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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 38: Deathly Hallows (2) Bahasa Indonesia

“I will give you all my knowledge regarding space, time, and dimensions. It should be more than enough to finish constructing your little Gate.”

Edward was not that surprised that Death knew about the Gate of World. As probably the strongest existence in the Harry Potter Universe, there is probably nothing that he could not know or hide from his sight.

Edward guessed that if it was not due to the severe restriction placed on it, Death should be able to do anything it pleases in this Universe.

“That’s it? That’s all I get?” asked Edward, a little unwilling.

“What else do you want? To control the power of Law? In this world, there have been only two people that could control the power of Law: Merlin and Morgan Le Fey. However, it had nothing to do with their talents or understanding of magic,” replied Death calmly.

‘So, that power I felt in those Deathly Hallows was indeed the power of Law,’ secret thought Edward, however, his face did not show any abnormal reactions.

“What do you mean by those words,” asked Edward instead. He was truly intrigued by these two legendary figures.

“These are not secrets that you should be privy to,” replied Death in a mysterious manner. An act which frustrated Edward, well, at least, he looked that way on the surface.

He could guess some of the details of what Death was talking about.

If you think about it, those two people are very suspicious. Throughout countless universes and dimensions, there exist either their legends or a version of themselves. Why is that? What made them so special that their existence can reach across multiple multiverses and dimensions?

Are those different versions of them a clone of a truly powerful being? Are they somehow connected? And how powerful one has to be to reach the level of existing in countless dimensions?

Edward has at some point pondered these issues. And he believed that maybe one day, he will find the answer to these questions.

Meanwhile, Death was enjoying itself after seeing the look of annoyance on Edward’s face. Their last meeting left a bitter taste on its mouth, so it was enjoyable, making Edward uncomfortable.

“So, do we have a deal or not?” asked Death.

“No problem, but we still have to sign a binding magical contract.”

Edward took out his contract. Unfortunately for him, Death was able to see through all his little tricks with the demon language and erased them. An act which made Edward’s face a little ugly, however, Death was enjoying the entire process.

After the contract was signed, Edward then asked for a favor:

“I need you to recreate a replica of the Resurrection Stone. It does not need to have any ability, but it must look the same as the original one.”

“No problem,” responded Death. Then, with a wave of his hand, another stone looking exactly like the original Resurrection Stone appeared. However, Edward did not sense any mysterious power in it.

“I am guessing that you are going to use this stone to plan the death of the greatest white wizard of this century,” said Death.

“How do you know?” replied Edward with a look of shock on his face.

“Hehe, mortal, you could not possibly fathom the depth of my powers.”

Edward had a serious look on his face after hearing this, then he took out the fake stone and disappeared from the white room. However, he could still hear the sound of Death laughing echoing as he left.

After returning to reality, the somber and scared look on Edward’s face was gone, replaced by a deep sneer.

As a powerful Occlumens, he can easily control all his emotions, so how could he act in such a way in front of Death?

After taking a seat, he started thinking about all the things he learned from Death during their conversations.

‘First thing, it’s that Death has the power to predict someone’s time of death. This was shown when he knew that both Voldemort and Dumbledore would die. However, this power should not be absolute.

‘If I guess correctly, the Peverell Brothers in the story should have died while crossing that bridge, but they somehow manage to evade their Demise. That’s the reason that Death showed itself and used the Deathly Hallows to lure them to their deaths.

“Second, although Death is a powerful God, it still has a range of human emotions. He can get angry, frustrated, and so on. Not to mention his massive ego and his desire to show his power.’

Edward then spent a few hours thinking about his conversation with Death and reviewing all the information that he might have unknowingly released.

After that, Edward entered his Mind Palace where all the books he had read appeared in the form of a giant library. The Library was more like a city instead of an actual library due to how vast it was. Everything was perfectly categorized and Edward only needed to think of the book or knowledge he needed to review and it would appear in front of him.

He then located a book written by him with the simple title [An Analysis of the God of Death] and started updating it with all the information that he received today from their discussion.


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