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Space-Time Authority, Creation Authority, Guardian Authority: Infinite Dimension.

Yahweh mobilized all his most powerful [Authority] that could help him survive this attack. And once he did this, cracks like a mirror breaking could be seen appearing in the path of the dark gray energy cannon which was the Void Cannon fired by the Floating City.

All the mirror-breaking cracks that appeared on its path are actually dimensions the size of universes being erased from existence. To block this attack, Yahweh created countless universes and placed them on the path of the cannon.

It only takes less than a second for the dense and concentrated void energy to destroy these universes, however, right after that, another one will appear in his place.

Meanwhile, blood was dripping from Yahweh’s eyes, noses, and ears. It is not simple for him to mobilize the power of so many [Authorities] at once and control them so perfectly. Not to mention the vast amount of divine energy required to power up such a spell.

He could foresee that his injury will further be aggravated after this fight, and only if he survived. Yahweh could feel that his Divine Kingdom was crumbling because of the massive amount of divine energy he was siphoning from it.

As a result, many of the mortals in Heaven died because of this, their souls forever destroy. However, he did have time to care about these things now. As long as he was alive, he could find ways to gather more believers, and not long afterward, there will be plenty more mortals in Heaven.

So, Yahweh focused on creating countless dimensions to block this attack. He was truly horrified by how destructive this energy that he has never seen before was.

It seems to contain both time and space, and could erase them at the same time; it was like it could return everything to a form of nothingness, and create things from the same nothingness.

Yahweh focused to remove these thoughts from his mind; he wanted to move out of the way of this energy beam, unfortunately, he realized that this was more difficult than expected.

A slight error and he might be hit and be erased.

Meanwhile, Edward was looking at everything with calm eyes. His tactic was to use the cosmic energy to create an illusion of the Floating City, move behind the enemy and kill him with the Void Cannon.

Everything went smoothly except for the fact that his opponent had some keen intuition about danger and acted in time.

“Master, our energy has reached the point that we need to run away.”

Edward nodded. Although he wanted to be the final victor in this battle, he understood that it was very difficult to kill a being of that Tier with his current method–especially one who controlled countless [Authorities].

Forget about killing Yahweh, he probably could not prevent the other from running away. And in the current shape of him, the team, and the Floating City, they could not battle any longer.

They had reached their limits.

Nevertheless, he still had one last attempt.

Yahweh kept gathering divine energy as reserved while using some to keep defending. After gathering the necessary amount that he felt was right, he instantly created a thousand universal-size dimensions to place in the path of the cannon, then, he moved out of the way.

Unfortunately for him, the moment he moved, Edward acted.

Obscurius Sword.

Bellatrix has long developed ways to create Artificial Obscurus, and they are considered one of the most powerful weapons of the Empire. Before the Void Cannon was created, this was the weapon that Edward had prepared against the Gods since it was one of the few things that could work on the gods’ [Authority].

Although now the Void Cannon existed, it still was not as flexible in terms of use compared to the Obscurius.

The moment Yahweh evaded the cannon, a gigantic black sword made of Obscurius descended on him with unparalleled speed. He only managed to move his body slightly to the left, however, the sword still hit his right arm, and instantly sever it.

The moment the sword touched his shoulder, he felt something eating up his essence. And the moment, his arm was severed, a great chunk of his Divine Essence was also removed with it.

Yahweh knew that healing that arm would not be something as simple as regrowing it; he had to make up for the loss of essence.

Edward sighed after seeing this.

“I guessed an arm is more than enough compensation.” With this one arm, he could study many things and do a lot of things. After all, this was the body part of a divine being; one of the highest Tiers.

“Alright, Morgana, let’s go.”

Under the little elf’s control, the Floating City left the Mirror Dimension and traveled to another parallel dimension. The reason that Edward did not leave this world was that the Void Shield was broken, and without it, a great deal of the Floating Cities would be destroyed in the voyage.

So, he had to take some time to rebuild it before returning home.

Meanwhile, Yahweh looked at his missing arm for a moment before placing his attention on his Divine Kingdom. Under his will, the kingdom stopped cracking and returned to normal; at least, it appeared so.

Then, he modified the memories of the surviving souls in the kingdom before leaving the Mirror Dimension. He gazed at the now completely empty Earth and muttered:

“This may be an opportunity for me.”

He waved his hand and all the technological advancement of the modern world disappeared, turning the planet into a period similar to the Jurassic era. All the continents instantly fit together into a whole and a brand new race of humans was created by him.

Finally, two souls appeared in front of Yahweh and he used his power to create a new body for them. These two souls were in fact his angels, however, now, they were only Tier 5 angels.

“Go to these new humans to preach my name and help them develop technology as rapidly as possible.”

Yahweh did not lose his goal of reaching higher realms, and his next development was in the multiverse. He raised his eyes to look at something deep in the universe and a slight fear flashed across his eyes.

Finally, he entered deep under the ocean to continue his sleep and recovery.

Meanwhile, two old men were watching this entire battle. However, they seemed to exist in a realm of existence that belonged only to them. One of them had a blue magical robe on him, while the other had a white robe similar to Roman’s Toga.

“So, what do you think of my apprentice?” asked the old man in blue.

“Sir Merlin, you have accepted a fine apprentice.”

“Come on, Yahweh, you can speak freely. As the God closest to becoming an Aspect, there is no need to be reserved.”

Yahweh smiled wryly but did not take these words to heart. He was still two tiers from becoming an Aspect, so he did not dare accept such compliment. Although he was considered the god with the utmost talent, unfortunately, the path he chose to become an Aspect made him enemies of all the other gods. And he even blocked the ascension path of the majority of them.

“To be honest, sir, in terms of current strength and talent your apprentice can only be classified in the upper-middle level of the Aspect’s Apprentices.”

Merlin nodded his head in agreement.

“However, in terms of potential, he might be on par with these guys.”

Yahweh knew the current most powerful Aspect’s Apprentices were very scary individuals, breaking through the Tier 12 level at a very high speed. However, all these guys have terrifying cheat-like abilities that were either granted to them by Primordial Earth, or they were born with them.

However, there is a group of them called the Golden Generation. These apprentices grew up relying solely on their effort, hard work, and countless trial and tribulations to reach high tiers.

Their master ensured that they did not rely on any Golden Finger or Cheat-like Abilities to grow. The member of the Golden Generations were all referred to as Potential Aspects.

Yahweh could tell that Merlin wanted to train his apprentice to that level, however…

“If you want to say anything, do it,” said Merlin.

“Honestly, sir, your disciple seemed too soft. His life has been too smooth and he hardly faced any true difficulties so far in his magical path.”

Merlin did not say anything as he understood the reason for Yahweh saying these words. All the members of the Golden Generation have gone through hell. Their master ensured that during their rise.

However, Merlin did not like this method as he saw the downside of it. All the members of that generation are cold, ruthless, and will do anything for the sake of victory, for power; they have no bottom line.

In the current situation of the war, this is indeed a good mentality to have. However, being too ruthless is not necessarily a good thing. For example, abandoning their companions when they showed the slightest weakness is a common thing that the member of the Golden Generation often does.

Additionally, all of them are very individualistic and refused to work together. Everyone under them is a pawn to achieve a goal, sometimes even their friends and families

Merlin did not want his apprentice to become like them. He did not mind him being ruthless and indifferent, but there needs to be some measure. This is the reason that he did not train Edward like his other peers.

He wanted him to have the right amount of coldness, and the right amount of compassion. And maybe, one day, he can influence the others and show them a better way.


Based on the poll, the final winner is Harem. So, Lily will be married to the two of them; this should be an interesting dynamic.

Title: Reflection


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