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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 39: Back to School Bahasa Indonesia

After reorganizing all the information he had about Death, Edward started to plan for the future. He does not trust Death; he does not even trust the contract that they had just signed.

Edward had the confidence to become one of the greatest wizards that ever lived in this world. And according to his calculations, this won’t even take long.

At that time, no one would be able to stop him from doing what he wants–except for Death. As the literal embodiment of Death of this world, there are very few things that are even effective against him, let alone hurt him.

So, Edward decided to placate this powerful being by making it look like he was working for him. By making himself seem less threatening than he was.

As for the contract that they signed, Edward does not believe for even a second that this contract is binding to a being of Law. From the beginning, Edward planned to use his power to finish that Gate.

Of course, if he could not finish the Gate on his own, then the contract would be his last backup plan. Well, only if Death hold his side of the bargain

Of course, Edward will also take other precautions. The Invisible Cloak for example; is the only thing that could hide a person from the gaze of Death itself. Ignotus managed to live his entire life without being found by Death, so Edward must use this cloak for himself. Of course, that is only possible if someone knows the proper method to activate the cloak–otherwise, it is just a normal Invisible Cloak made by the hair of Demiguise.

Unfortunately for him, there are still some problems with his plan: and that was Dumbledore. Edward could foresee that the headmaster would know that he had borrowed the Cloak from Harry Potter. So, if he does not return it, things will become complicated.

So, Edward decided to create a fake to replace the real one. However, this plan is not simple as well given that he has to fool the greatest wizard of modern time.

And Edward had a plan, and it was a very simple one. All he had to do was to transfer some of the power of Law from either the Resurrection Stone or the Invisibility Cloak into the fake one.

That part was a little easier as Edward already knew how to activate the power inside the stone; this is how he managed to contact Death to make the deal with him.

The hard part was to find a material that could withstand the Death Laws. Although Death could place his powers on anything–a stone or branch–Edward was not him, so he needed specific material to accomplish the task.

As such, Edward spent the remaining Christmas vacation making a very powerful Invisible Cloak that could fool Dumbledore.

–Scene Break–

Edward entered his classroom and looked at all the students. The majority of them were still talking about their vacations, but they all quiet down after seeing the professor entering the room.

“Okay class,” said Edward out loud. “Today, we are going to learn about Double Enchantments. Does anyone know what that is?”

The classroom instantly became quiet. However, a few seconds later, someone did raise their hand.

“Mr. Weasley, please answer the question.”

“Huh, professor, I do not know what Double Enchantments is, I just had a question.”

“Does your question have anything to do with our class,” asked Edward calmly.

“I am afraid not. But it is a good question. And I am sure that many people are interested in hearing the answer.

“Fine, ask away, Mr. Weasley.”

“Professor, during the holiday, I read the Yu-Gi-Oh comics that your company just recently released, and it was very exciting. I am wondering whether you are as good of a player as Yugi Muto?”

Edward’s mouth almost twitched after hearing this question. Meanwhile, the entire classroom became noisy and excited after hearing Fred Weasley’s question.

“That’s a good question,” added Lee Jordan. “I heard my father say that most people realized how terrible they were when it comes to playing Dueling Cards after the comic came out this Christmas–even international players. So, they started to model their decks after the characters in the comics.”

Edward had to sigh secretly after hearing this. Lee Jordan was right. Most wizards were indeed terrible at the game–despite playing it for so long.

This was the main reason that Edward created a comic based on the original series to publish this past vacation. Of course, some things were changed in the process.

For example, Yugi Mutou and his friend were in fact wizards. Card Dueling was written as something only wizards could do. Edward did this to prevent these pure-blood families from finding excuses to fight with the Bones’ family.

Of course, no one was aware of the fact that muggles could play Dueling Cards in the first place. To play the real-life version, Edward designed the Dueling Disks to use magic power as an energy source.

“Class, quiet down,” said Edward after reigning in his mind. “To answer your question, yes, I am indeed as good as him, if not better. After all, I created the game.” Edward had no shame for taking credit for such a thing and taking the position of both Maximillion Pegasus and Seto Kaiba.

“Professor, can you show us? Can you show us how good you are?” asked another Weasley. This time, however, it was George.

“If you guys want to see a powerful player, go play against my cousin, Susan. If any of you can manage to beat her, then I’ll even let you choose any cards from my collection. As you can imagine, as the creator of Dueling Monsters, my deck has the rarest and most precious of cards.

“Now, let us get back to class.”

Sorry about the late chapter, I had to focus on my other novel today as the end of the month is rapidly approaching. To make up for it, here is a Harry Potter joke I found on TikTok:

What did Ron Weasley say to Hermione at the Bar? He said: “Are you Dumbledore?” She looked at him and replied no. He said: “Oh, you look like a HEADMASTER.” Comment down below if you got the joke.


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