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“There are four ways that magic users can use [Authority]. The first method is the one you used through creating magic items connected to the fundamental laws of the universe. The items usually served as the contractor instead of the mage itself.”

Edward nodded his head. His Death Staff and Time Staff fall into that category. And even the Deathly Hallows can also be considered for this category.

“As you can guess, this method has many downsides. Items can be stolen or destroyed, thus rendering their use useless. This method is usually used by mages that are mainly Artificers.

“The second method is also through contract like Gods, however, mages only used temporary contracts. By making transactions with the Will of the Universe, mages can borrow the power of [Authority], and the Will will receive something in return.

“However, this path is difficult as few things could interest a Universal Will; it usually has to be something that would benefit their entire universe. As such, not many people can use up this method.”

Edward nodded. For his plan to reach the Akashic Record to work, he also planned to make a deal with the Universe’s Will. This is the reason that he studied it greatly when he was in the Full-Metal Alchemist Universe, and why he paid such attention to the priests of the Fer Race.

“The third way is to secretly steal the power of [Authority] from the Universe Will. However, this method is very situational and usually requires great luck.”

“What do you mean?” asked Edward.

“Although powerful, the Universal Will is not almighty. Sometimes, they can have flaws in how they operate the universe–especially after a catastrophe or event that affected the entire universe.

“As long as mages take this opportunity, they can essentially leave a hidden door or virus at the universe’s core to borrow its [Authority] without the owner knowing.”

“That seems very dangerous.”

After hearing of this method, he remembered the method that Herpo used. Using the Death Chamber, he was able to find a loophole in the universe through ceremonial magic.

And this granted access to Death Authority. However, Herpo’s luck seemed to have run out as his ascension created a catastrophe that wiped out most of the people living in the solar system and ended the Lumerian Civilization.

Because of this, the Universal Will took notice of him and caught him in his act. Luckily, she did not wipe him out but instead imprisoned him to be the guardian of the Afterlife.

However, Edward has been wondering why their Solar System has its separate Afterlife from the entire universe? He did not think that the Universe Will create it, especially for Herpo.

Edward guessed that it was already there, and the Universe Will used this opportunity to find a guardian inside. So, who created it? The Lumerian did not seem to be that advanced.

“You’re right. If discovered, most mages would die under the full wrath of the Universe Will. Only if they are Tier 11 would they have a chance to survive.”

Edward nodded as he guessed as such. No matter what, the will of any universe will never be weak since they are in charge of the order of an entire universe. So, their wrath is not something that ordinary people can withstand.

Thinking of this, he suddenly remembered when he stole the [Authority] from the Full-Metal Alchemist World. His actions were even more horrible than leaving a hidden control to secretly borrow the power of [Authortiy].

By now, he understood that his actions were essentially stealing a core opponent of that entire universe–albeit only a small part. His actions fundamentally changed or weakened that universe.

No wonder, Truth–as the physical entity of the Universe Will–hated him with a passion and probably wanted to do anything to kill him.

“The final method is the most powerful; to be exact, the real orthodox way. Mages capable of doing this are considered elites among elites. And this method is referred to as Conceptual Magic or Law Magic.”

“Oh, what method?”

“Simple: Overwhelming the Universal Will with your own willpower and forcing it to give you control of certain [Authortiy]. To be precise, force it to sign a contract giving you access to the universe’s fundamental laws.”

Edward pondered for a moment. This method appeared easy, but there are too many things to consider. First, the willpower required to conquer the Universe Will is not something that most magic-user cannot reach in their entire life–especially in the early Tiers.

However, this is not the only problem. Granting access to [Authortity] did not mean that mages could use it. The strength of their soul have to reach a certain height, otherwise, it would be impossible for them to control such tremendous power.

Otherwise, they would face terrible backlash enough to annihilate their souls.

Furthermore, there is also the understanding of [Authortiy]. For example, if someone does not have a deep understanding of death magic or the concept of death, even if they could force the Universe Will to give him access, they would still not be able to use Conceptual Magic

Finally, there is the issue of mana or energy. Conceptual Magic not only requires a great deal of energy but also high quality or purity. Without sufficient reserve, magic users could only use a few Conceptual Spells.

Of course, Edward could see the advantage of this method: it can be used in any universe. As long as the person’s Willpower is strong enough, it did not matter much in what universe they were in since they could conquer most of them–except for these extremely powerful universes.

As long as mages take into account the difference in fundamental laws of different universes and adjust their understanding as such, there will be no problem.

“Conceptual Magic is very important–especially for when reaching the later Tiers. Although the sooner you can use it the better, there is still some requirement for Tiers. With your current strength, there is still a long way to go.

“I imagine that you won’t meet the requirement until Tier 9 or more.”

“I think you’ve underestimated me, old man.”

Merlin smiled as he handed two stones to Edward: one red and one blue. After taking them, the blue stone displayed the number 6, while the red one displayed the number 3.

“The soul requirement is 6? Well, better than I anticipated.”

“What do these numbers mean?”

“They measure the two most important requirements to use Conceptual Magic: Soul Level and Willpower. 5 is the number required for the weakest universe, and your soul has reached that number, but your willpower is far from it.

“By the way, in your universe, you need an 8 soul power and 9 Willpower.”

Edward looked at the two numbers in front of him with a speechless look.

“My willpower cannot be that weak?”

Willpower placed a great deal on controlling magic as well, so Edward was truly baffled.

“3 is not a bad number. Remember, this is measuring the requirement to fight head-on with the Will of an entire universe.”

Although Edward knew that the old man was right, he was still dissatisfied. However, a fighting desire overcame him. Since he knew where his weakness was, he would find a way to fix it.

He was never afraid of any challenge.

“It’s good to be motivated,” said Merlin before handing Edward a booklet. This was the way to force the contract with the Universe Will after defeating it; He had to comment on how brilliant this method was.

After that, the two chatted about many things–mostly magic and Merlin teaching him some experience and so on. Edward then asked about his “fellow senior brother”, Arthur, and Merlin straight up told him that he would not get along with him based on his morally gray views on doing things.

Edward shrink his shoulder as he did not care. However, he did decide to stay away from Arthur’s real body until he became more powerful.

Once the chat finished, Edward returned to the Floating City and returned home.

The entire Solar System’s Space Domain was properly controlled to prevent outsiders from teleporting directly there. However, these measures were set up by Edward so he knew how to ignore them.

So, while in Invisible Mode, the Floating City appeared above the Earth’s atmosphere, undetected by anyone.

However, Edward did not return quietly like the last time. Instead, he released a powerful spiritual pressure that encompassed the entire planet. Normal people could not feel that pressure; to be precise, only Tier 4 and 5 Arcanists can feel it.

And the moment they did, they all had one thought: The Emperor has returned, and he is even more powerful than before. Now, it was time for some of them to hide the little thought and actions deep in their minds.


Title: Citizen’s POV (I)


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