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Earth-666, Edward sat in a chair in the Floating City that was on the moon. Numerous tubes were connected to him through his spinal cord to heal his injuries, however, he still looked pale.

And it was not just him. In the different rooms, the others were also healing. However, the three of them were sleeping peacefully in tanks with green liquid on them to facilitate quicker healing.

As for why Edward did not follow then, it was because he still had something to do. While the battle was fresh in his memories, he wanted to reflect on it; think about how to improve, and distinguish the mistakes he made to prevent from repeating them.

‘Many of the enchantments in the city malfunctioned or did not function at full capacity when a large amount of energy was being used; they need to be fixed and updated.

‘I was too confident in the Void Shield and did not even have backup Void Energy in case it was broken. That needs to be changed.

‘The size of the Floating city can be both an advantage and a problem. So, I should add some enchantment to increase its size depending on the situation.’

A massive Floating City can be used as a weapon for physical confrontation, and turning into a pocket-size has many strategic uses like running away, sneak attacks, and high mobility.

Edward tapped on the arm of his chair as he pondered deeply about the recent battle.

‘My understanding and use of [Authority] are not nearly enough compared to the Gods, that needs to change. Reviewing the battle and how Yahweh’s use should help a lot.

‘I need to step up my understanding of Karma/Causality Magic. At the very least, I need to be able to defend against people capable of using it. Shani’s Mirror along with Hitler’s soul should help. And maybe even Dr. Jekyll’s Good and Evil research.

‘Creating the Anti-Divinity Weapon using Nick’s body is also on the agenda. Some Gods in my world should be more powerful than Yahweh even if they do not control as many [Authorities] like him. Killing all of them by himself would be too much. With this weapon, other Arcanists can help, and I might not even have to lift a finger.”

Edward’s plan has always been to make the Floating City a common weapon of Arcanists. Although only the most powerful ones will be able to travel to other universes, the regular ones should be able to travel across dimensions, including parallel ones.

Arcanists can then exchange or plunder resources and knowledge all over the multiverse. And having an Anti-Divination Weapon in each Floating City is a must.

And in the future, when the time is correct, he will even make the Omniversal Trave Technology public so that Arcanists of the Empire can also travel to other universes.

Of course, there will be strict rules on the people who can acquire this technology, and they will have to pay taxes on the universes or dimensions that they visit–especially the knowledge that they acquire.

The sound of his finger tapping echoed in the healing chamber.

‘The most powerful weapon of the city is the Void Cannon. Unfortunately, the cannon can only fire in a straight line, meaning that if the opponent dodged, the attack will fail. Currently, it is beyond my ability to fix this issue as the current knowledge of Void Energy is limited.”

All the cannons in the Floating City can be considered Spatial Weapons as they can ignore time and space to attack a great distance away. The only exception is the Void Cannon.

His wife, Rowena, is the leading expert in Void Energy; her knowledge has long surpassed him since that is her main field. Without her, he would never be able to make the cannon so rapidly.

However, even Rowena does not have any way to deal with this issue; so, Edward only has to wait.

‘Although I cannot fix this problem, I can alleviate it. Most powerful lifeforms have a form of danger pre-cognition, intuition, and even divination. So, what I have to do is place Anti-Divination or Anti-Danger Awareness on the cannon, affecting the ability of these people and making it very difficult for them to dodge the attack. Luna should be able to design these things.’

Edward’s mind was working rapidly as more ideas came to his mind. His already injured felt a slight throbbing, and more potion was injected to help. After massaging his temple lightly, he continued.

Right now, he was full of inspiration and wanted to take this opportunity.

‘Making the Void Cannon invisible or undetectable should increase its level of lethal. Rowena should be able to make the cannon invisible to both the naked eyes and the soul, however, sensitive people should be able to detect the energy fluctuation once the cannon is fired.

‘Reducing that level of fluctuation would require quite the finesse, but I’m sure she would be up to the task.’

Edward reviewed every detail of the battle while coming up with new ideas.

‘The Floating City is a weapon that should allow Arcanists to fight higher Tiers opponents. However, there is the issue of the difference in the essence of the soul.”

The most difficult moment in that battle was when Yahweh directly attacked the essence of his soul. No Arcanists will have Lily or Morgana to help if they faced such a situation, so a solution is required.

“The Floating City itself can be considered a powerful lifeform: it has a body, an energy core, and consciousness in the form of the Artificial Spirit or A.I. So, if they can link their souls to it like a Horcrux, this problem can be solved.

‘Any attack on the soul can be blocked by directing it to the city itself. Another upside to this is that it would be easier for them to control the massive energy coming from the Aether Core

“The downside is that with that link if the Floating City was destroyed, the Arcnanists would be heavily injured and even die from the backlash. So, is there a solution to this problem? The Arcanist can choose whether the link to the city is permanent or a temporary one, with the permanent having more control over the city while bearing more risks.

‘Or, the Gate of Truth can be used instead of the soul. The Gate is connected to the soul, so it is no problem to form the connection. The destruction of the Gate is not as harmful as the destruction of the soul, and it can be even rebuilt with the right resources.

‘Additionally, the Gate’s purpose is to amplify people’s senses and control of energy; meaning, with it, the amount of energy that Arcanists can use from the Aether Core would drastically increase.’

The Gate of Truth was created by a Tier 11 entity. And from what Edward learned from Merlin, Truth was on the verge of becoming a Tier 12 and broke free from the restraint of his universe.

And the Gate of Truth might place an essential component in his rise to power. Merlin even told him that Truth was a truly talented individual, and the Gate of Truth had great potential.

Although Edward knew how to create the Gate, he did not uncover all its secrets and potential.

‘The last problem to deal with is the Divine Kingdom Projection. The way it created an unfriendly zone for mana or magic reminds me of Domains in some novels and anime. I need to come up with a way for me and other Arcanists to counter it in the future.’

He pondered deeply as he continued to tap his finger on the shoulder.

‘Wait, Domain? That’s it. Arcanists need a domain of their own to be on part with the Divine Kingdom if not more powerful. So, how to create a domain? Release the mana from their bodies and control it like curse energy from Jujutsu Kaisen? Or maybe a method similar to Reality Marbles from Fate Series? Maybe a combination of the two? I’ll have to wait when I go to these worlds first.’

After coming to this conclusion, Edward realized that he needed to reach the Akashic Records as soon as possible. This is the only way for him to be able to choose which world to travel to instead o relying purely on luck.

So, Edward took a deep breath to calm his thought.

“Morgana, place all my ideas on a folder and use some of them to design the second generation of the Floating City.”

“As you wish,” said the little elf as she created a folder in her server with the title Floating City 2.0. “Anything else?”

“I’m going into cryosleep. You can fix the shield on your own and head straight home. Wake me up when we arrived.”

After that, Edward also enters a large tube with green liquid to heal his injuries.


Title: Counseling (I)


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