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As soon as Edward saw this attack, he knew that in the current state of the Void Shield, it would not be able to stop it. He even guessed that this was one of Yahweh’s most powerful attacks; the most powerful attack of a Tier 10 God capable of wiping out an entire universe.

How terrifying is that?

The Milky Way Galaxy is 100,000 light-years in diameter, while this universe is 193 billion light-years, making it larger than Primordial Earth’s universe as it was only recorded to be 93 billion light-years in diameter.

Although the size of this world is nothing compared to Edward’s homeworld, this did not change the fact that Yahweh’s attack–which was capable of instantly destroying everything in a 193 billion light-years diameter–was terrifying.

The overall size of a universe determined how strong the Tier 10 individuals are. For example, there is a vast difference between a Tier 10 God that can destroy or create a universe of 90 billion light-years and one that can do the same for 500 billion-light years.

Nevertheless, as a Tier 6 Arcanist that has to rely on his Floating City to reach Tier 9, this attack was truly beyond Edward’s capability. Luckily, he also planned for the worse.

The Void Shield managed to buy the group a little time; to be precise, buy Lily some time.

A crystal appeared on her hand and she injected mana into it. Then, an illusory image of Harry Potter appeared in front of her. She closed her eyes as she used a spell:

Ancient Magic: Love Protection.

Her love protection magic is most powerful when Harry is next to her. However, she could not bring him to such dangerous adventures, at least not yet. However, Lily created this crystal with Harry’s imprints to take his place, essentially hypnotizing herself and her magic that her son was next to her.

An enormous white illusory shadow suddenly appeared behind her; the shadow was beautiful, ethereal, even divine. Anyone who sees would think that a Goddess had descended on the mortal plane.

Her appearance vaguely resembled Lily’s, yet, they were still different; it was as if she was a higher self or version of Lily.

The illusory shadow embraced the Floating City like a mother embracing her child, protecting it from the winds and rain of life.

After the dark sphere, everything in the mirror dimension was gone, leaving only a maelstrom of chaotic energy. The Death Abomination was also instantly annihilated on an atomic level.

In the end, there probably was no matter left in that area–except for the Floating City and Yahweh–that would not be affected by his own spell.

The giant illusory shadow slowly dissipated after protecting the city. Meanwhile, Lily suddenly rapidly began to age. In just a few seconds, she turned into an old woman with gray hair and wrinkles all over her body.

A chair appeared behind her as well, making her the last person in the group to seat down. A tube was implanted into her spin from the chair injecting something into her body. Then, she returned to a middle-aged look.

However, the process only lasted a few seconds before she once again aged. After going back and forth from old age to middle-age for almost a minute, she finally stopped in her middle-aged looked.

A closer look would reveal that she was regaining her youth, however, the process appeared to be very slow. At this point, everyone in this battle had basically reached their limits.

And Edward knew that this was the best opportunity to take down his opponent–especially since he must be running low on divine energy. Compared to him, he should still have some mana since Morgana has not warned him that they reached a critical level.

Unfortunately for him, Yahweh felt the same way as him and acted much quicker. Something appeared behind him; it was the projection of a large world with countless people dressed in white drinking, laughing, and talking with one another.

Joy, happiness, and contentedness radiated from these people. Everything they do seems genuine.

“Divine Kingdom Projection,” said Edward with difficulty. The Gods in his world have their own Divine Kingdom and inside said kingdom, they are considered the most powerful.

Their powers are amplified by countless times, the use of [Authortiy]. becomes easier, and they can easily replenish their divine energy. However, the Divine Kingdom exists only in the Outer Realm and cannot appear in the mortal plane.

However, a projection of it can be manifested, thus drastically increasing the strength of the gods. So, Edward knew that he was in trouble once Yahweh manifested something similar.

And he was right.

A massive amount of reserved divine energy entered Yahweh’s body to make up for his loss. Then, he immediately acted. By now, he had observed and analyzed his opponent and discovered his weakness: the soul.

The essence of Tier 10 Universal individuals is leagues above Tier 6 ones. So, although Edward can use a massive amount of energy to make up the gap in combat power, he cannot make up the essence of the soul.

Darkness Authority: Gaze of God.

Then, Edward saw two giant eyes directly appear in his Soul Dimension, looking straight at his soul. Immediately afterward, cracks suddenly appeared in the dimension, and his soul was rapidly becoming more transparent.

Two shields suddenly appeared to protect his soul, one cast by him while the other was created by Lily. Unfortunately, these things only delayed the speed at which his soul was fading away. On top of that, more cracks kept appearing in the place.

Edward finally understood the saying, “Mortals should not look at God.” The essence of mortals and Gods was too vast, so directly looking at a higher being will lead to death.

Although Edward was not a mortal and was considered a transcendent being, it did not change the fact that there were more than 4 tiers between him and Yahweh. As such, the essence of his existence, the essence of his soul had a huge difference

Nevertheless, despite his dangerous situation, he still could think rationally. He controlled the Gate of Truth to emit a strange energy surge that stabilized the Soul Dimension and prevent more cracks to appear and eventually destroy it.

Then, he roared: “Morgana.”

“On it, master.”

The little elf knew what he meant by that roar. Her main server was essentially the remains of a very powerful creature and that creature had a very high Divine Essence.

So, she linked it to Edward’s Soul to block that powerful spell. Edward felt a strange power nourishing his soul, but he did not absorb it but used it to prevent himself from dying instead.

With that strange power, he was able to stop the attack and sighed in relief.

“Master, we are not out of danger yet. The Divine Kingdom Projection has created a magic unfriendly zone in the surroundings.”

“What does that mean exactly?”

“Well, many of the enchantments of the city have stopped working, and casting spells become almost impossible.”

‘Is this the power of the Divine Kingdom? No wonder the gods ruled my universe.’

Edward has gathered much data on the gods of this world and created simulated battles with them. However, he has never actually fought a real god before so there are many things that he does not know.

“You said that it was almost impossible to cast spells, not impossible. So, what method do you have?”

“I have analyzed that the power of the Divine Kingdom has a weak effect against Cosmic Energy. So…”

Edward understood her meaning. Although cosmic energy is only in the preliminary stage of study in the Empire, it can still be used to do some basic things.

“Alright. I know what to do.”

While Edward was having this conversation with Morgana inside his mind and planning his next move, Yahweh was slightly surprised as he thought that this attack would be the end of his opponent.

Since this attack did not work, he would use another one. However, the moment he was prepared to take action, Yahweh suddenly felt a terrible premonition of death coming from being him.

He turned around to see the Floating City appearing behind him and firing a dark gray energy cannon.

‘How did they appear behind me? I blocked the space to prevent teleportation.’

However, Yahweh knew that this was not the time to think about these things, because he knew that if that attack hit, he would be dead for sure.


So, I need to make a poll with you guys. Do you think that Lily should end up with Snape, her husband Potter, or would you prefer for her to have a harem with the two of them? Please comment your answer down below and I will decide the final outcome of this couple.

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