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“Show me the message,” said Edward.

Then, under Morgan’s control, a small screen appeared in the middle of the table with words written in the Universal Language. The message read:

“According to Article 23, Section B of the Galactic Federation Law, it is prohibited to use weapons of mass destruction to destroy a planet full of intelligent life–especially when there is a vast difference between the level of civilization.

“Based on data at hand, the ‘Arcane Empire” is a Level 6 Civilization while the ‘Fer Race” is a Level 4 Civilization. This difference in level does not require the use of weapons of mass destruction to settle any dispute.

“As such, a delegate will be sent from the Federation to upheld a trial to uphold the ‘Arcane Empire’ responsible for their actions. Based on the findings of the delegate, the appropriate punishment will be given.”

The dining room became quiet after hearing this as everyone focused on the meaning of those words. Edward squinted his eyes as he digest the information in front of him.

“Are we in trouble?” asked Susan.

“No, we have already expected this,” replied Amelia. “The law of the Galactic Empire is public knowledge, so we anticipated this happen when attacked the Fer race.”

“Then, how will we deal with this situation?” she asked back. However, Amelia did not answer this time and just looked at Edward who was still in deep thought.

Before the war, he was also worried about the Galactic Federation so he tried to gather as much information as possible. From his findings, the Galactic Federation or Intergalactic Federation is a large organization that probably exists in the entire universe.

He went to a few near galaxies and could find branches there. Despite their scale, he only learned a little bit about their origins, and it is just some rumors.

According to these rumors, the Federation was created by a few powerful Gods from the Center of the Universe. Their purpose is to maintain the stable development of low-level civilization and ensure that every race or species in the universe has a chance to grow and develop in a stable environment.

In simple words, their purpose is to maintain the peace and stability of the universe. Of course, Edward does not believe this for even a second. He even suspected that some gods were using this organization as a front to discover weak races or factions to establish their religion and spread their faith.

Unfortunately, he could not gather more information as the headquarter of the Federation is located at the Center of the Universe.

However, this was a place that he was not yet prepared to go. From what little information he gathered, this was the place with the most abundant mana. As a result, many Tier 10 Universal Gods were fighting and competing with one another.

In fact, if a race of group did not have a Tier 10 individual or weapon, it was almost impossible to survive let alone thrive in that place.

“Edward, what are we going to do?” asked Olivier directly.

“You guys do not have to worry that much about this,” he replied. “The Galactic Federation is the epitome of bullying the weak and fearing the strong.

“With how complex the different factions of the universe are, with Gods, ancient races, and powerful Casters, how could they control so many races and factions?

“When it comes to high-level civilization, once they break the rules, the Federation will just have them pay a fee to maintain their facade of peace-keeping, and these civilizations will show some degree of respect for the people behind the Federation and pay the fee.”

“So, as long we show them our strength, they will leave us alone after we pay them?” asked Olivier.

“That’s correct.”

“Wait, aren’t we just Level 6 Civilization?” asked Susan. “Is that enough to scare them? How are the levels classified anyway?”

“It’s actually a rude and simple system based on the Tier System. For example, If a group, faction, or race has a Tier 6 Planet Level Individual or Weapon, they are a Level 6 Civilization. If they have a Tier 7 Star Individual or Weapon, they are a Level 7 Civilization.”

“So, we are considered a Level 6 Civilization because we have the power to destroy a planet? Indeed, this is a very rude and basic system,” commented Hermione.

“So what level of civilization are we actually?” asked Susan.

“Technically speaking, we are a Level 9 Civilization, however, only under certain circumstances. Realistically, we are only Level 7,” replied Edward.

“That’s only one level higher than they recorded us, is that enough to scare them away?” replied Susan.

“The Milky Way Galaxy is very far away and considered almost a barren place. In terms of strength, it is only on the middle-lower level. So, the highest level of civilization is 8, and only a handful of them exist.

“At least on the surface, it appears so.”

Everyone nodded in relief after hearing that the situation was not as bad as they thought. However, Olivier still said:

“This event shows that the general situation of the Empire has changed. At the very least, our existence is known or has caught the attention of a few powerful people.”

“That’s true,” replied Edward. “However, as long we keep this pace of development, we can deal with most situations.”

Olivier frowned after hearing this, “Are you prepared to leave again?”

“Yes. I wanted to wait a while but the situation is changing faster than anticipated.” Edward then looked at Luna, “Could you predict when the people of the Federation are coming?”

She nodded her head before waving her hand and a crystal ball appeared floating in front of her. Her eyes completely turned white as if she did not have any pupils. Then, her hair also turned white.

A noble and mysterious aura emanated from her body, making anyone who looked directly at her feel awe and reverence. A few minutes later, she returned to normal and said:

“3 years, 145 days, and 12 hours from now, a Tier 6 individual that has a connection to the Federation will come to our solar system with a group of delegates.

“However, my prediction also said that there may be some unknown variables. Most likely, a higher Tier individual with Anti-Divination ability.”

“3 years? This should be more than enough time,” muttered Edward. After that, the dinner continued as the group avoided talking about these heavy topics.

Afterward, Edward’s mother was reluctant to watch her son go, so he spent the next month on vacation with her and his father. He traveled to many places in the galaxy, saw many wonderful sights, met different races; in general, it was quite enjoyable.

As for the affairs of the Empire, he left them to his aunt.

This time, three other people were coming with him on this trip: Hermione, Snape, and Lily. However, before leaving, he had two things to deal with. The first one was sending a warning to the people that were labeled as “problematic’ in the Empire based on Profile Analysis.

Late at night, Grindelwald secretly visited these people and warned them that if something happened during Edward’s absence, no matter whether they were responsible for it or not, they will suffer the consequences. That way, these people will ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Additionally, Edward gave Grindelwald the power to remove any instability to the Empire in his absence. Using the power of his Gate of Truth, Edward can communicate with a clone of his from other universes.

So, he told his aunt to wake up the clone in case she really needed him.

Bermuda Triangle Pocket Dimension:

Edward looked at Rowena and Luna before asking: “Are you sure you guys do not want to wait for the second Floating City to be built before leaving?”

“It will take too much time,” replied Rowena. The previous Floating City used resources gathered by the Empire for decades to be built. For a second one to be created, a large amount of resources is required, which would take at least another decade.

“The World Gate is more than enough,” she added. With her Talent and the power of the Gate, it is more than enough to travel across the multiverse safety-wise.

“Be safe. If you encounter any real trouble, ask for help. Whether it is Grindelwald, Flamel, Flitwick, and even Dumbledore, I already talk to them and they will come to your rescue.

“And if things really get messy, contact me and I will cut my trip short.”

Rowena and Luna nodded their head, kissed Edward goodbye before hoping on the Gate, and left for their Multiversal Adventures. Edward said his goodbyes to Olivier who was staying in the Navy to build her career.

He then placated Fleur and Bellatrix who were complaining about not going on this trip; he promised them to take them in the next one.

Finally, he hopped into his Floating City and entered the Void; his second adventure in another universe began. Hopefully this time he will not encounter a scary and powerful world.


Title: New World


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