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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 253: Last Preparations Bahasa Indonesia

In the middle of New York, a space breach suddenly appeared, alerting all the people in the street. Then, a man who was missing one arm popped out of the breach.

“This time, I only lost one arm, no other injury including my soul. After a few tweaking, the spell should be completed.”

After muttering these words, Edward finally looked around to see many people looking at him in shock and terror. He snapped his finger and all the memories of the people who saw him were erased.

“Morgana, make sure to erase all my digital traces,” said Edward out loud after realizing that he was in modern time. The last time he left, it was only in the 1950s, so that can only mean that something went wrong with his spell as he should have returned to a time closer to when he left.

“I’m guessing many things have happened since my absence. Luckily, I was prepared beforehand.”

As he walked away, his arm began to grow back. At the same time, he reconnected to the clone he previously left and reviewed the memories of what happened in the past more than 60 years.

“So, it is 2014, only 3 years until the Mummy’s reboot. Enough time to prepare.”

Then, he immediately teleported to the Floating City based on his connection with it. He desperately wanted to see Hermione. Although only a few months passed for him, she has not seen him for decades, well, at least, his real body

He appeared in a room where she appeared to be waiting for him. Immediately, she jumped into his embrace.

“Did Morgana tell you the news? I wanted to surprise you.”

“How can you be gone for so long? I miss you.”

“I’m sorry, something went wrong with my spell, and I miss you too,” replied Edward as he gave her a passionate kiss.

“Don’t think I will easily forgive you because of your sweet words.”

“I know a better way to get your forgiveness.” Edward lifted her from her posterior before teleporting to an empty room with a large bed.

Three days later, the two of them walked out of the room. They sat together and brewed some tea before talking.

“I see that you have reached Tier 6,” said Edward.

“Not just me, but Snape and Lily too.”

Edward nodded as he was not surprised. With these guys’ talent, plus the Divine Potion from the Pool of Eternal Life, that was expected of them.

“Anything interesting occurred?”

“Yes. We went to visit the Blank Realm and we caught many Warrior-Class Novad and a Novad Queen.”

“I’m guessing it was not easy.”

“You’re correct about that. She was a Tier 8 in terms of technology. Luckily, the Floating City was triumphant in the end.”

“The Novad race is a great addition to the Empire. When we return, we can explore if there is a Blank Realm home and if there is a similar species evolved from there.”

While the two were talking, Snape and Lily came to see them and the group had a deep conversation regarding their lives during Edward’s absence.

Snape developed many new potions during this time. The ability he gained after absorbing the Philosopher’s Stone of Aether Stone after advancing to Tier 5 is called [Combination].

It allowed him to instantly see different combinations of any magical herbs, making it easier for him to develop different potions based on any magical herbs. The only downside is that the more combinations he sees, the heavier the toll on his soul, body, and mana.

Plus, Snape often complained that his talent remove some of the fun of studying potions and herbs. So, unless necessary or he felt like it, he rarely use it.

Edward then gave him the potion system of Earth-234 and he was indeed interested in the ways that they treat all herbs–even non-magical–ones in magical ways through a process similar to enchanting them.

As for Lily, she developed her Druid Magic which relied on creating contracts and gaining the approval of nature to gain its power. However, she was prepared to do further tests and develop a complete doctrine before spreading it.

Additionally, she had an idea on how to allow others to be able to utilize Love Magic. The idea comes from how Gods would bless their chosens champions. She would choose people that are worthy and blessed them with the power of Love Magic so that they can use it.

Unfortunately, although she had the idea, for now, she did not have the ability.

Hermione was working on a spell that allowed her to borrow the power of her summons. For example, she was currently Tier 6 and could summon two Tier 7 summons. The spell would allow her to borrow their powers and momentarily have the power of Tier 7.

Edward was satisfied with the progress of these two. After all, they were the backbone of the Empire. So, once everyone finished talking and he explained what happened to him on his voyage, he said:

“We should prepare to leave soon.”

After hearing this, all of them sighed while nodding. This experience has been eye-opening for all three of them. This universe looked exactly like their Earth, yet it was completely different.

The history was the same, but all the people were different. The magic system was different, and the magical culture and history were also different.

As Arcanists, they are trained to ask questions, to be curious. So, they wonder why Earth exists in two different universes? They could understand that there may be some secrets behind this, a secret that they are not powerful enough to learn, but it did not stop them from wondering, from asking questions.

After the meeting, Edward went to check on Morgan; he tasked her to acquire some things that he wanted to bring back home. Inside a storage room, Edward focused on three items that he was paid the most attention to.

One of them was a rack full of many tubes of blood. These blood were from all the “main protagonists” that he met in this world, including Frank and Lilith, The O’Connells, Indiana Jones, and so on.

All these people are beings of great luck–especially Indiana Jones. Edward sincerely did not know how this guy survived some of his adventures as only pure luck could explain it; he even survived a nuclear explosion by hiding inside a refrigerator.

With this blood, he will be able to create more powerful Felix Felicis Potions.

The other item was a diamond with a soul sleeping inside. This was Hitler’s soul. This item was related to the third one Edward was checking, a mirror: To be precise, the God of Karma, the Hindu’s God–Shani’s Mirror.

This was the divine item that Judson used to check Edward’s Karma when they first met at the entrance of the Library. Edward wanted this item and Hitler’s Soul to study Karmic or Causality Magic.

After checking everything else, Edward walked to another room where three people were waiting for him, one of whom was his clone.

After seeing them, the other two immediately placed their right hand on their left shoulder, while their left hand was crossed at their backs.

“Hail the Arcane Emperor.”

“I am not a big fan of formality, so be at ease. Plus, I am your teacher after all, so there is no need for all that.”

The two of them were Flynn Carsen and Emily Davenport, the two people who appeared in the second Library Movie. Edward’s clone has been training these two ever since they were young.

After checking them out, Edward nodded in satisfaction as they were now Tier 4. With their age, this was quite the accomplishment since they had to rely mostly on their effort to get here.

The two were very happy when they realized that the temperament of their teacher was similar to his clone. The only difference is the noble and majesty that naturally emitted from him.

“Have you thought about what you’re going to do when you return to the Empire? So far, you have not given me a straight answer.”

They looked at each other, before Emily spoke, “We would like to be Archaeologists.”

After saying that, she had a worried look on her face, even Flynn was the same. They feared that their teacher would not approve of their career choice.

Edward did not mind as he understood that only when people are truly passionate about something they can truly dedicate themselves to it. So, with a smile on his face, he said:

“I guess some things are destined. You have made a great choice. The universe is vast with countless races. It should a great adventure to discover different tombs, lost treasures, and history.

“However, you should also be aware that strength is still fundamental–even as Archeologists. Whether it is to remove magical traps in dangerous places or to deal with people after your findings. With strength, some knowledge and information are truly dangerous.”

Flynn and Emily nodded their heads as they understood this philosophy clearly; the clone did a great job describing the Empire and the future adversary that they would face.

Edward then talked with them for a few hours before leaving. He had to see some old friends.


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