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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 37: Deathly Hallows (1) Bahasa Indonesia

After absorbing all of Voldemort’s magical knowledge and research, Edward finally focuses on the Invisible Cloak that he borrowed from Harry Potter. Which was one of the Deathly Hallows.

After using his Alchemy Eye Charm on the cloak, Edward only came up with a bunch of blanks. None of his knowledge could help dissect the material or how the cloak was made.

However, Edward did discover very powerful energy or a mysterious power in this cloak, then an idea came to him. To verify this idea, Edward had to also examine the Resurrection Stone that was part of Gaunt’s family ring.

So, he apparated to the old shack, temporarily disarmed the Enchantment Protections, and took the ring out. This time it was easy for Edward to remove the ring as he knew what kind of curse that Voldemort placed on the ring.

Using such knowledge, he also temporarily disarmed the power of that curse and removed the Resurrection Stone from the ring. After that, he left after returning everything to its original state.

Back home, Edward then started to analyze this Stone and how it was made. However, his Alchemy Eye also did not provide him with much information except for the fact that the material of the Resurrection Stone was nothing but a very common or regular stone.

The real reason that this stone had such tremendous power was only due to the fact of the mysterious power inside of it.

Then, Edward started to remember the [Tale of The Three Brothers]. According to this story, the Resurrection stone was made from a random stone that Death took around the river, the Elder Wand was made from some random wood taken from a tree that was nearby.

Only the Invisibility Cloak was different; only the cloak came from a part of Death’s body.

With his previous conversation with Death, Edward had already determined that there was some truth to this story. By that logic, the only reason that these things became so powerful is due to the power of Death itself.

“The Power of Law?” muttered Edward to himself. Ever since he saw that strange power in the Invisible Cloak, he theorized that possibility.

Unfortunately for him, even if he knew the answer, he could not change anything. Edward has not even come close to the level of controlling the Law, so he is somewhat helpless when it comes to either studying or recreating an Alchemy item on the level of the Deathly Hallows.

However, Edward was not that bothered as he still had plenty of room to grow. Plus, he still had some use for these Deathly Hallows.

He first took out his wand and pointed at these two Hallows. Using his magical powers, he started to activate the Power of Law inside of them; it took a lot of his magic powers before succeeding. A dark light suddenly came from the Hallows, then Edward found himself inside a White Room with a tall hooded figure in front of him.

It was Death, and Edward knew that his plan had succeeded after seeing the menacing figure once again.

“Wizards, why are you summoning me again, didn’t we already reach an agreement?”

“You are correct,” responded Edward as he looked at this God up and down. “This time, I came to make another deal with you.”

“What deal?” asked Death a little intrigued.

“An exchange for knowledge about the soul, death, time, and space.”

“Interesting,” replied Death, who suddenly approached Edward, standing only less than a meter away from. Its figure was more than 15 feet tall, and It was quite intimidating. “And what do you offer in exchange?”

“The Soul of Voldemort.”

“Laughable. Why would I want the soul of a person that is destined to die.”

Edward frowned after hearing this, then he continued: “It’s true that he is destined to die, but his soul will never belong to you due to what he did with the Horcruxes. Once he dies, he is destined to be forever eliminated, not able to enter the afterlife or forever staying in limbo.

“However, what I propose is to gather his split soul, piece them back together and hand them over to you.”

Death became silent for a brief moment after hearing this proposition. It was truly interesting in the soul of such a powerful wizard. However, Edward was right as he was destined not to receive it since Voldemort had doomed himself when he split his soul into so many pieces.

“I can agree to your proposal, but I have certain conditions,” replied Death after contemplating.

“Please, elaborate.”

“For one, I cannot give you all my knowledge about souls and death.”

“Why not?” asked Edward with a deep frown on his face.

“I am the literal embodiment of the Laws of Death that govern this entire universe, can you fathom the amount of knowledge I have regarding the soul and death? And what repercussions would it have if such knowledge was in the hands of a mortal wizard?”

Edward had a deeper frown on his face after hearing this. He could probably understand Death’s meaning. Its understanding of the soul and death probably reached the level of Law, so it would never give such knowledge away–especially just for the sake of Voldemort’s soul.

“So, what is in it for me then?”


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