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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 40: Teaching New Techniques in Class Bahasa Indonesia

“During the first semester, I have taught all of you how to do basic enchantments on different items. By now, the majority of you should be able to do the Levitation Enchantments, the Shield enchantment, the Lumos Enchantments, and a variety of other ones.”

Edward pauses for a brief moment after saying that. Then, he looked at the entire class. Although the majority still had the excitement from his last declarations, they still paid attention to his class.

These students knew that although Professor Edward is usually easy to talk to when it comes to magic, he does not play around. So, they are usually in their best behaviors when he is teaching in class.

“Now, I am going to teach you guys Double Enchantments. As the name implied, it is to place two enchantments on the same item. These two enchantments can be the same kind or two different ones.”

After saying that, Edward started a demonstration. He took out a metal plate, and with his Enchanting Quill, he wrote the word “Protego” on it. The words light up blue before vanishing from the metal. This simple metal had just turned into an Alchemy item–although the most basic kind.

Edward then waved his hand and another piece of metal appeared in front of him. He also wrote the incarnation “Protego” on it. However, he did it twice on the second piece of metal–the front and the back.

Taking out his wand, Edward pointed at the first alchemy item and said “Bombarda”. A powerful light flew from his wand and hit the floating metal. Then, a semi-transparent shield appeared in front to protect it, but the shield only lasted three seconds before it was destroyed, along with the metal.

Immediately afterward, Edward pointed at the second floating metal and used the same spell.

A piece of light flew from the tip of his wand heading for the second metal. Just like previously, a semi-transparent shield appeared to protect the alchemy item. However, its ending was different from his brethren’s.

After three seconds, when the shield was about to be destroyed, a second shield appeared, thus increasing the protective ability of the item.

“Class, just like you see, Double Enchantments of the same kind or Homogeneous Double Enchantments dramatically increase the strength of one enchantment.”

The students became surprised and excited after seeing such a magical process. They all wished to immediately give it a try. However, Edward stopped them.

“Now, please be patient as I am also going to demonstrate another form of Double Enchantments, which is called Heterogeneous Double Enchantments. Although you guys will not have to try during today’s class, it will be part of our learning syllabus for this semester.”

After saying these words, Edward once again waved his wand and another plate flew from the desk on the corner of the room in front of him. He took out his quill and started writing.

He first wrote “Lumos” on one side, then “Incendio” on the other side. Then, he lightly threw the metal in the air.

A bright light flew out of it, followed by a bright flame. They each floated around each other; it was like they were planets orbiting one another.

“As all, you can see, Heterogeneous Double Enchantments can also mean to place two different kinds of enchantments on the same item.”

All the students marveled at this rare view that took place on them. Throughout the first semester, the professor had always mentioned that Alchemy was a wondrous form of magic. And the students agreed with him.

In the past few months, they have learned so much about how to make different alchemy items. Although Alchemy still has the boring part of studying different types of magical metals and ores, understanding their properties, and how to properly mix them to get the best and most efficient metal for any alchemy item; everything else was fine.

On top of that, today they finally learned that what they have learned is truly only the tip of the iceberg.

Suddenly, one student raised their hand.

“Yes, Mr. Diggory. Any questions?”

“Professor, can you combine two different enchantments into a brand new one?”

“Yes,” replied Edward while nodding. “This technique is referred to as Amalgam Enchantment.”

With a wave of his hand, the alchemy item with two different enchantments flew on his hand. Then, with his enchanting quill, Edward drew a strange symbol on the metal.

The few students that are also taking the Study of Ancient Rune Class of Professor Babbling instantly knew this was the rune word “Ehwaz”, meaning “partnership”.

After Edward finished writing the rune, a brilliant light came from the metal. After that, something amazing appeared in front of the students’ eyes.

The fire and light floating from the metal combined. The first thing that students noticed was the fact that the heat or temperature emanating from the fire was gone.

Then, the red fire turned white; and it was not a cotton white, but more of a transparent white. The light that the new fire emanated was a few times brighter than before; it was bright to the point that most students in the class had to raise their hands in front of their eyes.

In general, the white fire created by the amalgam of these two enchantments was truly beautiful; it seemed to bring a sense of joy and positivity to all the people in the classroom.

“Professor, would we be able to do that?” asked one excited student.

“As a matter of fact, yes,” responded Edward with a smile on his face. “However, the Amalgam Enchantment will not be taught until your fourth year.”

Although the students were not happy that they could not learn such amazing knowledge now, they were just as satisfied to be able to learn it next year.

“Professor, do we have to take the Study of Ancient Rune class to become an Alchemist?” suddenly asked one student with a worried look on her face.

“No, as long as you know the right rune to use, it will be fine. However, if any of you truly wished to study Alchemy and become accomplished in this field, then you must study and understand Ancient Runes.

“Are there any more questions?”

No one raised their hands this time, so Edward gave the signal for all of them to start their practice of Homogeneous Double Enchantment

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