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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 261: Battle With A God (IV) Bahasa Indonesia


Two staffs floated in front of him: one darker than the abyss, while the other was grey. A gloomy, depressing, and death-like aura emanated from the black one, while a dreamy and ethereal vibe came from the gray one.

The Death Staff and the Time Staff, Edward used the [Death and Time Authority] he stole from Truth to make these staffs. These two staffs are considered two of the most powerful magical items in the Empire after their creation.

Truth be told, Edward made two Death Staffs; for the second one, he combined the Deathly Hallows into one staff, however, he left that one back in the Empire as a safety measure.

He brought the other two because he wanted the difference in [Authortity] between different universes. One thing he noticed was that the strength of these authorities drastically decrease once they arrived in another universe.

So, after research, Edward modified them so that they can fit the [Death Authority] of the Harry Potter Universe, and when he came to this world, he also had to study and modify them to fit this world.

The gray staff floating in front of Edward shone brightly as he used a spell: Time Erasure. An enormous clock suddenly appeared on top of Yahweh’s head, then, the vivid cloak slowly became illusory.

As it did so, Yahweh discovered that his body was also fading. He knew that once that clock disappeared, his existence would be forcibly erased from this current timeline; it would be as if he never existed.

The more than a billion years that he has lived would be erased. All the people he met, all the things he accomplished and all the impact he had on the entire universe would be erased as if they never happened.

‘What a brilliant spell,’ he thought before pointing his finger at the clock above.

Time Nullification.

Cracks appeared on the clock before it disappeared and canceling the spelling. Then, Yahweh cast a spell of his own.

Time Clones.

Then, nine other blue giants that looked exactly like Yahweh appeared. They raised their hands and a white sphere appeared in their hands.

“Light Judgement,” they all said in unison.

Edward became serious as he could hear cracking noises coming from the mirror dimension. This is a sign that this attack has reached a level that the dimension cannot bear and it showed signs of breaking.

That also meant that this attack reached Tier 10 in scope,

Immediately, he cast another spell, and it was the same spell as Yahweh. He understood that the Time Clones is essentially Yahweh calling different versions of himself at different moments in time.

For example, the Yahweh five minutes from now or the one five minutes in the past. And each of these versions appeared in the present and served as temporary clones.

A very complex magic circle that seemed alive and moving instantly appeared in Edward’s Soul Dimension. Then, a few other Floating City appeared next to him. However, unlike his opponent, he only created 3 clones for a total of 4 cities counting the original one.

Then, the Void Shield of the four Floating Cities expanded and fused. And the exact moment, they did this, a pillar of light was so enormous and bright that it could be seen throughout the entire universe.

If this was not the Mirror Dimension, all the species, races, or civilizations of the universe would be able to see that pillar of light, no matter how many trillions of light-years away they were.

Once the light faded, more cracks appeared on the shield of the Floating City. However, soon afterward, all the clones–including Yahweh’s– disappeared.

Meanwhile, Edward was breathing heavily with sweat dripping on his forehead. A floating chair suddenly appeared behind him and he sat on it. In his current shape, he could barely stand up.

He waved his hand and the two staff floating in front of him.

Death Authority Spell: Summons of the Dead.

However, this was not an ordinary summon. Edward used the Time Staff to summon all people who have died throughout history. Any creatures, from past, present, and future, as long as they died at some point were summons.

These creatures included humans, animals, and humanoid species. Alien species–both magical and non-magical. Unfortunately, after the number of people summoned reached a certain number, Edward realized that the spell was forcibly stopped.

Then, these creatures fused; Hermione even controlled her summons to participate in this fusion.

The Abomination of Death.

That’s the name of that spell. Edward watched an all-black creature with one red eye, countless tentacles appeared in front of him. In terms of size, it was even bigger than Yahweh.

The moment this creature, everything in thousands of galaxies died: matter, dark matter, energy, and even many concepts of order. All of them just died.

All the angels summoned by Yahweh instantly decayed and died just by looking at this creature; their souls completely destroyed. Luckily for some of them, Yahweh managed to protect their souls and put them away, however, their bodies were gone.

When the creature appeared, for a brief moment, Edward felt that he was about to lose control of it. He used a great deal of his willpower to forcibly control this spell, then rapidly ordered the creature to attack.

An infinite amount of tentacles seemed to come from its eyes as it attacked Yahweh, who immediately created a shield around him to block, however, no matter which type of shield he used, they would turn black before disappearing.

Essentially, the shields died after coming into contact with this abomination of a creature, which was the manifestation of the horror of death itself. And it was not just the shields, any divine spells used by Yahweh suffered the same fate.

They all died.

Then, the creature attacked Yahweh directly. The blue giant had a very powerful physique and was also a mighty warrior. So, he threw countless punches to block the tentacles.

Although they were many and nonstop, not a single one managed to bypass Yahweh’s defense. However, he suddenly teleported a great distance from the creature.

He realized that each of these attacks was corroding his Divine Essence, rapidly bringing him closer to death. As a Tier 10 God, he can live as long as the universe itself.

As such, his essence is Immortal, so he does not have to worry about his lifespan. However, this creature can corrode his Immortal Essence and take his lifespan away. Each time that his fist touched one of the tentacles, he lost millions of years of his life.

Normally, this would be nothing to him, but this time, he could not recuperate the time he lost, meaning that if spent more time fighting, he would eventually die of old age.

Yahweh looked at the creature and used another spell:

Death Authority: Soul Control.

He wanted to take control of Death Abomination and turned it against his creator. In terms of understanding and controlling of Death Authority, he was leagues ahead of Edward.

Yahweh’s Divine Will entered the creature’s Soul Dimension and in just a few seconds, he took 30% of the creature’s control from Edward. However, the creature suddenly opened his mouth a spewed out a green gas.

The green gas ignored the distance between the two and enveloped Yahweh.

‘Poison? How could any poison work on me?’

Normal poison would of course not work as most gods are immune to most poisons. However, this was a unique poison created with the effort of Hermione and Snape.

While Edward was summoning the dead across the space-time continuum, Hermione was doing the same thing with magical herbs and poison under the guidance of Snape, who used his talent to quickly analyze the essence of these herbs and create a poison strong enough to work on a Tier 9 God.

Green veins could be seen appearing on Yahweh’s blue body, and a slight groan came from his mouth, showing his pain. The poison was directly affecting his divine energy, making it impossible to use a large part of it.

Adding on the Energy Draining Curse that was still on his body, he knew that it would only be a matter of time before he ran out of energy. At that time, he would only be able to use Soul Related Spell, and their strength would be drastically decreased.

‘It’s time to end this,’ thought Yahweh.

Destruction Authority: Ultimate Destruction.

A small, dark sphere the size of a basketball appeared on his enormous hand. Time and space seemed to freeze once the sphere appeared, then, it instantly appeared above the Floating City before exploding.

“LILY,” screamed Edward once he saw what happened.




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