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After going over the terms of the surrendered, the Fer Council finally signed the treaty in a live broadcast. Both the Fer race and the citizen of the Empire watched this momentous occasion.

Finally, Edward gave a televised speech promising the Fer people that once they paid off their crimes and become first-class citizens, they will not only regain their freedom but also live better lives.

He promised them a better tomorrow for their entire race. This speech was passional and Edward used all his linguistic skills to rally the emotions of the people, making them both “ashamed” for their previous behavior and giving them hope for a better life after repenting.

Once everything was done, he dismissed a lot of the spaceships from the fleet leaving only a few. Then, a group of Arcanists was brought over from the Empire to begin to install Warp Gate in each of the six habitable planets of this star system.

That way, it was easier for the Empire to reach the Black Wood Star System and for the Fer people to reach the Solar System. However, Edward did not allow any of their race to go to the Solar System, nor did he allow any citizen to come here.

After all, the Fer race has just experienced a catastrophic event that would forever influence and affect their entire species. No matter how eloquent Edward spoke, no matter how convincing his words may be, it cannot instantly eradicate the hatred of the Fer race.

So, for now, it is best for the two different species not to directly interact. After a few years, when this Event has diluted somewhat to the Fer people’s memories, then the two races can begin to communicate and exchange.

In the meantime, the Empire will take control of the Fer race’s media and began to popularize the living conditions o the people of the Empire. They glamorize, romanticize, and glorify the identity of the first-class citizens, then constantly play these messages to the Fer race as a form of brainwashing.

The Empire will now be in charge of the Fer race’s education, targeting the younger generation of their race as they are more malleable. Their history will be rewritten or revised to focus on the barbaric nature of the Fer people–especially what they did to the other races and the fact that they attacked the Empire first even though they brought peace and civilization to them.

Essentially, guilting the young Fer that they deserved their current situation, and only by working hard for the Empire can they have a brighter future. And these are just some of the basic policies that will be used.

Many Council Members of the Empire even asked Edward to spread religion to the Fer race as a way to better control them. However, he was not a big fan of religion in general so he forfeited the idea. After all, the Fer race will one day become a great asset to the Empire once they truly integrate into it.

And having their minds shackled by religions might be contradictory.

Truth be told, these methods are not directed solely at the Fer race but countermeasures that have been discussed and refined by the think-tanks to be used against intelligent conquered races of the Empire in the future.

After all, Edward never planned for the Arcane Empire to be one dominated by humans, but one of many ethnicities, races, or species. He plans to use the advantage of each species to make up for the deficiency of the others.

That way, with the diverse background of the Empire, it will be able to deal with complex issues or problems. This method will also facilitate the more rapid development of magic and technology.

Once Edward was done dealing with some basic issues of the treating signing, he began to visit the other planets occupied in the Fer race to get a feeling of how things were going.

During his visit, he paid some attention to the other races that the Fer have enslaved. Unfortunately, the majority of these species were on the brink of extinction because of the low number of their races.

Additionally, based on previous reports Edward has read, only one of them is of much value to the Empire. And that is an animal species referred to as Mole Rate Race.

This rate species is not a magical race but has evolved to become master of digging. This species will be great for mining, and cost cheaper than golems.

However, they have to be properly domesticated, trained, and their population has to grow for a while. Of course, once their DNA is completely studied, they can be cloned to fastened the speed of their recuperation.

After the inspection, Edward returned home. The media was still talking about this breath war, praising this military victory of the Empire. They also emphasized that the universe was a scary place, and at any time, war with another race or faction can break out.

So, the Empire has to continue developing as fast as possible while always being alert from any threat from beyond the stars.

When it comes to the destruction of planet Ironal, the incident was introduced briefly and not dwell that much on it. Of course, some people were not happy about the use of such weapons of mass destruction.

There were even some minor protests. However, the media coverage of these things was minor to the point of non-existence. People were more focused on this new sense of patriotism that this war brought them.

So, although the war was short, but also very impactful.

Imperial Palace:

Edward was having dinner with his family. The previous night, he had a conversation with his wives, and he poured out everything that was on his mind. And after talking to someone, after sharing his burden, he did feel a little better.

His wives could empathize with him because they all knew that at some point in the future, as members of the royal family, they will have to make similar choices as him–especially Olivier since she will be the commander of the Navy.

When that time comes, no one will be there to make the choice for them or alleviate their guilt. However, as long as someone can understand and relate to their struggle, then things will be slightly easier.

Everyone was present during the dinner including Edward’s parents, aunt, Olivier, and Susan. Everyone was laughing talking about mundane things and not worrying about war or politics; it was a very peaceful dinner.

And Edward relished these kinds of quiet moments that allow him to forget everything and just relax; he usually feels at peace in these moments.

Unfortunately, the peace was disrupted.

A small elf with purple hair suddenly appeared in the middle of the table. Edward frowned after seeing this as he knew that Morgana would not disturb him unless the situation was urgent.

“What is it?” he asked.

“I just intercepted a message that was trying to take over our communication system and broadcast it to every screen in our solar system.”

“Do you know who sent it?”

“From what I deciphered, it’s from the Galactic Federation,” replied Morgana with a little worried on her small face.


Title: Galactic Federation


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