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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 252: Return Bahasa Indonesia

“It’s time to leave,” said Edward to Chloe.

“So, soon.”


“Can I watch?”

“You want to see how I conquer the Earth?”

“Yes. I want to see how powerful you are.”

“It’s fine if you want to watch, but you’ll be disappointed if that is your main objective.”

Chloe then proceeded to contact her brother. As for her parents, she did not have a great relationship with them as they were practitioners of dark magic. Both of them died in a confrontation with another dark witch,

Edward asked her if she wanted him to revive them and she refused. She had long accepted their death and moved on with her life. Once everything was finished, Edward placed her brother in cryosleep inside the spaceship he built.

To him, building a spaceship was easy as long as he had the material available. And even if he did not have the material, he could still use transmutation and matter manipulation to create the necessary ones.

July 15, 2017, was a normal day for all the people of Earth. People went on their day normally by either going to work, to school or doing something that they usually do. That also includes the witches and warlocks that secretly live in society disguised as ordinary people.

Then, a giant shadow seemed to cover the entire North American continent. When people raised their heads, to their surprise and horror, they discovered a humongous ship floating on top of their heads.

People were scared and panicked, while the witches muttered that this day finally arrived. Then, all the screens in the world started to broadcast a view of the ship at the same time.

Government across the world–although had heard the news of this “invasion”–did not really take it seriously and thought it was some rumors released by the witches for some nefarious purpose.

So, when this day actually arrived, they panicked as they tried to deal with the situation. Their first action was to take control back of the community system of their relative nations.

Unfortunately, that process failed. So, a UN of the most powerful country was rapidly gathered to discuss how to deal with this situation. Not long after the meeting began, the broadcast of the ship finally changed.

A picture of a handsome young man with blue eyes and black hair manifested. He was wearing a gorgeous white robe with a gorgeous design in gold. He had a crown on his head with a scepter that had a blue gem on top.

Behind him stood four people or giants, They were more than 5 meters tall, and each of them was made of the four elements: fire, wind, earth, and water.

This image displayed both beauty, elegance, and majesty. The young man in the broadcast began to speak:

“Hello, people of Earth, my name is Edward Bones. Today will be both a day of fear for all of you but also a day of celebration. Fear, because you will learn that in the vast universe, you are not alone and the consequences of being weak.

“Celebrate, because you were lucky to be discovered by the Arcane Empire, a place where your natural rights as people will be guaranteed and not be enslaved. A place where you can learn magic, study the mystery of the soul, pursue longevity, conquer dimensions, play with death, and so many more.

“Now, I ask you to surrender without resistance as that would be futile. The less blood is shed, the better it will be for your integration in the Empire.”

As soon as the broadcast ended, mass hysteria and panic spread throughout every country on the planet. People began to wonder whether the end of the world had ended, some people question whether the words of that young man were credible, others were excited at the future painted by Edward, and many prepared to fight to their last breathe defending their home.

No matter the reaction, all earthlings knew that their lives would forever be changed on that day.

Governments all over the globe tried to appease the people to the best of their abilities while also discussing further actions. Many countries wanted to surrender just based on the massive size of that ship as they argued that the technology displayed by it was enough to show the power of the invader.

Not to mention that this was only one ship and there might be an Interstellar Empire supporting this invasion. However, countries like the United States, China, Russia, Great Britain, and France decided on using nuclear weapons, not taking into account the future ramification of their actions.

The only that currently mattered was surviving this disaster. To them, as long as they can destroy this ship and salvage the debris, the technology of Earth could rapidly develop in the Space Age.

These countries did not waste time taking action. Hundreds of nukes were launched on the ship. Edward expected this outcome and wanted them to act this way.

His main objective is to spread fear in the heart of the people so that it becomes easier to manage them once they return to the Empire. Once the attacks reached the ship, Edward did not rely on the ship to stop them.

Instead, he appeared outside while floating in the air. The moment the nukes exploded, he waved his hand and a giant dome surrounded the explosion. Then, the dome compressed all the explosion, heat, and radiation of more than a hundred nukes into an orb the size of a marble.

His actions were broadcast to the entire world, bringing a great shock to the entire planet. People finally understood what he meant by magic and guessed that his words were not nonsense.

Then, at some point, some people begin to kneel on the ground calling him “God.” This act seems to start somewhere before spreading all over the globe. Billions of people kneeling on the floor, across different countries, continents, and oceans.

Although it was not all of them, the majority did it.

Edward could see all of this, then he spoke, his voice echoing through the mind of every single individual on the planet.

“There is no need to kneel or worship me as I am not a god, but an Arcanist. I was once a weak mortal like many of you. But through magic, through years of training and studying, I acquired the power I have today,

“And since I can do it, so can all of you; the chances will be given so it is only a matter of whether you can seize it or not.”

After he said these words, these people felt a gentle power that lifted them from the ground. Many people’s eyes were full of desire as a seed called ambition was planted in their minds.

After all, who does not want to be extraordinary by wielding the power of magic?; who would not want to have the power of a God?

Nodding his head in satisfaction, Edward raised his hand again, and a magic circle that surrounded the entire planet appeared in the sky. Then, all the people fell to the ground, asleep.

It was a simple sleeping spell.

Finally, countless Space Doors appeared all over the world as a large army of rock golems marched from them. They begin to carry people in bulk through the portals that led to the ship Edward had built.

Edward could have used a spell to carry the people, however, he was too lazy to use so much work and mana, so he left it to the robots–albeit this was a little time-consuming.

He took a sip of the drink that he just made himself, looked at Chloe that was next to him, and asked: “How do you feel?”

“Nuclear weapons–mankind’s greatest weapon–were dealt with as if they were nothing but child play,” she muttered, still in shock.

“It’s not that surprising. Nuclear weapons are only considered Tier 5 and 6 weapons. And they can only work if there are a great number of them and if they hit. Otherwise, even a Tier 3 and lower Arcanist can teleport away from the blast radius.”

Chloe sighed and did not say anything more. A few hours later, the golems brought all the people to the cryo beds inside the ship, even Chloe was sent there. Edward had to wait until they return to the Floating City before modifying their memories.

Once everything was finished, he sent the spaceship to his personal pocket dimension, which is also called a Demiplane.

Then, he used his newly improved Interdimensional Travel Spell to return to Earth-125.


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