him. After more than 10 shots, the pistol stopped and Edward looked at his skin.

There was not even a trace of being injured, and he did not even use magic. Just his ordinary skin had such a defensive ability.

“Next step,” he ordered.

Following his order, a machine gun appeared this time and fired point-blank at him without hesitation. After the gun emptied its clip, Edward checked his body.

He was bleeding as his skin was broken; however, the bullets did not travel deep inside his body. Soon, they were removed and he healed himself.

Edward was satisfied for now with his defensive ability without any magic.

“Next,” he ordered.

This time, no guns showed up, but Edward knew that something was coming. He closed his eyes for a few seconds, then suddenly he apparated a few meters away ahead.

As for the place he was in, a bullet from a sniper rifle passed by the position of his head. This time Edward was testing the thunderbird’s ability to predict danger, and he was successful.

Not only did he acquire this ability, but their ability to create thunderstorms as well. However, he decided to test that ability later when he returns to Earth.

Edward then closed his eyes as he waited for the next step. Following this, another rapidly traveling bullet from a sniper rifle headed straight for his head. This time he did not dodge.

When the bullet reached a few centimeters from his head, a powerful shield suddenly appeared and blocked it–without Edward doing any gestures or spells; the shield was instantaneous and activated on its own.

This shield was the only modification that he made on his soul. Enchanted a very powerful spell on his soul that would activate on its own when he is in danger. This way, Edward can prevent being assassinated by powerful ordinary weapons or even sneak attack by other wizards.

Although he could predict danger, this was not guaranteed demonstrated by the fact that Thunderbirds are captured all the time.

Additionally, this spell can even block the Avada Kedavra Curse. After many years of researching that Curse, he realized that this was dark magic that instantly destroyed a specific vitality or life force inside a person’s body, a life force that anchors the soul to the body, thus killing them without even leaving a single mark.

So, he designed a Counter-Charm that protects that special vitality in the body and prevents the Ava Kedavra Curse from destroying it. Of course, he tried to bring a person back to life that was killed by the Unforgivable Curse, but he has not succeeded yet as he could not recreate or mend that special anchor of the soul and body.

Even after adding vitality to a person that was hit, it still failed as this vitality was very special. So, his research on the curse has not stopped. Unfortunately for him that he has so many research subjects at once, that this one was not his main priority.

The last test that Edward made was actually on his soul. After his modification, his already powerful soul became even more extraordinary. As a result of this, spiritual magic like Legilimency, Occlumency, Memory Charm, Imperius Curse and other magic related to the soul became even more powerful.

After repeating all the other tests many times again to gain a better understanding and control over his newfound magical abilities, he began his next important project: creating a Philosopher’s Stone.

If anyone is wondering why Edward did not use a certain bloodline like unicorn or Metamorphmagus, there is a reason for that which is explain in the later chapters of the story.

Pick up line: My Vagina is a Horcrux. Will you destroy it?

Title; “Exchange”


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