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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 265: Counseling (I) Bahasa Indonesia


The large tube full of green liquid suddenly opened and Edward’s naked body floated in the air. In just a moment, his body dried up and before he opened his eyes, his white and gold [Robe of Archmage] appeared on his body.

He opened his eyes and a momentary confusion flashed across his eyes. “Have we arrived?”

“Yes, master.”

He nodded his head as he looked at his hand. He waved his hand and a mirror appeared in front of him. He looked at his pale complexion as he sighed. His injuries were only about 70% healed, and given that it was his soul that was most affected, it would take some time before he could get back in full shape.

Despite this, Edward did not regret his somewhat reckless actions. After all, what he has to face in the future will only be worse.

Finally, he looked at the purple elf and asked: “How long has passed?”

“I have already sent a Space-Time Landing Coordinate. We should arrive a little over 3 years since we left.”

“3 years? That means the people of the Intergalactic Federation should be coming soon.”

After that, Edward asked Morgana to fill her in on what happened during the return voyage, and nothing much changed. She fixed the Void Shield and gathered enough void energy as a backup.

The Ather Core was now refilled up to 80% of its full capacity. During the voyage, Morgana continued to gather data on the Void and the energy reading discovered.

Additionally, one of the probes send might have encountered some sort of life form traveling in the Void. Unfortunately, the picture captured is very vague and nothing significant can be determined–except for the fact that some creatures might have evolved in this terrible place.

After reviewing all this information, Edward nodded before saying: “Let’s go see Old Man Merlin.”

Not long afterward, Edward found himself in front of the small log cabin with the old man waiting for him with tea.

“Drink this,” said Merlin as he handed a tube to Edward. After opening it, he saw a strange smoke inside the tube.

“What’s this?” he asked as drank it. However, the fog did not enter his mouth but through his nose and headed straight for his soul. Not long after, his complexion returned to normal as all his injuries were healed.

Edward even felt that some of the hidden problems he had because of experimenting with his soul were all gone. His mind began to work even better than usual.

“Good stuff, give me a few more.”

Seeming to expect this, Merlin gave him a bag.

“There are four inside, three for the injured one, and the last one for you to study.”

Edward nodded before placing the bag away and taking a sip of his tea while waiting for the old man to say something.

“I will not say anything regarding what Solomon revealed to you–not until you become Tier 11. However, I have a few things to talk to you about today. The first of which is about your wives.”

“What about them?” asked Edward in confusion.

“By now, you should have some ideas on how to become Tier 11. However, with the information revealed by Solomon, have you thought of the trouble that they will cause.”

“Trouble?” muttered Edward before his face became a little ugly; he realized what Merlin was hinting at. To become Tier 11, an individual needs to become the main counterpart of all the individuals across the multiverse.

That means that all the different versions of themselves across different timelines or dimensions are clones of themselves. If the main body dies, as long as one of the clones exists, they can be revived.

This is the meaning of a Multiversal Entity.

However, here comes the problem. Many people from Primordial Earths loved collected Waifus or their favorite fictional characters as their partners. Forget the fact that someone has a wife that looked exactly like Edward’s, the problem is that eventually, only one of them will become the main one.

All the other ones will eventually become clones, clones whose fate was in the hands of the main one. Because of this fact, a battle between all these Waifus is imminent in the future.

And all the people from Primordial Earth would want the version of their partners to become the main one.

“How long do I have?” asked Edward.

“A little bit of time. From what I know, there is a Rowena that just reached Tier 10 and a Hermione that is in Tier 9 and very closed to Tier 10. Both of them are far away from Tier 11, so you still have a little bit of time.”

Edward’s mind began to work rapidly. He had to ensure that his wives were the final victor, and if not, found another way for them.

“Thank you for the heads-up.”

“No problem,” said Merlin with a smile. “Now, for the second main topic today, it’s about [Authority] and Godhood.

“Although I know with your personality, I do not need to worry but I still need to warn you about becoming a Faith God. Normal God is fine, but never absorb faith.”

Edward nodded as he never liked the concept of Godhood in general; he was an Arcanist, a pursuer of truth, not some divine being that looked down on mortals and wanted their worship. Otherwise, with the Arcane Empire, he could have long become a God.

“I never liked the concept of Godhood anyway,” replied Edward.

“Well, in this universe, magic and energy are supreme.”

Edward frowned as he felt that these words had deeper meanings, but he could not truly be captured what that meant.

“You will know in the future,” said Merlin before continuing.

“Now, let’s talk about [Authority]. The way Gods use it and mages use it are entirely different. As the fundamental laws of any universe, it is considered one of the greatest forces or power any transcendent being can use.

“And to use that power, Gods linked their Soul or Spirit with these fundamentals Laws, essentially forging a contract with the universe itself to borrow the power of its fundamental Laws; to become the emissary, champion, or representative of the universe.

“However, the laws of each universe are different. So, if a God were to leave their universe to another, they would lose their ability to control [Authority], and be drastically weakened, unless they could forge another contract.

“And that would require them becoming a citizen of the new universe by changing the Imprint on their Soul.”

Merlin paused to give Edward some time to process the information. And Edward understood what he meant. One of the problems he has with the Reincarnation Spell that he developed involved the Identity Soul Imprint.

He learned that each individual has an imprint based on the universe in which they are born. So, when they go to other universes, they are considered aliens, foreigners, and can be noticed by the Will of the Universe.

Most of the universes that Edward went to were nonchalant about outside visitors, but if he went to a universe that was not, the moment he entered, he would be recognized and could suffer serious consequences.

So, he has been trying to find a way to hide his Identity Soul Imprint, or change it through the process of reincarnation. His main objective is to retain his memories while also forging a new Identity Soul Imprint related to the universe he is entering.

“I understand. So, what about magic users. How do they use [Authority]?”




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