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Unlike his first voyage, Edward felt safer this time because of the Floating City. Now, he had more layers of protection. Nevertheless, he knew that the Void was a very scary place and should not be careless.

The Floating City might be a decently powerful weapon in most universes, but it is nothing in the Void. At best, it can ensure that he can run away relatively intact when needed.

So, after his departure, he drank a bottle of Felix Felicis to ensure his luck. Not just him, but all the other members accompanying him as well.

The voyage this time did not take hundred years; it only took one year. The reason for that is that Edward already had a World Coordinate. Long before leaving his confrontation with Truth and running away from the Full Metal Alchemist World, he designed countless Probes that he sent into the Void to discover new universes.

And amongst them, one of them discovered a coordinate not long after he returned home a few years ago.

After traveling to his destination, Edward once again found himself staring at a crystal-looking wall.

“Is this what you called the Source Wall?” asked Snape as he looked at this wonder. Although he had seen before from his homeworld, it seemed different when looking at a different universe.

And it was not just him that was fascinated. Whether it was Hermione or Lily, the past year has been quite a shock and intrigue for them. Although the Void is nothing but endless white-grey on sight, it is still a magical place to look at.

Not to mention the meaning behind its existence; this was a place that exist outside of space and time, the gap between an infinite amount of universe with different rules or laws that governed them.

As arcanists, it is in their bones to discover the truth behind anything new or unknown. So, they really would like to study the void and uncover its mystery. It’s a shame that it was not currently the time, nor were they powerful enough for such a thing.

“Hopefully, we will be lucky this time,” said Edward.

“What do you mean?” asked Hermione.

“Well, the worst-case scenario is that this is a powerful world and we are discovered the moment we enter. This would make this trip extremely dangerous.

“The second worst possible scenario is that this a regular world that does not allow any mystery or magic. In that case, our trip would have been in vain as such a world is completely useless.”

“Is there a way to check before entering?”

“Yes,” replied Edward. “Morgana sent in the Sorcerer Eyes.”

Soon, one small orb the size of a basketball was sent out of the Floating City, it fused with the Source Wall and entered this world. A few minutes later, an image was projected into in front of everybody.

The small satellite referred to as Sorcerer Eyes only floated in the sky; according to orders, it waited a few minutes before acting. After not being destroyed or attacked, it began to scan its surroundings.

“It appeared that we are on Earth, in the 1920s, in America,” said Morgana. She quickly controlled the Sorcerer Eye to go to different libraries and gain access to as much knowledge as quickly as possible.

“To be precise, it is 1926, and so far, this is a very normal world.”

“Did you discover any form of other energy? Or any different dimensions?” asked Edward with a frown.

“So far, not a single thing.”

This does not mean that these things did not exist; it could mean that the energy level is too low to be detected, or that the Sorcerer Eye was not powerful enough to detect these things.

“Do a basic Divination on whether there is any magic or anything related to mysticism in this world. And if so, the location.” The Sorcerer Eye was capable of doing basic divination spells without any Diviners taking control of it.

“There is a positive answer: one near the Amazon forest while the other in Egypt.”

Edward was satisfied with this finding. Even if this world is a low-level magic world where fantasy has almost been extinct, he can still gain something from it.

Plus, a non-fantasy world is not as useless as he said; there are many ways to exploit it and gain many benefits.

“In that case, let’s enter. We will divide into two groups: Hermione and I will go to check out the Amazon forest, Lily and Snape can go to Egypt.”

He then looked at Snape and Lily, ” You guys need to disguise your clothes to fit the time. You can use magic if necessary but do not go overboard. Contact me if something unexpected occurs.”

The Floating City entered the world and landed on the moon while entering Stealth Mode. Meanwhile, the group was teleported to their designated places.

As soon as they landed, Hermione frowned: “My mana is restricted to Tier 2.” She felt uncomfortable being so drastically weakened.

“So is mine. This is because the law of this universe is different from ours and we need time to adapt,” replied Edward as he took out a compass pointing in a certain direction.

“We have to be careful in our current situation as some modern weapon is effective against us now,” he said as he followed the compass. Soon, Edward found himself in a river,

In the distance far away, he could see an old boat that could be described as hanging on its last leg. He cast the spell Eagle Eye on himself to see in the distance.

In the boat, there were three people: two men and one woman. One of the men was muscular while the other was thin. Instantly, he recognized the muscular man and the woman.

One looked similar to Dwayne Johnson while the other looked like Emily Blunt. However, he could not remember any movies these two made together.

So, this is likely a movie that he never saw, or came out after his death in 2019.

One of his worst fear has happened: he did not know the plot and take advantage of it. However, he quickly calmed down and decided to take things one step at a time.

Immediately after, he and Hermione apparated on the small, shocking the people inside. Edward’s position appeared to be close to Emily Blunt’s character, and her first instinct was to punch him in the face.

“A little too excited, aren’t we?” said Edward as he caught her fist.

“How did you get here? And who are you guys?” she asked in shock and with weariness.

“Fate has brought us here,” replied Edward. “As for who we are, my name is Edward Bones, and this is my wife, Hermione Granger.”

The muscle man was called Frank, and he appeared beside Emily Blunt’s character along with the thin one; he was holding a metal bar in his hand, looking quite menacing.

The boat was momentarily silent:

“I think this is the part where you guys introduce yourself.”

However, no one answer him; they just looked at him with vigilance.

“So, your name is Dr. Lily Houghton. You brought your brother halfway across the world on a journey to find a mystical plant known as the [Tear of the Moon] rumored to be capable of healing any diseases and removing all curses.

“And this muscular man is a Skipper named Frank that you hired to be your guide during this expedition.”

“How do you know all of this?” asked Dr. Houghton. “Are you with the Germans?”

“No, I just read your mind,” replied Edward.

“Nonsense,” she replied.

“Really? Think of a number between 1 and a billion, and I will tell you what number you picked.”

After looking her in the eyes, he said: “123, 234, 546. Still not convinced, pick another number.”

Dr. Houghton had a stubborn look on her face, then, Edward said: “You’re not thinking of any number. Instead, you are reciting words for words a book about herbology that you once read.”

This time, she was truly surprised. However, Edward suddenly looked at Frank with a weird look on his face.

“Why can’t I read your memories?”

His eyes seemed to be able to penetrate all secrets, making Frank really uncomfortable.

“Interesting,” muttered Edward. “Is that…”

(Disclaimer: The movie Jungle Cruise takes place in 1916, but for the sake of this story, it is in 1926.”


Title: Frank


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