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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 41: Politics Bahasa Indonesia

After finishing his demonstration, Edward let all the students begin to practice Homogeneous Double Enchantments. Since they had already learned how to do only one enchantment, the first step was quite straightforward.

However, once they tried to write the second one, a conflict erupted that destroyed the first one, rendering their previous efforts. What’s worse is the fact that after a few failures, the piece of metal that they use to place enchantments on was destroyed, and they had to get another one.

It was then some students realized how much money and material is needed for one person to become a qualified Alchemist. Without the proper wealth and resources, a wizard from an ordinary family can’t become an Alchemist–unless they are extremely talented.

And even then, talent could only reduce the resources wasted.

After a few students had failed many times, Edward started to walk around the classroom to give pointers; he pointed out that both enchantments need to be precise; the amount of magic power used must be the same and the written incantations must have as few mistakes as possible.

The closer both of them are, the better the enchantments would be. As such, to become a qualified Alchemist, not only do you need to have great control of magic powers, but also have steady hands like surgeons.

There was a reason that Edward let the class try many times by themselves before giving them pointers. He wanted to see whether there were any genius alchemists among the students, and there were; the Weasley Twins.

Of all the students in the class, their performances were the best. They had the best performance of all the years that he taught.

Since there has been no Alchemy Class for countless years, Edward had to teach all the years (3rd-7th) the same thing. However, because the higher years have more knowledge and practice of magic, the pace of the class was faster. An example of that is the fact that 7th-year students already have the current content of this class.

Edward was not that surprised by the Twin’s talents as he knew from the canon timeline that they indeed had a rare talent for Alchemy as they built their Joke item Shop.

Edward always admired the twin’s wild and crazy imagination, so he decided to give them extra guidance during class to further nurture their talents. Who knows, maybe they might help him in the future, or one of their crazy ideas might inspire him one day.

After a few hours, class time soon came to an end and the students wondered how time passed so quickly. When they are in Professor Snape’s class, they feel like they spent eons there. However, when they are enjoying themselves in Professor Bones’ class, every time seems to end too quickly.

–Scene Break–

All the students had just walked out of Edward’s Class and were talking with one another with a happy smiles on their faces.

“The Class today was quite fun. I felt like l learned a lot.”

“Me too, who knew that Alchemy would be such an interesting and useful class. After making my first Protection Badge, I won a duel with a friend of mine who did not want to take Professor Bones’ class because of what he said at the beginning of the year.

“Me too, I won a few duels with my badge.”

“Forget about the duels, did anyone take notice of how much Galleons was wasted on all the materials we used today in class.”

“You are right. If we add on all the ones wasted on all the other classes, how much is Galleons?”

“Hmph, this is what I hate about you all muggle-born wizards, all of you have low visions,” suddenly said a Slytherin student.

“Adrian Pucey, what do you mean by that?”

Adrian Pucey gave these students that were talking about the cost of the materials of the Alchemy class a disdainful look.

“All you people care about is the cost of the class material, but failed to realize the truly valuable thing of that class: knowledge.

“According to my mother, the Alchemy book that we are using for class contained some of the most secret and valuable knowledge about alchemy that even some of the most ancient pureblood families envy and drooled after. However, Professor Bones is willing to give them for free.”

“Adrian is right,” added another Slytherin student. “I heard that many of the pureblood family from Sacred Twenty-Eight have written to Dumbledore and the Board of Governors and complained that such knowledge should not be taught at school.

“Luckily, the Bones family–as one of the members– have many allies on the Board, and with the support of the Headmaster, the complaints of these families were ignored.”

The muggle-born students were shocked after hearing this, as they did not know that so many political dramas occurred over one class. It was not just them who did not know about this; many other pureblood or magical families did not know any of this.

Of course, now, the entire school will soon hear about such juicy gossip.

–Scene Break–

Back in the classroom, after class was over, Edward was resting at his desk reading a book when he noticed something approaching him.

After raising his head, he saw a Patronus charm in the shape of a phoenix appearing in front of him; it opened its mouth and spoke:

“Professor Bones, if your class is over, please come see me in my office. The password is Sherbet Lemon.

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From the on, the chapters will be longer–at least 1100 words.


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