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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 251: Dream Experiment Bahasa Indonesia

“Have you made the resolve?” asked Edward, to which Chloe nodded her head.

“That’s good. It’s better for you to choose instead of me forcing you to do it. Here, sign it this.”

As Chloe looked at the old parchment in her hand, she was confused so she looked at him.

“This is a magical contract to protect your memories.”

“I still don’t understand.”

“In my universe, gods are present and very active. The Arcane Empire is very unique as it possessed technology like Parallel Dimensions Travel and Omniverse Travel. Any of these technologies is enough for all of them to band together to destroy us.”

“So precautions have to be made,” muttered Chloe.

“Exactly. This contract is to ensure such knowledge will not be leaked by you. And even protect the information from your soul in case someone tries using other means to get it.”

Chloe paused for a moment, “What about the people on Earth? Will they have to sign this contract as well?”

“No, they will have their memory modified.”

She looked at the contract and sign it without even reading it. At this point, she was prepared for the worse.

Seeming to guess her thoughts, Edward smiled as he said: “You don’t have to worry about me tricking you. As you get to know me, you’ll understand that some things that I do are simply because of my paranoid nature when it comes to certain things.”

After signing the contract, Chloe entered the cabin and log in to the Skynet server that Edward designed for her. She found herself in a large and empty white space with a screen in front of her.

She scrolled through and immediately noticed that it was the course that she will take. This included things like [Basic Understanding of Mana], [Standard Spells], [The Relationship Between The Body, Soul, and Mind].

The list was very long and detailed. Chloe discovered that she had to study many languages including Dragon Language. She had to study different magic systems, or at least have a basic understanding of them.

There were courses on meditation, astral projection, and even Dream Magic; she could tell that everything was designed to perfectly suit her. Without hesitation, she began.

Meanwhile, Edward had other things to do while he waited for Chloe to finish. He had to redesign his Interdimensional Travel Spell and create some new nanobots that he had a sudden inspiration for. Plus, he also had to build spaceships that he needed later on.

During this month, he was interrupted once and had to leave the other time.

The first interruption was that Kaulder led an attack on Chloe’s home with a special force team provided by the Axe and Cross. Edward teleported the team away while imprisoning Kaulder.

The second trip was a Witch Gathering organized by the Council under Edward’s order. He was there to scout the witches to see if there were any worth paying attention to when they are brought back.

He also read all of their minds to create a profile of their ideas, beliefs, and temperament. Then, he placed some of them on a list to be well-trained while some were placed on a watch list, and a few were placed on a list to be forced to sign a slave contract like the Death Eaters.

For this trip, Edward had to teleport all over the world to different gatherings. Finally, he returned to his study. A month later, he waited in front of the cabin as Chloe emerged.

From a month ago, her mana only increased slightly and she was still Tier 0. However, her eyes were now different as they appeared brighter; the light of wisdom flashed across them.

“Excellent. With the current state of your mind, you should be able to quickly reach Tier 3 with enough mana.”

Chloe smiled in response, satisfied with her rapid progress. “So, what experiment do you need help with?”

“You can rest for a few days before we begin.”

“There is no need.”

Edward then led her to a room where a chair and helmet stood at the center.

“This is what I call a Dream Helmet. Sit down and put it on.”

“So, what is this experiment about?” asked Chloe as she placed the helmet on her head.

“I theorized that a dimension made entirely of dreams exists and I need to find it. The helmet will amplify your senses and Dreamwalker talent. I need you to use that enhancement to find the coordinate of the Dream Dimension.”

Chloe nodded her head as she closed her eyes. During her years of study, she realized that her ability relies heavily on imagination, so that’s exactly what she did.

She imagined a world made of dreams, a world that was the origin of all dreams. Whenever someone dreamt, that was the place that they went; it was a place connected to all dreams in the universe.

As Chloe imagined these things, she found herself rapidly flying in a certain direction. She was flying so fast that she could barely see anything except for flashing lights.

At some point, she felt a little resistance before entering something or somewhere; it was like she had passed through some barrier. She looked around and found the surroundings weird.

It was as if she was in Van Gogh’s painting. She walked to a walk and observed it. However, the rock suddenly turned into a lion and try to bite her. Chloe screamed in shock, and oddly, her scream created a powerful shockwave that instantly destroyed the lion.

‘Is this the Dream World? So strange.’

Meanwhile, in another room, Edward had a screen in front of him that was recording numerous data. At some point, his eyes lit up.

“FInally find the coordinate.”

With this experiment, he could tell that Chloe had Astral Project to some other dimensions; to be precise, she was drawn there. All Edward had to do was to follow her and located her final destination.

As soon as he got what he wanted, he walked to an empty circular gate that was inside the room. He used his soul to place the coordinate inside the gate, then, a few minutes later, a white and transparent door appeared to fill the gate.

Edward took a step forward to enter the white door before suddenly stopping. That’s because the moment he took that step, for the first time since coming to this world, his Cosmic Awareness activated.

He saw a vision. He saw himself appearing in a strange place that looked like he was in a painting. However, not even a few seconds after landing, a gigantic black arm slapped him, destroying his body and soul.

He did not have the time to react, all his saving measures were useless as he was annihilated without effort.

“Tier 11 Dream Lord?” he muttered with a shock on his face. This was an opponent on par with Truth and could be said to be even more powerful since it did not have the weakness of the latter.

Even with his Floating City, the best he could do was run away.

So, after thinking about it for a moment, he shut off the Dimensional Gate that he created for this experiment. One of his greatest strengths was knowing when to back down.

Plus, there were multiple universes, with Chloe’s help, it should be easier to redo this experiment and discover the Dream Dimension that did not have an owner. Even in his home universe, there might one.

“I guess it’s time for me to conquer this planet and return to Earth-125 and deal with some things before heading home.”

Edward had a feeling that his time in this universe was rapidly coming to an end. Despite how weak the world looks, there are too many underlying secrets, secrets that can get him killed.

Nevertheless, there was still one last thing waiting for him to do before leaving; one last battle that was necessary.

After making some plans, he went to wake up Chloe and bring her back from the Dream Dimension. Seeing her intoxicated face, it appeared that she was reluctant.

However, after hearing about Edward’s vision, she understood the horror of that picturesque world. Luckily, she was not attacked, most likely the result of her Dreamwalker talent.

Nevertheless, she did not want to test that theory.


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