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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 51: End of the Year Bahasa Indonesia

During the end of the year dinner, all the students and teachers were in the Great Hall waiting to have dinner; they were all talking with one another. As the Hall, it was not decorated with Slytherin’s banner, but with Hufflepuff’s.

The reason for that was mainly because of Susan. Like Hermione, she always answers questions in class to give points to her house. Even Snape had to give her points when she answered a question correctly; after all, his future happiness depended on her cousin.

To win this year’s House Cup, she even asked Edward ways for their Quidditch team to win the championship this year. So, he organized a training regiment based on each player’s physique and talent and gifted the captain a book on tactics.

He even secretly enchanted the brooms of the Hufflepuff players to give them an advantage. Edward supported her little cousin in her endeavor–even going so far as ignoring his own house, Ravenclaw.

So, at the end of the year, Hufflepuff was in the lead when it came to house points. It’s unfortunate for them to meet the Savior, Harry Potter, and the shameless Dumbledore.

So, the little badgers were shocked when many points were suddenly added to Gryffindor due to the “heroic” deed of the Harry Potter Trio. And the person most upset was probably Professor Sprout.

Their house finally had a chance at winning the House Cup after so many years, and yet it was ruined. After briefly using Legilimency to read her mind, Edward found out that she was thinking of ways to poison Dumbledore to calm herself down.

–Scene Break–

Right before Dumbledore announced the changes in this year’s House Cup Winner, little Susan was sitting with her friends with a little excitement on her face, followed by a little worry.

After Dumbledore announced the increase in Gryffindor’s House point, she sighed melancholy without saying anything; she just stared at the food. Then, she suddenly felt like something was entering her mind.

As she was familiar with this sensation, she allowed it to enter, then she heard a voice inside her mind:

“Little Susan, why are you so unhappy? Didn’t I already warn you about this outcome?”

“I know, cousin, but I just cannot accept this. I thought that maybe the headmaster would be fair–or at the very least, not so blatantly biased.”

“I have told you many times that there is no such thing as true fairness in this world. Everyone has their own biased or personal preferences.”

“Cousin, can’t you do something about this?” asked Susan with a ray of hope in her mind. From what she could remember, her cousin was omnipotent and could do anything.

“Unfortunately, no,” replied Edward. “Plus, I told you that even I have my limitations, so do not place me on a pedestal–otherwise you will never have the opportunity to surpass me one day.”

Susan sighed in disappointment as she ignored Edward’s last words. She does not think that she can surpass her cousin.

After seeing that his cousin was still in a bad mood, Edward added: “Cheer up, tonight I will take you and aunt Amelia to see a beautiful and magical sight.”

Susan nodded before forcing herself to eat something. Although she could not get rid of her sadness so quickly, she had something to look forward to. Maybe this terrible day can be salvaged.

Meanwhile, Edward cut off the mind communication he was having with his cousin. The spell he was using was based on Legilimency. Instead of reading a person’s mind, it establishes a connection with it, then they can communicate directly through the mind.

Usually, Edward asked a person’s permission before establishing the link and communicating, however, he could also forcibly invade that person’s might and talk to them.

As for the beautiful sight he was talking about, it was Earth from the moon. He planned to take his cousin and aunt on a sightseeing tour around the moon. Of course, he would not reveal his laboratory.

It should be quite the experience for his two remaining family members on this planet–until his parents are revived.

–Scene Break–

Dumbledore was sitting in his office with a mirror in front of him.

“What do you think, Nico? Is that feasible?” he asked the person on the other side of the mirror.

“What a truly marvelous idea,” replied Nicolas Flamel. “One of the reasons that I never made a second stone was because of the difficulty, and more importantly, the guilt I felt after making the first one. Now, who would have thought that there was another way.”

“So, is it possible?” asked Dumbledore again.

“Yes, it is perfectly fine to use emotions instead of souls. Although the effect of the Elixir of Immortality would greatly decrease, it will also reduce some of the side-effects.”

Dumbledore nodded before asking: “So, what do you think of his ideas of the possible function of the stone? To be able to create a powerful civilization based on it?”

Flamel sighed deeply after hearing this, then he replied: “The stone has been in my possession for more than 600 years and I never thought that it could be used in this way. I feel like I wasted my life when thinking about all the things I could accomplish with it.

“There is no need to blame yourself, Nico. After all, not everyone is as forward-thinking as Edward. I imagine that his vision is probably the most unique among all the great wizards that have ever existed.”

The room then became quiet for a few moments before Dumbledore asked; “You have lived longer than me, what do you think about Edward?”

“Well, in my lifetime, I have met a few wizards like him,” replied Nicolas Flamel. “Their morality aligned on the neutral side: neither good nor evil. In their pursuit of magic, they can do many things. However, as long as they have families or loved ones, these people usually have some sort of moral fetter and keep some bottom lines that they will not cross.

“What you should worry about is if something were to happen to Edward’s family. If he has no one to restrain him morally, then this is where things will truly turn for the worse.”

Dumbledore nodded while still having a deep pensive look on his face. So, Flamel added on:

“I told you many times, Albus, to leave the future of the wizarding world to the young people. I know that you would love to leave the future to a person whose morals are more aligned with you–probably that boy, Harry Potter. However, as long as Edward exists, this is simply impossible.

“Once he makes his own Philosopher’s Stone, he will have an unlimited lifespan, adding to that the Youthful Potion that he already developed, he can stay youthful forever.

“Additionally, you have said that he is studying bloodline modifications. If he succeeds in deciphering the power of the phoenix, he will acquire a powerful regenerative ability and another form of immortality. Since you did not stop him in the basement, your chance is probably forever gone.

“Just enjoy your old age and watch how he changes the world.”

Pickup Line: Twelve and a half inches, slightly springy, excellent for charms. But enough about me, what can you tell me about your wand?

Many people have given me many ideas on possible magic that Edward can study, and I have taken notes of all of them. However, since this is an Infinite Stream Story, I cannot do all of them right now, and have to wait until Edward goes to other worlds. Then, by gaining the knowledge of these worlds and using them as a basis, then he accomplish many things. Additionally, if he become so OP too soon in the story, then it would be very boring to read; of course he cannot be too weak as well–otherwise the story will also become boring.


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